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The aim of the project was to carry out research in Italy focusing on the relationship between racism and health and highlight its effects on ethnic minorities and on the Autonomous Province of Trento. Results highlight an alarming degree of ignorance of racism. The study also shows how racism is a widespread problem, cross-cutting issues like urbanity, education and health. The implementation of a multi-disciplinary approach, in the form of conferences and training sessions, was key in promoting awareness, and this approach and its results, reached both the minorities’ and the host countries’ communities. The projects conclusions can be applied in other geographical and cultural contexts, to contribute to fighting against racism.
Get more from the authorThe epidermal cell cycle in neoplasms.
Cell proliferation plays a key role in the development of many human tumours. Many theories have been advanced to explain the mechanisms that regulate the cell cycle, including the triggering of cell proliferation by growth factors, the control of cell division by cellular signals, and the intrinsic spatial and temporal control of the cell cycle. Elucidation of these mechanisms is the main focus of current research. Here we discuss our recent findings on the epidermal cell cycle in normal skin and in squamous and basal cell carcinomas.
Graceful Degradation Techniques – ingve


New features we’re seeing in Chrome, in particular, can
be fairly jarring to users

On a website I’m working on I’m currently using CSS3 gradients to create a
dynamic primary palette of hues, and for darker grey shades I’m applying the
same gradient over a second, linear gradient on top. When I first put it in I
overlooked that Chrome won’t render the linear gradient unless it’s absolute
positioned and right below the first one (which I of course thought I could
just add a z-index to).

So, in Chrome, any palettes with a grey gradient on top appear grey. I fixed
this by giving the gradient a non-zero z-index, and putting it on top of the
primary palette.

There were a couple reasons I picked the approach to
dealing with gradients in CSS. First, it’s one of the most underused CSS


EDH is not a very strong deck. The surprising part is that though it is mostly a creature deck, it has no creatures at all. cards, and by that I mean cards that focus on the usage of the cards. I could not believe that the only deck on the list that was a creature deck only had no creatures at all.
As an added bonus, every one of the 61$ I spent on a Pokemon TCG booster went to charity.
1/2 yellow mustard flowers; 1/2 white; 1/2 red; 1/2 French marigold flowers; 1/2 Evergreen Dragon’s blood (pink) flowers. I used a Z7000 to do the cut job, and the box came out amazingly.
crackmultiplayercallofduty417Role of CD133 and its ubiquitination in the tumorigenesis of oral cancer.
Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a high mortality disease and novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for OSCC are required urgently. The association of CD133 and CD133-mediated ubiquitination with the process of oncogenesis has not been systematically investigated. We first observed that the CD133 expression in oral cancer was significantly higher than that in normal oral mucosa (P


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