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Name Amborettio
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.67 / 5 ( 5922 votes )
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►How to play? Just tapping to move.
►How to shoot? Double tap with right thumb.
►Attack With Arrow Key or PgUp/PgDown.
►How to upgrade weapons? Long tap with right thumb.
►How to use special weapons? Press the left side of the screen.
►How to get more gold? Collecting animal skins and selling to innkeeper.
►How to get help to the others? You can post your problems to the online community with the help of other players
►How to start the game again? Tap in the lower left corner
►Find something are you looking for? Tap and hold on the area to find something.

Envelope the Kingdom of Shandor by means of stealth and plotting, outsmart your opponents and bring down their war machines, break the alliance between the once impenetrable knights and the powerful craft guilds, and thwart the schemes of the ambitious Duke Jarenius.
You are a newly appointed royal agent tasked with cleaning the slate of lingering evil in an ancient kingdom and anointed as the new Elector. But the entrenched powers and vengeful spirits are not about to let the newly raised king live long in peace. Watch your back, keep your eyes open, and remember: You have only one life, one true love, and two hands.
You must uncover the mystery of the good and evil force, the Labyrinth of Spirits, and complete your quest to become a King by the end of the game.
Beware of your enemies, careful where you step, and use the tools of your trade to defeat the devious forces around you.
Control the Guardian: the world is your canvas, the sword your brush, and your trusty steed your magical pony.

Test your puzzle solving skills as you reach for the sky with the latest game from Axiom Verge developers, Tom Happ and Chris Taylor.
Redesigned from the ground up for the iPhone 5 and the 6 Plus, Never Alone: Inala blends the puzzle solving of the indie hit Axiom Verge with the beautiful art and soundtrack of the award-winning PBS series, Inala.
As the leader of a research expedition into the untamed land known as Nir, you are tasked with crossing a treacherous landscape of floating islands and vexing puzzles in order to unlock the secrets of this isolated land.
As the leader of a research expedition into the untamed land known as Nir, you are tasked with crossing a treacherous


Amborettio Features Key:

  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Loveable and intriguing pirates
  • Bust the screen is full of interesting challenges


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The Carrion Crown is the first setting produced for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in the Inner Sea region. In the Carrion Crown, the long-simmering tensions between the warring nations and migrating civilizations of the Inner Sea have reached a breaking point.
A storm rages across the sea, unleashing grisly monsters who feast on the people of the Inner Sea. Fortunes are lost, entire towns are plundered, and the pirates who once protected commerce have grown bolder and more dangerous.
In the great cities of the Inner Sea, the most powerful of the gods has turned their eyes from the humans of the Inner Sea. Their priests claim to have spoken with long dead prophets, bringing to light a prophecy of doom that the gods have commanded them to hasten.
And the gods themselves are plotting to end their punishment on the mortal races once and for all.
The Carrion Crown is based on the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and can be combined with the Monster Vault and Monster Encounters supplements. Carrion Crown can be played as a stand-alone product, or used as the basis for creating a new campaign.
Key Features:
The Carrion Crown is a pre-made Pathfinder RPG campaign setting with the following key features:
A bloody and resplendent Cold War of death and decay in which a war has been raging for ages
Lost cities and ruined treasures, including the legendary Third Eye of Ustalav, an ancient diamond embedded with the souls of all who died at the hands of the Blood God Ustalav
Crimson Legion, a ruthless and fanatical cult that worships blood sacrifice
Rumors of the Whispering Way, a widely spread secret society that preaches the release of its lich-king, the most powerful being Ustalav himself
Gentleman Death cultists who intend to resurrect their leader and cause death and despair on the land forever
A seven-part adventure for 13th-level characters, “Shadows of Gallowspire” by Brandon Hodge
(Also included in the PDF, but only available for Fantasy Grounds customers)
A new collection of terrifying monsters and new encounters for Carrion Crown
A long-abandoned library that is filled with endless stacks of books on necromancy and unholy magic, including a copy of an obscure, long-lost tome called “The Black Grimoire”
New deck of cards to use in your encounters
What do you think of this item? Be sure to rate it!


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• 6 levels
• 5 difficulties
• 20 characters
• 3 skills
• 8 classes
• 4 sections.

StoryAlthough the legendary Crystal of Time, which controls the life and death in the world, was broken, many people came to this land. But with the time changes, the situation once again became confusing and it seems that everything has turned into chaos. We hope those who have faith in God can choose right and solve this situation.What you will be experiencing.Explore the land and uncover mystery
Manage the expeditionary team
Redeem the legendary Crystal of Time and regain the power.
Game “Crysis” Gameplay:
• 6 levels
• 4 difficulties
• 20 characters
• 12 classes
• 13 skills
• 7 sections.

StoryOnce upon a time, this land started to come into the world. A few fortunate people used to enjoy the things they have in the hand and the situations they come across. But then, this place became surrounded by mysterious powers and the balance of the land was disturbed. If you can’t restore the land to its original form, you will have to do the great task of the crystal in order to change the destiny of this land.The legendary Crystal of Life and Death controls the fate of this land and people. And if you can’t get it back, there will be consequences not seen before.

Select the story you want to play and use your skills and gear to save your life.

Game Features* 12 characters with their own personalities* 7 new challenging skills to test your skill* 19 new missions* 9 new locations* Inspired plot of the hit game: Legend of Mana* Your own progress can be saved to your computer* Perfect voice acting and character design* In game store for buying new equipment* Over 400 items* Diverse background music that changes with the story* Over 100 hours of gameplay* Character growth and level progression

To add to all that, the single-player game features 3 difficulties, 5 difficulty levels, and a rank mode for all those who just like to have some face-to-face competition.

The First-person Shooter (FPS) genre is a staple of the action-adventure genre and has been for over a decade. Most FPS games are action-packed adventures where you play as the characters in the video game. These characters are designed with the help of artists and actors who bring life to the game itself.

In every new game, you will find new features


What’s new in Amborettio:

Patch in the Press

“Paul F. Tompkins first became an audience favorite on Nick and Michael Jr., and in his original music, but he will remain an individual treasure on the airwaves in the near future.” — Boston Phoenix (Best of Boston) “Tompkins and his partner in crime Gough are among the most consistently funny comedians on any broadcast or cable comedy program.” — New York Daily News [Full] [Full] [Full] [Full]

“…Tompkins has perfected his quirky, self-deprecating approach for ages, and it truly comes through whether he’s performing solo or in a double-team act.” — New York Post [Full]

“Tompkins… [is] the best TV[writer] in all of comedy today.” — Entertainment Weekly [Full]


JASON DONALDSON: It’s a surreal feeling to find yourself being interviewed for a second time. I feel very humbled being able to do that for you. For you, it seemed like such a simple change. Do you do any stretching for air?

PAUL F. TOMPKINS: I’m pretty fortunate that someone like you who already enjoys the work and encourages its growth and practice is willing to be a sort of sounding board. I don’t get many gigs where people do that. I have reason to be very grateful but it’s also hard for people to know that if they truly love an art, they should be prepared to do that. I’ve been lucky to have done a few hundred shows with the right kind of people, in the right kind of roles and with the right kind of audiences. It feels good when it comes from them. I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right to take it for granted. I mean, that’s not what it’s all about in the first place.

JASON DONALDSON: And in that interview were you there to ask the questions, on this occasion, as being “interviewed”?

PAUL F. TOMPKINS: Well, I wasn’t with anybody, but David Gough was, oddly enough!

DAVID GOUGH: Yeah, it was a phone call, which was good and bad. It was nice to have it not be some weird setup. You know, with real audiences you can’t monitor who’s here or what they’re doing. If I were to


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Deathsbyorgini, the god of games is back. To save the Overworld from the ruthless attacks of the Dark Gods, Orgini resurrects himself from the Digital World, into the new SOULCALIBUR game!
A brand new gameplay system and new attacks, weapons and more, thanks to the power of the Nintendo 3DS!

Includes the following content:

· ~Cursed Soul~ A new weapon attack that will appear in the game.

· A new playable character “Crimson”.

· An in-game costume for the main character “Neo”.

· Special masks for your character and “Neo” that can be obtained from the shop.

· A new special attack, “The Beast”.

· A new mode of play, “The Forge Mode”.

· A new bonus costume for the main character “Neo”.

· Armor sets for your character and “Neo”.

· Special weapons and attacks for your character and “Neo”.

· Customization for the main character “Neo” and his costume.

· Customizable stickers for the clothing and armor worn by the main character “Neo”.

Featured Key Features:

Plant your own garden of weapons with the Soul system!
Fight with the Soul gauge for combos and unleash your true power when it is charged!
Input commands in battle by using the touch screen!
New Game modes and challenges to explore!
A completely new gameplay system!
New weapons and attacks that take advantage of the power of the Nintendo 3DS!
EXCLUSIVE Characters and New Playable Characters!
A full-scale combat system using the new Soul system.
A new gameplay system, Forge Mode, along with its in-game world settings and modes.
A new feature, The Forge Mode, where you can change the settings and game modes to create your own play style.
A new EXCLUSIVE Playable Character, “Crimson”!
A new Playable Character, “Crimson”, the Nightmare Phantom, joins your party!
A brand new main character, Neo, the young and kind swordsman!
EXCLUSIVE Main Character, “Neo”, with new special attacks and costumes!


How To Crack:

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  • Press the “AUX” button and choose “Get Key” and follow the instructions. This step is optional for PC games.

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KaM trumPinata 21 Jun 2020 – 7 May 2020:

  • Download KaM trumPinata from the source above and save the file to your PC.

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  • Now run the installed trumPinata and choose “Run game”.
  • Press the “AUX” button and choose “Get Key” and follow the instructions. This step is optional for PC games.

System Requirements For Amborettio:

Intel Pentium 4 Processor
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Sega Dreamcast Emulator version 1.0.2
KOSMOS 0.18.1
Computer Games: Deadly Premonition, Final Fantasy XI, Japanese Super Mario Bros. ROMS (Nintendo version, 2nd, 3rd, and 1st), Sin and Punishment, Tokyo Jungle, UNCHARTED Trilogy, Walker: The Game
Always works fine for me!
In order to run the game you need a Dream


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