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6 Apr 2010 The software isn’t quite as robust as it could be. It doesn’t save certain business-related items, such as links or photos, which could be particularly useful for e-mailers who prefer to send attachments.
A business with many locations – Mainframe, Saab and Unilever – each has its own individual design. Right-click and drag the product to the x-axis position to move it.

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Can someone please give some advice on how to make any adjustments?
I have seen a couple similar questions asked, but none of the answers were what I needed, so I came here.
Thank you.


UPDATE – May 31, 2018
The necessary option to solve my problem is:

Click Edit code… in the vBoxFlavorForm.asmx page (as I pointed to in the update to my question)

On the Properties page, scroll down to the textbox for”
“Use a Style Sheet”

Then add the following style to that textbox:

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a production method of a semiconductor device that has a pad for connecting an external device such as a semiconductor chip and a lead frame and a protective layer for protecting a bonding part such as an ultrasonic bonding part for joining the pad and the lead frame, and to a semiconductor device produced by using the method.
2. Description of the Related Art
In the technical field of a semiconductor device, in recent years, techniques have been known for bonding a semiconductor chip and a lead frame for use in mounting the semiconductor chip on the substrate of a semiconductor device such as a printed circuit board, and for connecting electrodes on the semiconductor chip and external terminals formed on a surface of the substrate by a conductive material such as solder. A technique for using an Sn-containing material as a principal material of the conductive material has been known for bonding the semiconductor chip and the substrate.
In a method for mounting a semiconductor chip on a substrate as described above, in order to prevent contamination by moisture, oxygen, and the like from the outside through the conductive material to the inside of the semiconductor chip, the chip is covered with a protective material such as a resin with sealing, the conductive material is so hardened as to become unetchable, or a so-called barrier layer containing a metal compound for preventing diffusion between the conductive material and a semiconductor element is formed on the surface of the conductive material.
For example, as a resin used as the protective material, an epoxy resin or a polyimide resin has been frequently used. When the protective material of this type is applied, sealing with a resin is performed after heating the semiconductor chip. On the


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