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Photos by: David Lees, Dustin Gunnell, Marijka Toornstra, Jan Vrang & Cathérine Hordijk

The primary difference between the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and CS5 Standard versions is that CS5 Extended is designed for working with very large files, while CS5 Standard is designed for working with files below 40 MB. So be sure to take that into consideration when you need to work on huge images.

If you don’t want to make drastic changes to images, you can easily apply simple effects such as brightness, contrast and noise reduction. If you need to do more, you can use Filter> Sharpen, Blur> Motion Blur and more.

In this guide, we’ll use high-resolution, high-quality images to show you how to change Photoshop’s appearance in all kinds of ways to suit your taste.

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Step 1: Creating a New Document

Photoshop CS5 Standard creates documents with a default size of 10 MB. Because you may have large images to work with, you can change this size to 8 MB with an option available under the image/file menu.

You can also choose to create large documents if you want; the default size of 40 MB can grow to 2 GB.

Another way to create new documents is via the New Document window. (The window shown in Figure 1 is the default Photoshop window.) Here, select the layer you want to create a new document for (Figure 2) and click OK.

After the new document appears in the New Document window, make any changes to your work and you’ll see them on the screen.

Figure 1 – The default Photoshop window.

Figure 2 – The Create Document window.

Step 2: Selecting the Text Tool

To see the Text options for the text tool, first make sure your cursor is at the top of the canvas in the document, inside a newly selected layer. Then, hold down Alt/Option+click and drag to select the text tool (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Making sure the text tool is selected.

This window allows you to control different tools and options, as well as allowing you to move your cursor around the canvas to select various layers and objects.

Step 3: Selecting the Brush Tool

Figure 1 shows the selection tool, brush tool, and paint bucket tool. In most cases, you’ll be using

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Here are 31 websites and online services that help you create awesome images, infographics, or both.

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Award winning designer Edward MacWilliams has a teaching site where you can take free Photoshop tutorials.

Here are 47 amazing examples of how image editing can get some creative juices flowing!

Funny Photoshop Scenarios

A Photoshop scene builder that’ll help you build Photoshop scenes using your own photos, characters, and effects

The Photoshop Character Builder

A web page that helped me found interesting web design examples

Super Awesome Photoshop Projects for the Cyber Chef

Welcome to the cyber chef section. Here you will find awesome projects that will help you move from basic knowledge to intermediate level. Here you will learn how to create an awesome logo and many useful skills for creating awesome design projects.

Here are more than 9,000 Photoshop tutorials and resources.

100 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials and Resources

Here are 9 top websites with Photoshop tutorials that will get you up and running with all kinds of cool stuff.

30 Photoshop Tutorials Every Designer Should Know

Most designers start by ‘learning by creating’. They first create one or two designs and then improvise. Everything they learn then goes into their work. Here are 30 Photoshop tutorials for web designers that every newbie should try!

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A playlist that showcases 20 awesome tools and apps for graphic designers. Great playlist for anyone working in Adobe Design, particularly if you’re looking to buy something new or if you’re going to be learning something new.

Adobe Photoshop Snippets for Web Designers & Web Developers

A really nice collection of Photoshop snippets and resources from around the web. Here are some nice web design tutorials and example design projects using Photoshop.

If you like the idea of creating your own web design tutorial then try making your own web design tutorial gallery.

Collection of premium design contests

Here are some great Photoshop tutorials from our friends at Pixel Dust

If you have some ideas but no Photoshop, this Photoshop tutorial is for you!

Photoshop Web Design Tutorial – Phase1

Here are tutorials on blending, masking, and using color with the paint bucket

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cat >/dev/null .
## The text of INN is available when you have a copy of the GNU General
## Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later version.
## You can see a copy of the GNU General Public License version 3 at:
## INN includes various free software that comes bundled with various
## products. You can use this software according to the terms of the
## bundled license.
## INN also includes various free software that is distributed under the
## terms of the Eclipse Public License.
## More details can be found at:
## If you have received a packaged version of the eclipse and can provide a copy of
## the license under the terms of the packaged license, or some other valid
## eclipse public license, please replace the one here with the valid one and
## send the corrected license.
## The copy of INN included in the Debian distribution is licensed under the GNU
## General Public License version 3 (or later).
## Authors: Glenn Fowler,

What’s New In?


Importing Plain Text Files Into MySQL Using PHP

I am trying to import XML data into a MySQL database. I am doing this in PHP using the mysqli_ or PDO drivers.
I have several hundred large text files that I want to import, each 100k or so rows.
Is there a php way to do this? Can it be scripted or scripted with PHP.


You can use PHP cURL to import the data:


Why is the type `lazy val` nullable when I type it?

Scala has the construct of type lazy val:
lazy val x = 33

But when I do a type check with a compiler such as the Eclipse Scala plugin or Scala IDE, it produces a null value for type:
lazy val x: Int = {
println(“Applying to Int”)

However, when I ask for its type, the returned value is a trait:
trait LazyValues {
lazy val x = {
println(“Applying to Int”)

How can this be?


This is because the compiler implements a default implementation of LazyValues via the Any type.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista
Mozilla Firefox 12.0+ (Chromium version is not supported)
Google Chrome 17.0.9+
Internet Explorer 9+
Adobe Reader
Please note that these are recommendations. Your mileage may vary!
It’s a classic fullscreen game, in first-person. There are no enemies in the game, the only enemies are time.
The game was made using the Stage Builder 2.0 and FPS Editor ( http



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