Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download BEST

Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download BEST


Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download

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Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download. now, bluestacks Rooted. Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download bwin. BT Smart Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download Fulllok-sabha-elections

Updated: Jan 19, 2019 09:05 IST

Amidst a row over his remarks of a ‘family emergency’, Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s absence from an election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur on Saturday saw some social media users suggesting that the Congress leader was being hidden.

A video of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at a public rally in Gorakhpur went viral on social media after the July 3 suicide of a 20-year-old BJP worker Ramaraj Pratap Singh. The area had witnessed communal violence a few months back and media had reported about the trouble but the BJP did not want to politicise the issue and had left the matter in the hands of the police. The party continued to ignore it even though the Gorakhpur MP, Rama Devi, maintained that the BJP had given enough time to the police to register a report.

Days later, around midnight on June 13, Singh hung himself from a tree in his courtyard. His father had filed a complaint against the Congress in July last year, accusing the party workers of threatening his son.

The rally on Saturday was organised by the BJP to ‘project a united party’ ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Addressing the workers, Gandhi said, “We have come here to pay homage to the spirit of sacrifice of the blood of Ramaraj Pratap Singh, who laid down his life for the dignity of Gorakhpur city and therefore, he has become a martyr.” The Congress president also paid his tributes to Singh and said, “He was a very brave man. It is unfortunate that despite having the opportunity of speaking to Gorakhpur, he did not do so because he knew that the BJP will not allow him.”

The party has

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Bluestacks.Bluestacks Rooted {Offline Installer} Download
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