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Components of AutoCAD

Autodesk maintains an online community of registered users, providing support and updates for the AutoCAD software. The software is supported by Autodesk’s Automotive and Construction business unit and distributed by the company’s Education and Professional Services business unit.

The components of the AutoCAD software include:

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD is a two-pass drafting system, meaning that the user is required to make two separate passes through the program to accomplish a particular drawing task. The first pass creates the component geometry and lays out the individual elements of a drawing (primitives). The second pass connects the geometry, assigns graphic elements and establishes relations to other elements, such as dimensioning, labeling, and drawing scales and projections.

Because AutoCAD is a two-pass system, the drawing can be saved in several formats, including DWG (Drafting Exchange Format), DXF (Design Exchange Format), and DWG/DXF. The DXF format is often used for electronic data interchange between users and suppliers. Users also generate images in formats such as TIFF, EPS, PDF, and JPG.

AutoCAD Mobile

AutoCAD Mobile is a web-based application for mobile devices that allows users to start a drawing, save it in the cloud, and share it with others. AutoCAD Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows. AutoCAD Mobile does not support editing or exporting drawings.

AutoCAD Mobile has several different online drawing tools, including Freehand, Line, Architectural, Rotate, Path, Section, and Dimension tools. It does not support any other desktop applications, including any of the Autodesk Computer-Aided Design suite.

AutoCAD Student

AutoCAD Student is an online learning tool that was introduced in October 2013. This tool allows students to learn and practice the AutoCAD skills with preloaded drawings and videos.

AutoCAD Map 3D

AutoCAD Map 3D allows users to create maps in the context of the 3D model, or to import existing digital maps from Streetmap or Google Earth into AutoCAD. It is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices (iOS and Android) operating systems.

AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 is

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The annotation tools in AutoCAD are designed to add textual, visual or statistical content to a drawing. The textual annotation tools allow adding text to a drawing and editing text in a drawing. These tools are grouped into three main categories. Text annotation tools:
Text Annotator
Text Editor
Graphical annotation tools:
Bubble annotation tools
Marker annotation tools
Line annotation tools:
Add marker tools
Curve arrow
Line arrow
Segment arrow
Multisegment line
Multisegment arrow
Shape annotation tools:
Clip (snap-to-grid)
End-caps (snap-to-anchor)
Pie chart annotation tools
Curve tooltip
Text tooltip
Generic shape annotation tools:
Line text
Polyline text
Polyline annotation tools
Polyline curve
Point annotation tools:
Arrow, stick, and triangle
Database and text annotation tools:
Text search


AutoCAD supports the following file formats:

AutoCAD Arch format,
AutoCAD 2012 DXF format,
AutoCAD 2013 DXF format,
AutoCAD LT format,
AutoCAD LT Architectural format,
AutoCAD LT Electrical format,
AutoCAD LT Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Mechanical format,
AutoCAD MEP format,
AutoCAD MEP Electrical format,
AutoCAD MEP Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Structural format,
AutoCAD Structural Electric format,
AutoCAD Structural Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Electric format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Electrical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter Electrical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter Mechanical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter Liquid meter format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter Liquid meter Electrical format,
AutoCAD Structural Piping Liquid meter Liquid meter Liquid meter Mechanical format,

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Create more sophisticated hyperlinks to web pages using SmartArt, which intelligently changes page numbering to match the page number of the linked web site, making it easy to create clickable SmartArt graphics that jump directly to the page of the web site being linked.

You can create curved text strokes and curved components.

You can preview and annotate 3D models.

Automatic Pencil Drawing for Walls:

Worked as a wall, the automatic pencil drawing mode allows you to create a detailed outline of a wall with clean, precise, crisp edges on walls in your drawing. This mode is ideal for quickly creating detailed outlines of walls and curved surfaces.

You can also create customizable templates for use with the Re-bound feature.

“Re-bound” with an unlimited number of parts in a single object:

Create designs and drawings with unlimited parts. For example, if you want to create a design for an airplane with ten separate aircraft, you can simply create an object called Airplane and then make the parts of the design that you want.

You can instantly copy, move, or re-size parts. You can re-order parts, so the parts of an airplane can be in any order.

Use one object to control multiple objects. For example, you can make a single arrowhead that will control all the different arrows in a figure.

Re-bound objects are independent, so you can add, delete, and re-order them without affecting any other objects.

New options for pre-bound objects allow you to create pre-bound sketches, and re-bound sketches. Pre-bound sketches are similar to pre-bound entities, but are named instead of being numbered. (For example, a pre-bound sketch is named “Triangle” instead of being numbered 1, 2, and 3.)

Blank-Color Panel with White Background:

The panel feature now has white background and new color options. You can display the panel with a white background and then use black or gray as the background color of your drawing.

Note: Only one panel can be active at a time.

New interface:

You can now view the tools on the toolbars without having to turn on the tools.

You can turn on the tools and leave them on.

You can view the tools on the flyout menu

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1GB RAM (8 GB minimum)
Windows® 7 or later
DirectX® 11 graphics card (compatible with Windows® XP and Windows® Vista)
Sound card
Note: the game is recommended for at least a 3.2 GHz CPU or better, and at least 1 GB of RAM.
Please note that the game may be locked at the Region 2 setting when it is purchased.
For more information regarding the game’s lock, please contact our customer service.
Notice: War is Strange


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