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Automatically captures screenshots of the visited websites and stores them in the specified directory.
Automatically captures screenshots of the visited websites and stores them in the specified directory.

Limitations of this program:

It is an on-demand solution and does not run on-the-fly; you need to go to the Control Panel (e.g., Windows XP) and turn off all the startup items that may conflict with the AutoSCR.exe file.

Automatically Website Screenshot Software – A Mini-AutoSP Installer which makes capturing website screenshots automatic.

There are a few different ways to capture a screenshot. One is to right-click a blank area on a screen and select “Take screenshot.” Another way is to press the Print Screen button on a keyboard. You can also do it through the command prompt by executing the command “copy” (or “echo” in DOS).
The software I’m going to review today is called Automatically Website Screenshot Software and is a Windows program that is an alternative to the official snipping tool included with Windows.

How to Create a Free Auto Web Screenshot Software?
I’ve been using the official Windows snipping tool for a long time and I’ve grown to dislike it. I’ve tried several ways to recreate a similar tool from scratch but I had the same problems as the official tool: it has too many buttons and the frequency of screenshots is always very low.
I could never find a way to use the Windows snipping tool to automatically capture screenshots of the websites I visit or even to make it do that on the fly. It seemed so complicated that I just gave up on it.
That’s why I thought of writing this software. I wanted to create a tool that would be very simple to use but that would be very good at capturing screenshots of the websites that I want to. It’s not like the official Windows snipping tool that has so many options and buttons that they are very hard to use. You have to click a lot of buttons to take a screenshot, and clicking is not very intuitive.
After playing with the software for a while, I decided that I should share it with others because I thought it was very simple and that it was easy to use and also because I wanted to help people who want to take screenshots of the websites they visit. So I decided to call the software “Automatically Website Screenshot Software.”

Let me share with you a few screenshots of Automatically Website Screenshot Software

Automatic Website Screenshot Software Crack License Code & Keygen

The software provides you with a solution for automatic screenshot taking of web pages and saving them to the specified folder.

System requirements:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


83.37 MB







Please follow all steps below to do a complete uninstall of your program.

Click on the Start menu button, then select Control Panel.

Click on Programs, and then select the Automatic Website Screenshot Software Cracked 2022 Latest Version item from the list of installed programs.

Click on the Uninstall button.

If you installed the application to the default location, the folder will be empty. If you installed the program to another location, you can choose to keep or remove the folder in the dialog that follows.

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January 21, 2017


I had problems with FireShot, I thought it would only work on Chromium but I tried it again, no problems, full speed and fast. At least for the moment.
Tested with Firefox and Chrome.Q:

UITableView does not show up when using a new UIViewController

I have an application with a UITableView that loads data from a UITableViewController. I would like to be able to load data for multiple different tables from different view controllers. I have the following setup:
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Automatic Website Screenshot Software Registration Code 2022 [New]

Grab website screenshots quickly and easily with this program that lets you capture a screenshot of the current web page. Easy to use and configure. Record a screenshot automatically as soon as you click the Print or Capture button. Save the screenshot files to any folder and make them automatically open in Notepad. View the details of your screenshots in a list and optionally sort them by clicking the column headers. Create a shortcut or autorun file that starts automatically when you turn on your computer or a scheduled task that runs your program automatically. Auto-save the screenshots in an archive folder so you can restore the last session. Use the downloaded archive to quickly restore the last captured screenshots.

Please download the setup file above and save it on your desktop. It will install a application called Easy Web Screen-Grab automatically when you run it for the first time.

To uninstall it manually, follow these steps:

1. Uninstall Easy Web Screen-Grab from the list of installed applications.
2. Delete the downloaded file from your desktop.

Please note that if you uninstall Easy Web Screen-Grab, your web browser’s built-in screen capture tools will no longer be able to save screenshots.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

This software is freeware.
You may distribute it on any number of computers, provided that you do not sell it.
You may not charge money for it, but you may ask for donations.

You must comply with the EULA.

To install the Easy Web Screen-Grab license key, you must have installed the program Active@ Uninstaller v3.21 or later.
You can download Active@ Uninstaller from

Automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the program.

1. Uninstall Easy Web Screen-Grab from the list of installed applications.
2. Delete the downloaded file from your desktop.

To activate the program, double-click on the Easy Web Screen-Grab license file on your computer.

If your license key is for the current version of the program, and you have a previous version of the program installed, it will automatically reactivate the previous version, thus allowing you to continue working without having to uninstall the previous version.

If you have installed Easy Web Screen-Grab using a serial or license key, you can uninstall it using the Active@ Uninstaller.

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System requirements:

Program name: automatic website screenshot softwareAutomatic Website Screenshot Software version: 3.0 / 5 (1 vote)

The makers of Automatic Website Screenshot Software are aware of the need to protect the privacy of their users and respect their personal data. They have created a software application that fully meets their customers’ expectations in this regard. The program is very easy to use and does not take up much system resources. It is available at no cost and does not contain any malware. The program was tested for viruses and malware. It passed the tests with flying colors.�WJ” and — guess what — I got a lot of questions for him. (If you have any questions for this week’s “WJ”, please leave them in the comments section.)

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System Requirements:

The game is playable in your browser. Here are a few tips:
TIP 1: Press “I” key to switch to In-game View.
TIP 2: Use CTRL+Scroll to zoom in/out or move around.
TIP 3: Press “E” to reload/restart.
TIP 4: To go back to Play/Pause, press “R”.
TIP 5: To go forward


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