AR Soft RAM Disk Product Key Full [Updated] 2022

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AR Soft RAM Disk Crack Activation Key [Mac/Win] [Updated]

Create a new drive in your memory for a quick performance boost

Very clean and well organized

Three tabs: “General”, “Geometry” and “File System”

Pick from a wide range of options on the fly

Spiral staircase effect

Runs on low resources

Supports hard drives, SSDs and memory cards

Compatibility issues

Doesn’t work properly on Windows 7

No help manual

Additional information:

Download AR Soft RAM Disk Activation Code and have a look at the screenshots below.


Publisher: AR Soft

Size: 7.7 MB

Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

License: Shareware, Download

AR Soft RAM Disk Cracked Version


The AR Soft RAM Disk Download With Full Crack is a simple yet powerful Windows software solution developed to create a new drive in your memory for a quick performance boost.
Although it may seem a little bit complicated, developers have managed to make everything work like a breeze and the thing that makes it easy as pie is the interface.
Very clean and well organized, AR Soft RAM Disk Product Key’s look relies on a total of three tabs, with a dedicated option to enable or disable the app on the go.
Each of the three tabs, “General”, “Geometry” and “File System”, is designed to give full control over the application, so it’s highly recommended to check every single feature before enabling the app.
While the “General” screen lets you control the drive letter, the operating mode and the startup type, “Geometry” is the one that helps you set up the disk size, the bytes per sector, sectors per track and tracks per cylinder. If this sounds like rocket science to you, it’s better to search the web for more information because AR Soft RAM Disk has no help manual included in the package.
The volume name and ID can be configured in the “File System” tab, the same menu that lets you specify sectors per cluster, maximum root entries and boot signature.
Of course, you don’t need a super fast computer to run AR Soft RAM Disk, as it runs on low resources. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work well on Windows 7 and some compatibility issues sometimes prevent it from running.
But overall, it is quite a handy utility, but the

AR Soft RAM Disk Crack+ Product Key [Updated-2022]

Install a new RAM disk on your computer, which allows you to store temporary files on the disk itself. It is a smart and safe way to store and temporarily store files.
AR Soft RAM Disk not only save desktop files, but also it will help you speed up your PC. For example, if you were to open a video, or had several desktop shortcuts, then you will be able to improve the performance of your computer.
AR Soft RAM Disk is able to save files from explorer folders and from the windows desktop to the new drive. You can even save files from the web by using the built-in web browser.
AR Soft RAM Disk Features:
*Very easy to use.
*Create RAM disks easily
*Support x64 platform
*Launch functions from Shell
*Supports double shortcuts, and also allows the same to be created on the RAM disk.
*Supports program shortcuts, and also allows the same to be created on the RAM disk.
*All of the running processes of the program will be saved on the RAM disk
*Support backing up your RAM disk
*Support system memory usage setting
*Support changing the default position of the shortcut on the RAM disk
*Support install and remove of RAM disk in the system tray.
*Support drag and drop
*Support restart, hibernation, and power down
*Support drive mapping
*Support edit/add/remove of shortcut to the RAM disk.
*Support editing and adding shortcuts to the RAM disk.
*Support shutdown.
*Support get/set Disk Permissions.
*Support editing/setting security options for the shortcut on the RAM disk.
*Support addition of components to the shortcut on the RAM disk.
*Support setting hot key for the shortcut on the RAM disk.
*Support shortcut icon change and setting on the RAM disk.
*Support drag and drop of shortcut on the RAM disk.
*Support add, Edit, delete program shortcuts.
*Support manually creating shortcuts to desktop.
*Support free RAM disk management
*Support choose to display the RAM disk on the desktop.
*Support easily accessing to the RAM disk in the desktop.
*Support directly access to the RAM disk in the desktop.
*Support transparent to the user
*Support drag and drop of shortcut on the RAM disk
*Support creating shortcuts to hard drive.
*Support add, edit, delete shortcuts to the RAM disk.
*Support shortcut context menu.
*Support copy

AR Soft RAM Disk Crack

# Create RAM-disk for your PC
# Get the best performance
# No hardware modifications
# No tool needed
# Does not replace your hard drive
# Make Windows programs run faster
# Excellent for gaming
# Supports more than 2GB
# No defragmentation
# No fragmentation
# Not resource intensive
# Not resource hogging
# Not file system crash and performance hit
# Can be used to upgrade RAM
# Must be compatible with all hardware, RAM, CPU, OS
# Good for fanless systems
# Settings: see settings.ini.

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What’s New in the AR Soft RAM Disk?

Best RAM Disk UtilityEver. Fastest and Best tool for speed up RAM with no WinBootDisk. With this tool you can turn your RAM into 8GB, 12GB or 16GB drive! If you use Window installed over physical disks, you will get a nice speed increase by the usage of RAM disk when your disks start to get thrashed by the VM.

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System Requirements For AR Soft RAM Disk:

XBMC v.12
Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Broadcast Quality
Digital Audio Players (DAP)
Supports the following media formats:
Video Codecs:
• H.264 Video
• AAC/MP3 Audio
• mp4


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