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AutoCAD Crack 2022 [New]

AutoCAD offers more than 400 commands and 10,000 blocks for creating 2D and 3D drawings and presentations. The program provides a feature-rich rendering engine to draw graphics of any complexity on-screen. The user interface for AutoCAD is designed to be intuitive to use, resulting in many novice users becoming proficient in a short period of time. While not as versatile as other CAD programs, AutoCAD does offer a number of advantages over traditional pencil and paper drawing methods. AutoCAD can assist in the process of creating architectural, construction, mechanical, and electrical designs.


This section is mainly covering Autodesk AutoCAD 2016, but all of this information is available for earlier versions of the software. The following features are also available in AutoCAD 2019:

Integration with AutoCAD 360 and AutoCAD 360 Mobile

No longer available in the current AutoCAD version

Autodesk also offers a basic graphics package called DraftSight. While Autodesk did not make DraftSight accessible to users outside of the Autodesk ecosystem, it was included with AutoCAD 2004 on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista. Autodesk then discontinued support for DraftSight in AutoCAD 2013. In addition to replacing DraftSight, Autodesk released a free application called AutoCAD for Freeform called AutoCAD for Freeform.

The features of AutoCAD that are not unique to AutoCAD 2016 are:

2D & 3D drawing capabilities.

AutoCAD drawings can be in a variety of formats such as DXF, DWG, DXU, PDF, and CGM.

Autodesk’s hallmark annotation system called AutoCAD LT allows you to easily create and edit annotations. These can be used to create tables, charts, and labels.

AutoCAD LT allows you to cut, copy, and paste, and undo and redo edits.

Desktop and online capabilities.

The optional Autodesk Build on Demand (BOD) option provides you the ability to test out AutoCAD at a desktop PC, a laptop, or a tablet. If you find yourself unsatisfied, you can simply download and install the latest version on your computer. With Autodesk BOD, the trial version is limited to 30 days.

AutoCAD LT is available to anyone with a valid Autodesk subscription.

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3D Applications and 3D modeling

In addition to AutoCAD and associated programs, there are a number of 3D modeling and 3D graphics applications that can work with models exported from AutoCAD. These include:
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Dassault Systemes SIMULIA
Autodesk Maya
3ds Max

Graphic design

Several graphic design programs are available that work with AutoCAD files, including:
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw
Adobe Creative Suite

User Interface

AutoCAD comes with a rich library of dialog boxes and a “wizard” feature to help the user learn the program. The program also comes with standard keyboard shortcuts to make the program easier to use.


AutoCAD’s program files are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Japanese as well as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Traditional Chinese Taiwan. AutoCAD Basic is available for $299 in the United States for both the 1.0 and 2.0 versions.

On January 29, 2002, Autodesk was the recipient of the prestigious Industrial Excellence Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Autodesk received this award for being the first company to place its engineering software application, AutoCAD, in every workplace in the U.S. On April 4, 2005, Autodesk was honored with the honor of inclusion in the World Technology Hall of Fame.

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What’s New in the?

Markup Assist automatically incorporates feedback from anywhere in your design document, including other drawings and the Internet, and is perfect for reviewing and incorporating author comments and feedback into your own designs.

Design validation. The Command Validate feature is available as a new Draw command and a new Markup Assist feature. (video: 1:04 min.)

Design Alert:

See issues and potential problems in your designs with Design Alert. Draw a simple rectangle to mark an issue. When you start drawing a feature, the system automatically highlights any issues, including problems with centerlines, position, length and relative geometry.

Fixed interface:

The interface has been re-designed to provide improved usability for customizing your drawing tools. View the tools in different ways with new tools and tabs, plus easy access to Customize and Edit commands. (video: 1:48 min.)

Customize and Edit commands are easily accessed at the top right, with access to all the tools and tools tabs. The Customize tool for desktop AutoCAD allows you to edit the active tool and see the tools in different view modes. (video: 1:23 min.)

Graphics Styles:

Graphics styles help you quickly set up the graphics of your drawings and make them easier to work with. Create or edit graphics styles based on type of line, graphics, colors and patterns. See the online Help for more information on how to use the Graphics Styles tools.

Graphics Styles Commands:

New Command – Graphic Styles Define the new command for setting up graphics styles in your drawing.

New Tab – Graphics Styles Style: Easily set up graphics styles in your drawing, including text styles, line types, patterns, colors, outlines and more. Add and edit styles from within the Command Editor.

New Tab – Text Styles: Create new text styles, edit existing styles, use the Text Styles Options panel to customize text styles and manage colors, fonts and font styles, and use the Export/Import Wizard to add or edit text styles.

New Tab – Tools: Use the Graphics Styles toolbar to edit and apply graphics styles. You can also create, apply, export and import new graphics styles from and to the Graphics Styles tab.

New Tab – Fonts: See the online Help for information on using the Fonts tab to edit the font settings of your drawing.

New Tab – Pattern: Add and edit patterns and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 (64-bit OS is required to use 64-bit graphics card. A 32-bit OS and a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will run with a 32-bit graphics card)
64-bit version of Windows 8.1 (64-bit OS is required to use 64-bit graphics card. A 32-bit OS and a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will run with a 32-bit graphics card) CPU:
Pentium IV


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