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As the “Design Review Process” adds a whole new dimension to the design review process, by inserting the design into the construction industry, I will share a series of insights into how we will design and build – from start to finish – our Design Review (DR) of the most complicated project yet for our client: The Funtastic Fountainguita Foundation’s Smilin’ Foundation Plaza.

It’s All in the Name

Why do we name our architectural projects? What do we want people to know? We were drawn to the word “fountainguita” after our client had shared the term with us. The people who live on our island know the place as the Funtastic Fountainguita Foundation. The name stuck. And, as the name reflects the foundation’s area of focus, we wanted the same focus of our work. The words “design review” also fit because it covers our team’s work as it engages with the client, from the client’s perspective.

Smilin’ Foundation Plaza

Design Review Process

The Funtastic Fountainguita Foundation approached us with the design for its new Plaza. We will not be providing our usual CAD-based plan (design), but, instead, will be conducting our Design Review in the “real world” of construction. As such, this project has certain challenges unique to this process – we will be engaging with our client on site, not in a design studio. We will be able to show drawings, models, and plans, but more importantly, we will be building models, drawing elevations, and building site plans while visiting the construction site. This will be our first construction-based DR project, and we have a few ideas about how to ensure a smooth review process.

We will have two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drawings. Any AutoCAD Product Key drawings from our team will be set to a schematic style, allowing the plans and elevations to be laid flat on a table. As for three-dimensional drawings, we will need a simple point cloud or a collage of standard 3D shapes to create a 3D model.

Site plan

During our meeting with the Foundation, we shared that it will be a complex project, but the Foundation assured

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Data Exchange
Graphics Features
Modify Feature
Modify Feature on Origin
Object Layers
Type, Font, Style

3D Graphics

3D graphics were introduced in AutoCAD Serial Key 2016 for mechanical design applications. Applications such as AutoCAD 2022 Crack Architecture, AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version Electrical, AutoCAD Crack Keygen Mechanical, and AutoCAD Crack LT are capable of creating 3D models and provide tools to perform tasks such as dimensioning, creating surfaces, shell, rendering, measuring, and material definition.

3D Graphics features include
3D navigation, zooming and panning
3D modeling
3D surfaces
3D solid modeling
3D solids
3D text
3D wireframe
Data exchange
Geomatric layout


AutoCAD Serial Key Layout is a drafting and design application that provides the ability to visualize, create, and modify 2D and 3D layouts. Layout is the process of drawing or otherwise presenting information, such as a building blueprint, a technical drawing, or an engineering schematic, in order to communicate its intended design. Layout includes creation and editing of both 2D and 3D drawings and can also be used to prepare engineering schematics. When creating or modifying a layout, a user can create, transform, fit, snap, and bend layout objects as well as create new objects and edit existing objects such as arcs, polylines, and splines. The application also supports the review of imported CAD or 2D art.

Layout features include
Create 3D models
CAD data exchange
Copy objects
Create and edit B-Rep style objects
Dynamic Lines
Dynamic Point
Dynamic Shapes
EZ Layout
Fit object
Geomatric layout
Graphics features
3D navigation, zooming and panning
Maintain view
Navigation and Zooming
Ortho mode
Rotate view

2D/3D Graphics

2D/3D Graphics features include:
2D to 3D
3D to 2D
2D editing
2D transitions
3D editing
3D transitions
2D extrusions
2D Object Exporter
2D AutoCAD Serial Key
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Painting in Acrylic (Watercolor, Ink, Graphite, Oil and more).

This is not your typical class on how to paint. This class will be about discovery. We will take this journey together, learning along the way. The techniques that you learn will go beyond the basics, and you will find yourself creating a completely unique work of art. From start to finish, this will be an experience unlike any other, an experience where you will learn not only about painting, but about yourself. Learn to paint using a variety of techniques, one at a time. Add new colors and you will see the results of your newfound confidence.



About the Instructor

I am a lifelong learner who has had a professional background in engineering, accounting and technical sales/support. In my later years I have shifted my focus to art and to make a career in the world of art. I have taught art for many years, but now feel I have something more to offer the art community.

I encourage all of you to check out the ArtSource website for a variety of courses, tutors and workshops.

Followup at home: I will e-mail you a link to watch the video I made from my last class for the class that is coming up next.

I look forward to meeting you.

More Information

About Us

The Art Source art group is a cooperative of the arts and artists with the purpose of introducing new ways of experiencing art, and in doing so, to provide a more satisfying experience for all. Whether the art form is acrylic, watercolor, drawing, photography, digital, sculpture or art therapy, the Art Source community is united in our appreciation of art. The Art Source provides a place for those who are interested in art, the ability to experiment with different media, and the opportunity to learn about art and the artists.Why we should care about crypto-protocols

Photo: Franz Bergala/dpa/Corbis via Getty Images

Crypto-protocols are built on top of

What’s New in the?

4D Drafting:

A new 3D view is available when you are drafting in a fourth dimension, such as in the XYZ viewport or with the FOUR DIMENSION VIEW tool.

Increase Speed and Accuracy:

Create drawings faster with the new pen tool and enhancements to the modeling tools. Increase your performance with the new command line. (video: 1:31 min.)

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

In future release, AutoCAD will work more like a designer’s brain with AI capabilities that enable users to design more efficiently.

AutoCAD Viewer Improvements:

Use the improved toolbar, command line and menus to easily change your view of the drawing.

Batch Edit and Copy:

You can easily copy and paste blocks of geometry from one drawing to another.

Design-Time Performance:

Improvements to the performance of drawing and printing tools.

Desktop Shelf:

View documents, sheets and projects on the desktop from the large, easy-to-access menu.

Fillet Draw:

A new command (LMB+MMB) lets you easily fillet the edges of your objects and quickly create fillets along the whole edge of any selected shape.


Create as many line segments as you need to define a grid.

Improved Toolbars:

The toolbar has a more modern look and feel.


Use a separate drawing environment within AutoCAD.

New Filters in the Manage Symbols and Line Styles Dialog Box:

In the Manage Symbols and Line Styles dialog box, you can now filter the symbols by their data. You can filter for symbols in the drawing, documents, drawings or symbols folders. You can also filter by line style, pattern and visibility.

New Map User Interface:

The new Map tool offers the same major functionality as the existing Map tool, but it has a new look.


You can now break apart line segments into segments that are comprised of molecules.

Multiuser Collaboration:

You can now work together on a drawing from different locations using the shared features in AutoCAD.

New Options for Selection and Entity Tools:

You can now select entities or

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.10 or later
iOS or Android device
Internet Explorer 11
How to download : 1. When downloading, please select one of the server address as: (server address)
2. When the downloading is complete, please click the “Download” button.
3. After the download is complete, please open the file to listen.
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