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AutoCAD 23.0 Crack With Key Free For PC (Final 2022)

The Autodesk plugin technology that connects the desktop AutoCAD application to online web services allows AutoCAD users to collaborate and create working drawings with users in different parts of the world.


AutoCAD started out as an initiative by the founders of Autodesk, Inc., a personal computer software company started by three software developers. AutoCAD’s first product was a proprietary model-making program named EPSON2DWG. The primary goal of EPSON2DWG was to bring the time-consuming and error-prone process of drawing to life into a model-making software. Autodesk was later acquired by French computer-services firm Éditions Mac Oran. Mac Oran later merged with then Microsoft, and Mac Oran later merged with Autodesk. This move combined Autodesk’s innovative software developers with the computer-services firm.

On December 28, 1982, the first AutoCAD was released as a $795 software product for the Apple II microcomputer and its internal 16-color graphics monitor. Within a year of the initial release, sales of the software had grown to $700,000. Since then, the AutoCAD product line has grown.


AutoCAD is available as a desktop app and as a mobile and web app. For the desktop version, the latest releases are available for Apple, Microsoft, and Linux platforms.


The license for AutoCAD is based on whether the application is used for personal or commercial use. For personal use, the software is available for purchase. For commercial use, AutoCAD is available as AutoCAD LT, which is available as a perpetual license for $1,500 or an annual license for $1,000. The software is also available for perpetual licenses for the Mac OS.

Licenses for the mobile version of AutoCAD can be purchased for $99 or $299 per year. Licenses for the web application are available for $249 or $499 per year. There are additional licenses available for different number of users. The license and usage for all AutoCAD products are available at Autodesk’s Web site.


AutoCAD uses feature-based customization instead of object-oriented programming, which means that the program uses pre-programmed features to create objects. The features, which are sometimes called objects, are set up to be used frequently and are updated automatically as the

AutoCAD 23.0 Crack Free Download

AutoCAD’s user interface is the standard GUI component-based graphic design tool found in most computer-aided drafting (CAD) software packages. The development of AutoCAD from version R12 to the current R2016 has been marked by several releases known as release train periods, which include significant changes to the user interface and its underlying technology. The early development of AutoCAD, prior to release R12, consisted of two main development groups. One group was responsible for design and product development, and the other was responsible for graphics and user interface development. The product development group created the underlying architecture, the programming interfaces, and most of the functional features. The graphics and user interface group was responsible for the design and implementation of the overall visual appearance, animation and responsiveness, and the look-and-feel of the user interface. There was a clear division of responsibility between the product development group and the graphics and user interface group, and they operated completely independently of each other.

The interface of AutoCAD is one of the oldest in the industry. This has been somewhat intentional, as it was designed to suit a large number of different users, from novice to expert. The drawing area is comprised of several individual windows. The main screen window is called the Document Window. A CAD drawing is displayed in this window. The status bar window is used to display information regarding what is being selected and held in the drawing, such as dimension lines, block and other objects. The Dimensions window displays information about the dimensions of the selected block and block faces. The Properties window displays information regarding the properties of the block or other selected object. The selection window is used to select a block or other object and to display information regarding the object that is selected. The Toolbars window is used to display and select tools and other objects such as block or dimension symbols. The Window management window, the viewport, is used to display the main drawing area. The default resolution and display size of the viewport are set at the time of installation. The Windows menu provides many useful commands for controlling the viewport.

AutoCAD does not use a file-based user interface, and displays information on the screen instead of in a separate window. The AutoCAD user interface is designed around windows and windows management. The windows have a similar function to frames of a graphic print design. AutoCAD’s windows are referred to as documents, as they are the equivalent of pages in a print design. Each window in AutoCAD

AutoCAD 23.0 Crack +

Select Open -> Product Creation -> Open.
Unzip autocad under \My Autodesk\Autocad\modules\
Then run ‘config.cmd’ (that’s an autocad program) to make the new file.

How to Use

Thanks to a friend of mine:

Windows 10 – Start, Type, “autocad”
Run, then type: Autocad.exe.
Follow on-screen instructions.

Install Windows 7 – Start, All Programs, Accessories, Autocad.
Run, then type: Autocad.exe.
Follow on-screen instructions.


Query to find the name of tables which are not indexed with a default index

I have a table and I need to list all the tables that are not indexed with default indexes.
For example, for a table tbl1, the following query returns nothing:
SELECT * FROM sys.tables WHERE is_default_indexed = 0

But this query returns the expected result:
SELECT * FROM sys.tables WHERE is_default_indexed = 1

Why is that so?


the following query returns nothing

I suggest this query:
FROM sys.indexes i
AND is_default_index = 0

A default index always has the indexes.table_id column. So, we search for non-default indexes with this column being null. This query doesn’t search for partial indexes; it always finds them.
If you want to search for all indexes with a particular index_id, we can use the following query:
FROM sys.indexes i
WHERE i.index_id = @id AND is_default_index = 0

Using sys.indexes, we can also search for all indexes that match a given plan.
Note that sys.indexes is one of the few systems views that does not use a heuristic to determine if an index is default; for example, it always reports that sys.indexes.table_id_index is a default index. So, it is possible that your query will miss a few default index reports.

For more information, see Is there a way to find what is the default index for a specific table in

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Reliable, responsive tools that automatically support you in your workflow. Don’t worry about updating and managing your tools and add-ons, AutoCAD is doing that for you. (video: 3:15 min.)

Make changes to your drawings with confidence. Manage a comprehensive set of tools and add-ons, and effortlessly test and evaluate them.

Get insights with the new Design Review and Show Designer features. Simultaneously view multiple versions of a drawing with the Design Review features. Use Show Designer to assess and share your most current designs.

Take advantage of the new graphics standards and tools. Scale CAD drawings to any resolution without having to rebuild them.

Consolidate CAD drawings into the My Favorites panel. Just drag and drop or use the customizable, drag-and-drop favorites interface.

Simplify your drawings with document templates and more. All drawings are generated automatically with set document templates, and you can create templates based on your own custom processes.

Save time with new commands and features for editing. Get features to draw, place, and align 3D objects.

Try it for free

Take AutoCAD for a test drive with the free 30-day trial.Q:

Why do some features overlap on some routes but not on others?

I’m new to the mapping API and want to create a map for a mobile app I’m making.
I’m using the Google Maps API and Android Studio to develop it.
After building my map I got the following warnings/errors from Android Studio:

This is my code:
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private GoogleMap map;
private static final LatLng HAMBURG = new LatLng(53.558, 9.927);
private static final LatLng KIEL = new LatLng(53.55, 9.95);

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

map = ((MapFragment) getFragmentManager().findFragmentById(

System Requirements:

1 x (64-bit) Intel CPU
1GB of RAM
8GB of available disk space
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit
Download and install the latest version of the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell
Download and install the latest version of the DirectX SDK
Launch Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell
We’re going to start by installing the latest version of the DirectX SDK to our desktop. Open Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell by typing “cmd.exe” or “powershell.exe” into



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