Artcam Paf File

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Artcam Paf File


Oct 5, 2015
Hi alex, I have the paf file, I just don’t have any version installed .
Jun 22, 2019
I have Artcam express 2013 and i need a.paf file that i purchased long time ago for a wifes computer to run the program and save the project.
Sep 27, 2019
I need a paf file for a (Artcam Express 2015 Licence) .
Aug 19, 2016
you have a licence with no. 201007? can you send me a paf file  .
Jun 16, 2017
Okay, I sent a couple of emails, you’ll have to try again.  .
So, can you please send me the Paf File which I purchased when I used Artcam Express 2012?
Jul 22, 2017
I have a licence file, but it is not a Windows licence file (*.paf), it is a Mac licence file .
Oct 1, 2017
I installed the 2013 version of Artcam Express on my mac, but it won’t work.
I then found this license file (measurable v1.2 #6.2.13 U13-E0001.lic) and when i try to install it on my mac, it asks for a licence key?
Apr 8, 2017
I purchased the ArtCAM Express 2012 in a bargain shop and it did not come with a License file. I have changed the serial number and all, but can’t find any information or steps to get the License file.
Nov 4, 2017
I have a licence for Artcam express 2012 for the mac. I installed artcam Express 2013 but it does not recognize the licence because there is no paf file associated.
How do I get a licence for Artcam Express 2012?
Oct 4, 2017
Hi. I have a USB version of the Artcam express 2013 and I need a windows paf license file to reinstall the software on my computer. can you help me?
Oct 12, 2017
I have Artcam express 2013 and the licence file in the.paf format, the name is “Artcam express 2013 licence for windows”, but I can’t install the software.  .
Jan 1, 2018
We’ve sent you two emails asking for a.paf file. It’s a Windows license file, you need to install Art


Looking at your post here, would I be correct in thinking that you have sucessfully installed your ArtCAM Express software and associated PAF Licence file .
Artcam Paf File
Jul 14, 2015
i have installed artcam jewlery smith 2012 before and it works fine. The license file is fine but even though i get the message that it is licensed but when i try to run online it wont work.. i had this happen before and fixed it by putting the.paf file (the license file) i created in the c:\windows\temp folder.. does anyone know how to fix this?
May 21, 2019
I Have ArtCAM Jewlery Smith 2015, PAF works fine, dongle installed. When I use the control panel, it gives me an error message: “Paf control panel cannot start, error: 0x8035000D. Any Ideas?


I have Artcam Jewlery Smith 2015, PAF works fine, dongle installed. When I use the control panel, it gives me an error message: “Paf control panel cannot start, error: 0x8035000D. Any Ideas?

Took me a while to find this in the PAF Deployment Blog. You need to download the following files:

Backup copy of dongle.inf and dongle.inf.old files. After you have installed the dongle.inf files.
SLT.dll will provide the UI functionality (without it the PAF will not work).

PAF errors can be caused by 2 or more issues. Some or all of these settings may be needed for a PAF deployment to function as expected.

Control Panel v4.61 or later (or v3.61)
Control Panel v4.62 or later (or v3.62)
ArtCAM Jewlery Smith 2015 (not the original Jewlery Smith, 2015, ArtCAM Jewlery Smith)
ArtCAM Jewlery Smith 2015 PAF (original Jewlery Smith 2015 PAF, Delcam PAF1010-1PAF, PAF Version 3)
ArtCAM Jewlery Smith 2015 PAF deltabase (PAF Version 3)


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