Create Charts In Adobe XD From CSV Using This Free Plugin ##VERIFIED##

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Create Charts In Adobe XD From CSV Using This Free Plugin ##VERIFIED##


Create Charts In Adobe XD From CSV Using This Free Plugin

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May 6, 2019 – see how to create charts in Adobe XD from CSV using a simple plugin. Use the XD plugin mentioned here to quickly create line, ring, and column .
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Charts in Adobe XD
Charts create a visually appealing way to represent data, and can be used to show trends, profit & loss, and create presentations. You can create charts with multiple lines, bezier curves, areas, and pie charts. Below is a brief guide to create charts in Adobe XD.

1. Create Chart In Adobe XD
To create a chart in Adobe XD, you must first create a symbol and then add the symbol to the artboard. Once you create the symbol, you can use the symbol to reference data in the artboard.

In the below example, we first create a symbol named chart by clicking the Create Symbol button on the bottom left of the Panel and naming the symbol chart. Once we create a symbol, we can drag the symbol onto the artboard to place it.

You can also use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+A to access the Create Symbol dialog box.

In the below example, we create a chart in the artboard by dragging the chart symbol onto the artboard. Then we start to populate data by clicking the Add Data button and choose CSV Data.

Once we get a CSV file, we can upload the file and let our app pick the data for us.

After we complete the upload process, we get a new data table. We can choose from different types of charts available in the data table. When we choose Column Chart, we get a column chart that looks like the below image.

Let’s place this chart in the artboard and see what other options we have.

Before we place the chart in the artboard, we can change the chart type by selecting more options. For example, we can change the chart type to Area Chart.

So we have a chart ready to place in the artboard. Now we can see the number of data points for each record in the data table.

Since we don’t need all the data points at one time, we can remove some of them. Then we can set the chart title and labels using the properties. To change the chart title, we can drag the title from the artboard and place it into the rectangle.

After we have changed the title, we can change the labels.

If we want to edit an existing chart, we need to select it first. We can select the chart by clicking on the chart and pressing ALT+LeftClick or by clicking on the small box in the top right of


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