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| **The Canon Rebel XS and T4i** — | — Canon introduced the Rebel XS, T4i, and T3i to the market in 2014, replacing the six-year-old Rebel and T1i models. Despite being a little more expensive than previous models, these cameras are still a great choice for beginners because they’re small, easy to use, and capable of taking good photos. Many of Canon’s Rebel lineup is relatively affordable (even the entry-level XS is about $600) but, like most point-and-shoot cameras, it lacks a true viewfinder. This means you must compose photos in Live View mode. If you’re going to be spending most of your time in Live View mode, then the Rebel T4i is an obvious choice. It’s a mid-level point-and-shoot that has built-in image stabilization, a wide-angle lens, and plenty of digital video features. These are the kinds of features that you can’t take for granted when using digital cameras — buy this camera, especially if your budget allows. The Rebel XS is the entry-level point-and-shoot that is perfect for less serious photography enthusiasts and it’s also one of the smallest and lightest digital cameras Canon offers. If you want a camera that’s more versatile in terms of lenses, then the T3i is the right camera for you. It’s a great camera for the basics of digital photography: automatic adjustments, aperture, white balance, exposure, and so on. It’s also one of the smallest cameras that has digital video recording and Live View mode. The main downside to the T3i is that it’s a little more expensive than the T4i, making it just a few dollars too much for an entry-level camera for serious photography.

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Unlike Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is non-destructive. It does not overwrite your images, so you can go back to old versions or reload your old image multiple times and still get original edits. Powerful and Simplistic Photo editing features and options in Photoshop Elements are limited. You can only fill areas with a single color, crop areas, and rotate or flip images. However, they are still powerful enough to accomplish 90% of the same tasks you would use in Photoshop. Some limitations are: Layer effects in the palette will not work as they do in Photoshop. You cannot paste a graphic from another program into Photoshop Elements. You cannot use liquify in Photoshop Elements. Effects in the Magic Wand will not work as they do in Photoshop. You cannot use the Magic Wand to automatically delete things in a selection. You can use transparency for objects in Photoshop Elements. Although the features aren’t as robust, Photoshop Elements still has a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface. Let’s take a look at the most common commands you will use in Photoshop Elements: Basic Commands Select Commands Convert Commands Brush & Mask Commands Map & Layers Commands Select, Move, and Copy Commands Photoshop Elements can open all of the most popular image formats, including RAW files from a digital camera, and you can open and save the raw file formats yourself. Basic Commands You can control both brightness and contrast using a simple slider. You can bring brightness up to 100. If you keep brightness at 100, you can increase contrast using the Contrast slider. This will result in increased noise and less vivid colors. You can add fill colors to photos as fill areas of the image. You can delete objects. You can select objects by clicking on them, then hit Delete. To select an object and delete it all at once, use Select > Delete. You can drag and drop items on your image. You can create new layers. To create a new layer, select New from the Layers palette. Image Tools You can resize images by dragging the handles on the sides. You can zoom in on your image using the Zoom slider, as well as in the real world by zooming in with your mouse. To crop your image, you can drag the handles of the selection box to your desired 05a79cecff

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Environmentalists scoff at State of the Union WASHINGTON, D.C. — It was a day when scientists in the United States and the European Union were given a good reason to frown. On Tuesday, the chief executives of the world’s two largest economies agreed on a new set of greenhouse gas emissions targets. They were the first under a new international treaty that is intended to reduce carbon emissions by the year 2050 to a level that is “as low as possible” while respecting “agricultural, forestry and other biological diversity.” Proposed in December, the deal is the first step in what the United States, Canada and Mexico hope will be a widespread, multilateral treaty to curb global warming that would be decided after a review in 2015. The accord among the world’s major developing and industrialized nations was months in the making, and the United States and Europe began finalizing their commitments just last week. But Monday’s deal has already been hailed in Europe as a major victory, for the first time in more than a decade, in the “war on climate change.” “It’s a very big moment,” said Craig McLean, a spokesman for the World Wildlife Fund. “It’s just a question of when this new agreement will get ratified.” In Washington, though, the reaction was muted, and environmentalists who have watched the United States lagging behind other countries in the fight against climate change were left shaking their heads. “The head of state of the United States is coming out with a proposed agreement. It is still a proposal. It is like a rubber band. It is not signed,” said Jim Tozzi, senior vice president at the Environmental Defense Fund. “He is invited to make a case for this, and say this is the way to go.” In a nod to environmentalists, who have been critical of his administration’s record on climate change, President Barack Obama said he would make “full use” of a 2007 treaty on global warming signed by the United States, then be harsh on countries that fail to come forward with similar ambitions. “The nations that do not act will drown in a sea of rising tides, scorching temperatures, and deadly storms,” Obama said from the White House. The deal is also a significant statement to developing nations, as the United States and other industrialized nations agree to reduce emissions by about 20 percent by 2020. But environmental activists say the United States — despite promises to the contrary — is not doing nearly enough.

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It’s a tricky business editing photos. If you want to produce the best possible result, you need to know exactly what you’re doing and when. It can be a confusing field of editing, but it’s one that every enthusiast wants to get to grips with. To help get things off on the right foot, here are some common photo editing mistakes, and how to avoid them. If you’ve ever gotten a new camera or lens, you already know how hard it is to play catch-up. How do you figure out how to set up a new piece of gear? What level of photo editing should you start with? And if you’re shooting in RAW, what’s the best workflow for you? No matter what photographic style you shoot, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your photography. But you don’t need to invest in expensive high-end gear, upgrade to a “pro” Instagram account, or hire a personal photographer to show you how to get started. There are plenty of easy ways to create beautiful images, and even though you’re not shooting professionally, it’s worth spending a bit of time learning how to get the best out of your camera. If you shoot in the RAW format (also known as the DNG file format), you’re giving your digital camera a bit of extra power. RAW (or DNG) files allow your digital camera to save the data your sensor shot, and then you can spend your time in post-processing, rather than on the actual photo shooting. Have you ever wondered how a professional photographer edits a RAW file, or how a digital artist uses Photoshop to create some amazing artwork? In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how digital artists add textures to images. Editor’s note: This tutorial was originally published in 2017, and while the tool and techniques are still available for download, it is no longer supported by the program. We recommend checking out Pixlr as a replacement. Take a look back on our fun-filled family photo contest at In the Event, where this week we tackled the task of creating a fun montage of family photos and video. It took us four days, but we had a blast making this one and this one and this one. If you’re out and about shooting with your phone and it’s too dark to see your subject, you might be able to use some lighting effects

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Windows: Mac OS: Linux: Android: Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Switch: Playstation 4: Xbox One: Safari/Firefox: Google Chrome: This game supports Steam, GOG, and DRM-free games from the official Mega Drive Youtube channel. Development Progress: I’m making this Mega Drive Youtube channel as a personal project. For some reason, which I still don’t know, it has suddenly become popular in my country


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