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Access OEE Database is a handy tool for the users who need to monitor the effectiveness of multiple equipments. It is designed to monitor multiple production lines and to consolidate the data about the equipment failures.
You only need to configure the database by entering the circuit description and the available equipments. The database can store information about the equipment failures and generate a report about their performance.



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Access OEE Database Crack Download [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

1) Interface-Based Database:
You have two modes of access: (1) Simple Database – without the UI interface and (2) UI Database – with the UI interface, which can be used to view and edit the data.
2) Mobile device Support: You can view the database on your mobile device.
3) Report Generator:
You can access the database to generate the reports.
4) Reliability and Performance Functions:
You can generate the reliability and performance reports from the database.
5) Equipment Configuration:
You can configure the database by entering an equipment description.
6) Multiple Equipment Function:
It is suitable to monitor multiple equipments and all of the equipments are simultaneously monitored.
7) Design Support:
This version has no design support. For the version with design support, please consider the International OEE-11J Product.
8) Requirement for Networking:
Please consider the requirement of networking for the database for the version with Design Support.
9) Reliability Management:
There is no reliability management support for this version.
10) OEE Quality Management System:
There is no OEE Quality Management System support for the version with Design Support.

The Access OEE Database 2022 Crack Client enables the user to monitor multiple production lines and to consolidate the data about the equipment failures. This is performed using the following functions:
1) Simple Database:
You can view the data about the components and the equipment failures at a point in time.
2) UI Database:
You can view and edit the data.
3) Report Generator:
You can generate the reports at a point in time.
4) Mobile device Support:
You can view the database on your mobile device.
5) Reporting Support:
The OEE functions are present in the client.
6) Two Modes of Database Access:
You can access the database using the simple database or the UI database.
7) Reliability and Performance Functions:
The OEE functions are available in the client.
8) One piece OEE-11J:
The database is suitable for the OEE-11J implementation. It is designed to display and edit the data about the component failures.
9) Networking for the Web-Viewer:
The simple database can be accessed only through a web server and clients can have several layers. To solve this problem, we developed the web-viewer.
10) Multiple Equipment Monitor:

Access OEE Database Crack+ With License Key [Win/Mac]

– The application allows the user to monitor the performance of equipment and calculate the equipment effectiveness
– This application can be used to analyze the global operation effectiveness of multiple circuits, equipment and to monitor the equipment performance
– This application can be integrated with Excel. It can track the data about the equipment failures and generate an Excel report
– It can be used to monitor the performance of multiple circuits and to calculate the equipment effectiveness
– Generate a Excel report for the current month and current year.
How to Use:
Launch the application and configure the equipment description, starting from the top. For each equipment that you add, you can enter the id, name and serial number. For each equipment, you can enter the date of repair, the reason, and the amount of the repair. You can also enter the warranty period.
The results will be available in the table:
= Equipment Failure Report
In the list, you can see the details of the equipment failures, their rewiews and the amount for the month and year.
When you select a month or year, the report will be generated and can be downloaded.
– Microsoft Excel
– Access Database
– The application works for Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2010

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Access OEE Database For Windows

1. To monitor multiple production lines by specifying circuit description and available equipments
2. To report equipment failure incidents and generate a report
3. To reduce the amount of time and money spent in equipment maintenance
4. To create a built-in report to analyze the equipment in the company
5. To specify the number of personnel and the industry in the database
6. To specify the time, date and location of the incident


Access Database or OEE Database is based on a SML database (SQL).



Supports to export to excel, text, HTML and other formats.

Useful to automate SQL reports and export to Excel or Text format.

Supports to use any conditions in the database.

Supports to run SQL scripts.

Supports to add new records.


£5.00 per hour

Access 2010 or 2016

Access version: 2000-2016

English language database version: 2000-2010

Can I Download the Access database?

Yes. Access Database is an industry standard database management system (DBMS) which is easy to use and many companies and businesses as well as individuals use this software. The price of Access Database will vary depending on the version, the number of features and the number of users.

If you download a database or access file from our website, this means that you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which protect you against spam and other forms of abuse, as outlined below:

For information on ownership of a database, see the notes below in “Disclaimers”.

We’re dedicated to making your purchasing process as smooth as possible. Thus, we provide an easy money back guarantee, 30-day money back guarantee and 180 days full repair warranty.

Additional Terms

Additional Terms for Non-Holds

All equipment is sold as refurbished, refurbished means that any physical damage to the equipment has been fully repaired. Additional accessories are not provided by us; we provide the database, only.

The database and the equipment are sold together, so you need to have the database to use the equipment.

All the equipment is opened by default, but the user can send us a locked database, where the user cannot access the database. This is not a replacement for the full warranty, see “Durable Warranty” below.


We ship to United Kingdom

What’s New In Access OEE Database?

1. It helps to manage the information about the equipment failures,
2. It includes some standard operation characteristics with different grades to display the information,
3. It also allows to recover the failures reported,
4. It also shows the detailed information about the failure and other details,
5. It is a configurable database which can be customized to suit your exact requirements.


APDN_DatabaseFreeware for Access is a configurable database that allows users to save and manage data relating to APPN_ products. It is a handy tool to access and clean data from databases.
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It allows users to save and update data in a database, and create queries about customers, products, and inventory.
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HRM Freeware for Access is an integrated Human Resource Management solution for the users of Access. This HRM Freeware is an integrated module that can be installed into your pre-existing Access Database.
HRM Freeware for Access has a number of modules to cover the entire spectrum of Human Resource management, from the compensation module to the retirement module.
Payroll – This module calculates all the employee related data such as hours, vacation, salary, bonus, and leave, and allows users to manage this data.
Payroll report – This module includes reports related to the Payroll module, from simple ones to complex reports.
Cost allocation – This module is used to distribute the cost of different products or different operations to the related departments.
Variance analysis – This module helps in determining the variance or comparative analysis for two or more related entities.
Performance review – This module is used to compare the employees performance with the company goals and standards.
Deduction rate – The Deduction rate allows the user to calculate the IRS code for different types of compensation.
Pension – This module is used to calculate the employees retirement income and benefits.
Retirement – This module calculates the retirement age for the employees and the corresponding retirement benefits.
Post employment benefits – This module calculates and maintains records of all the post employment benefits, such as the company sponsored health insurance, life insurance, and the retirement benefits

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, or Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor, 2GB RAM (4GB recommended), Dual-Core AMD Phenom II X4 940 (920), ATI Radeon HD 3450 or NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (1024 MB VRAM recommended), 800MB free hard drive space for installation, 1,024×768 or higher resolution display, DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, and a broadband Internet connection. For a lower end system, the recommended video card


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