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Roblox is an online platform developed and owned by Roblox Corporation. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in late 2005, Roblox initially evolved from an in-house video game concept. In late 2006, Roblox was released as an open platform allowing others to build upon its functionality. Initially built on Adobe Flash technology, Roblox began to transition to HTML 5 based technology in mid-2011. Roblox allows users to create their own games and experiences and upload them to the platform. Most developers create games for Roblox in the procedural creator Lua programming language. Additionally, developers are free to create their own assets and game mechanics in a proprietary scripting language called Blocks.
The interface of Roblox is based on a three-dimensional landscape, with objects and characters populating it. The platform’s developers designed it to be as accessible as possible by creating an interface similar to that of a video game console.
Blox (a wordplay on “block”) is a default word used to refer to players of Roblox.
Development History:
Roblox was started in late 2005 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel with the goal of building a game creation and distribution platform for independent developers. The team’s motivation for creating Roblox was due in part to their frustration with the centralized distribution model that existed in the existing video game industry of the time, where major companies like Electronic Arts created games to be distributed to the public through retail stores such as GameStop. Instead of creating games to be sold at a cost to the consumer, major developers like Electronic Arts created games with components that could be sold in a variety of ways to the consumer, including digital download, DVD, and retail purchases. This strategy allowed EA to increase market share and dictate consumer behavior by making the game’s purchase decisions for the consumer.
Initially, the team at Roblox sought to create an online community where independent games could be uploaded by developers to be played by anyone and shared with friends. Their first game, a zombie survival game called Days of Death, was released in July of 2007. Since then, Roblox has released over 500 games, many of which have been widely downloaded by the community and have received recognition from both gamers and traditional gaming outlets.
In 2009, Roblox began to transition from a platform that exclusively ran games created with Roblox Studio, to a platform that could host games created in other languages as well. In April 2010, Robl


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