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Boolean Network Modeller Crack+ With Keygen [Mac/Win] [2022]

BNM is a graphical application for creating, editing and manipulating models in the form of boolean networks. The BNM model is built through the creation of logical relations between a set of nodes. These nodes represent the variables which can assume one of two states: True or False.
The operation and relation of the nodes are defined by the application user, and take the form of simple logical expressions. Nodes are connected to their logical operators (AND, OR, NOT, XOR) and operators are connected by AND, OR and XOR. The application allows for the modification of the nodes and their relations by dragging and dropping the nodes to different positions on the screen.
BNM, whilst primarily designed as a tool for creating, editing and manipulating models, can be used as a tool for analysing models as well. The resulting network graph can be viewed on the screen and the changes applied to it can be viewed at the same time. The BNM model can also be exported and saved to a file, allowing for re-opening and editing the model at a later date.


This is a GUI application designed to operate on Windows, Mac and Linux.


BNM is designed to be a modular application with optional plug-ins. Each of the plug-ins offer additional functionality. To use all the features of the application all plug-ins must be used. The plug-ins can be downloaded from the BNM website.

Available Plug-ins:

Cytoscape plug-in – This is a Visualization plug-in which creates and visualizes a graph. The graph can be saved and imported into Cytoscape, so that BNM’s network graphs can be viewed and analysed within Cytoscape.

File Tree Plug-in – This plug-in reads and writes BNM models in the format used by the BNM source code and allows the user to save or open the model as a file.

Model Table Plug-in – This plug-in displays the nodes and operators in the BNM model. It also has additional features allowing the user to find additional information about a node and operator.

Operators Plug-in – This plug-in allows the user to add additional operators into the model. This enables new relations between the nodes to be created.

Graph Plotter Plug-in – This plug-in uses the R packages igraph and ggtree, as well as the Graphviz libraries

Boolean Network Modeller [April-2022]

The BNM tool allows the creation of a model in the form of a boolean network, which can then be analysed. The user has the flexibility to create a number of different models using a graphical representation of the relationship between the Boolean variables in the system. The output of the model can then be used in a number of different ways to generate the desired results. An example application would be to model a number of different cell fate decisions, such as a HeLa cell transitioning between epithelial and mesenchymal states. BNM is also useful for modelling protein interactions, which can also be used for the creation of genetic interaction networks.
Software Version:
0.9.19 – BNM v0.9.19.01-Windows 64 bit.
BNM can be used to model organisms, cell fate decisions, protein interactions and genetic interactions. The Boolean Network Modeller is capable of dealing with multiple levels of interaction and there is an example code demonstrating how this could be implemented.

This includes most of the routine functions needed for the user to make use of the BNM application, but not the majority of the data collection and construction of the models.

The first column indicates whether the method has been executed successfully or not, the second column gives a count of the number of times it has been executed, the third column gives a description of what was attempted and the last column indicates the date and time of the attempt.


Not executed




Number of Executions





BTM – Create a Boolean Model

Attempted to create a Boolean Network Model from the provided data.

CSP – Evaluate Boolean Model

Attempted to evaluate the model.

CN – Create a Normal Node

Attempted to create a new normal node.

EL – Evaluate the Link Strength

Attempted to calculate the link strength between a pair of normal nodes.

ER – Evaluate the Elimination Rule

Attempted to calculate the elimination rule based on the link strength and the number of normal nodes connected to a given normal node.

ED – Evaluate the Elimination Decision

Attempted to calculate the elimination decision using the elimination rule.

EC – Evaluate the Elimination Condition

Attempted to calculate the elimination condition using the elimination rule.

EDC – Evaluate the Elimination Decision Condition

Boolean Network Modeller Crack Incl Product Key Free Download

BNM is a tool for creating models of organic systems.
Through the use of BNM, the user can model, simulate, visualize, analyse and compare the behaviour of a system.
The BNM approach is formal and consists of a strict set of rules which allow for the simulation and analysis of the model.
Users can modify the structure of the models they have created and create additional rules.

Additional features include:
The ability to import and export as XLS, TAB, CSV and text files.
The ability to read input and output values from files.
Output information can be displayed in a number of formats.
The ability to create schedules and import other BNM models.

BNM is used to describe biological systems, such as gene regulation, protein interactions, metabolic pathways, cell signalling, cell cycle, developmental systems and systems where the behaviour of the system is determined by both time and space.

The BNM graphical editor, BNMcore, offers the option to create models using state diagrams, but can also be used to create the same models using the BNM notation.

BNM is a highly flexible modelling tool, allowing the simulation of both steady state and non-steady state models. The software allows the user to define the behaviour of the model with a variety of inputs and outputs, which can be used as the basis for analysis.

BNM core allows the user to define their model and an analysis schedule.

BNM notation

BNM is a formal model notation, which consists of BNM rules. The rules allow for the simulation and analysis of the model. Rules are a strict set of logical statements, and BNM notation was created as a way to record, analyse and modify the formal definition of the model.

The rules are defined as a series of statements, where each statement is either an “if-then” rule, or an “else if” rule. Each “if” rule has a condition which is evaluated. If the condition is true then the rule body is applied, if the condition is false then the rule body is ignored. The condition of the rule may be referred to as the “trigger”.

Example: If the trigger “x = true” is set, then the condition is evaluated, and if the condition is true then the rule body is applied. The rule body is a list of logical statements which are applied to the model variables.

What’s New In?

BNM is a tool to aid the modelling of organic systems through the formalism of boolean networks. It is capable of modelling Boolean Networks of any size, with the ability to model both partial and complete systems.
BNM has been designed to allow the construction of models to explain the biochemical interactions which occur in the cell.

BNM is a dynamic modelling tool, in that models can be re-run at any time and new data can be entered into the model to run it again.

BNM includes simulation features which allow the user to observe the effect of changing a selected interaction and observe how the state of the system changes.

There are features in the software to visualise the models and to analyse the models which allows the user to find the interactions, subsystems and smaller structures.

BNM includes the following features.
Boolean network construction
Graphical model visualisation
Interaction visualisation
Subsystem visualisation

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