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# Mobile: Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Touch

Adobe created an application for capturing, editing, and sharing pictures and images. It is a simplified version of Photoshop for the needs of people who want an image editing program that is easy to use and offers many of the same tools as Photoshop. You can use it on an iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device and share your work with others. It’s useful for gathering and editing content while away from your desktop.

You can use Photoshop Elements for iPhone or iPad (see Figure 13-3).

Figure 13-3: You can capture images and edit them using Photoshop Elements.

Note that unless you are a design or web-based photographer, you probably don’t need Photoshop Elements. The best way to edit your photos is to use a feature-rich desktop image editor.

Photoshop Touch for iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices (see Figure 13-4) is similar to Photoshop Elements and does not need to be purchased.

Figure 13-4: Photoshop Touch is a free image editing application for iOS devices.

Adobe also produces a free mobile application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that contains the popular Photoshop tools.

## Aptitude for the Creative Process

Creative professionals spend a lot of time editing. Many use multiple programs on a daily basis. Adobe’s portfolio of programs provides the tools the creative photographer uses to produce images.

When you are confronted with images to evaluate and select from, you need to know

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There are many questions about Photoshop. We give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Photoshop.

Can I start Photoshop directly from inside Windows without downloading the full program? Yes, you can! Check out the link below to start Photoshop Elements from Windows: How to start Photoshop Elements from Windows without downloading the full program.

Can I use elements to edit an image from a digital camera? Yes, you can use Photoshop Elements to edit images from digital cameras. See here for more information: How to use Photoshop Elements to edit photos from a digital camera.

Do I need any special training to use Photoshop Elements? Photoshop Elements is easier to learn than other photo editing programs but does not require in-depth training. See below for more information: How to use Photoshop Elements.

Can I import or export images from Photoshop Elements? You can use Photoshop Elements to save image files in the JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PSD file formats. Photoshop Elements also has the ability to import JPEG, GIF and TIFF files from other applications.

Are there any free resources to teach me Photoshop Elements? The Photoshop Elements Essentials Book is a great tool for learning the basic functions in Photoshop Elements. See our Complete Photoshop Elements Guide for more resources and links to tutorials.

Can I edit RAW and NEF (RAW) images with Photoshop Elements? With Photoshop Elements you can edit JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PSD images, but you cannot edit RAW or NEF (RAW) images. You can, however, adjust the white balance of JPEG or NEF (RAW) images using Photoshop Elements. See More.

How do I move and resize the selected area? With Photoshop Elements you can move and resize the selected area. You can drag the corners, edges or the center of the image to move the area. To resize the area, you can either drag the sides or the corners. You can also resize the area using the Zoom slider. See this tutorial for more info: How to move and resize the selected area in Photoshop Elements.

Can I create a slide show with my images? You can create a slideshow in Photoshop Elements using the built-in transitions. See our tutorial on how to create a slideshow. See here for more information: How to create a slideshow in Photoshop Elements.

Can I create patterns? Yes, you can create patterns in Photoshop Elements! Find out how to create a pattern in Photoshop Elements.

Can I create a video slideshow with my images?

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title: ‘第 971 届 [汉尔斯公章] 年度统帅“中华人民共和国” (in Mandarin Chinese) 简体中文’

url: ”

date: ‘2015-03-07’

* This source file is subject to the MIT license that is bundled
* with this source code in the file LICENSE.

namespace EasyDingTalk\DingTalk;

use EasyDingTalk\Abstracts\Support\SupportTrait;
use EasyDingTalk\Http\HttpRequest;

* DingTalkSdk.
* @author 张钦钦
class DingTalkSdk extends Abstracts\Base
use SupportTrait;

public function __construct()
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An Early Look at the Rising Stars of Yesteryear

Looking back, having grown up in the 1960’s and early 70’s, I remember living in a world of the Beatles, Easy Rider, Woodstock, Altamont, The Summer of Love, Free Speech Movement, and the New Left, when revolution was an acceptable concept and the Vietnam War was at its height and the cancer had not yet taken hold. That was the time when the philosophy of Yogi Berra defined the dialogue, when the familiar faces and places of Fifties TV would not be forgotten, and when psychedelic music was the bright and cheerful soundtrack to the dawning of a new age.

But, as the years have passed, we move into a different time in history – a time when the world has completely changed, technology has exploded, the planet is in danger, and the value of the individual has been questioned and eroded.

As we look around at the world today, at its challenges, its troubles, its increasing violence, wars, natural disasters, financial disasters, insurmountable debt, and shrinking food supplies, it is also a time when the movie industry has also changed. What used to be a world of simplistic, naïve products that were mass produced for the TV-viewing masses has now evolved into a high-tech, high-concept world

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