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Similar to Task Manager, Daphne is a tool that can help you monitor and manage the currently running processes on the computer. It is designed while keeping the experienced user in mind. The interface of the app is familiar and intuitive. You can view a list of all processes which are currently running, along with their CPU usage, ID, path, owner, priority, class and memory usage. So, you can select any entry from the list and terminate its activity in four different modes – normally, 'politely' (without forcing the computer), at a specific time, or politely at a user-defined time. In addition, you can pause or stop a process, create a 'trap' for a process (e.g. set priority to low, unset on top), look up details online in the Daphne database, as well as view the computer uptime and overall CPU and memory usage, free memory, installed CPUs and number of running processes. The app can be enabled to stay on top of other windows. From the 'Settings' area, you can make Daphne automatically run at system startup, configure proxy settings, arrange the columns in the list, adjust the window transparency, create a trap and kill menu, enable the option to log a started and ended process, and others. Daphne requires low system resources, has a good response time, quickly terminates a process and worked smoothly during our tests. We have not come across any issues, since the app did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Due to its extra settings compared to Task Managers, advanced users should be thrilled with Daphne.







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Collector, this is a free and open source app that performs different actions depending on the inputs or outputs of the system you are using. The app provides an easy interface and a friendly design. Collector is a free and open source app. It consists of two components: the Collector or a process that changes the output of one or more source components on the system and the Indexer or another process that provides the status of the changes. If the output of your sources has changed since the last time it was indexed, you will be shown the modifications with a summary. You can also download the modified files and directories. Collector consists of two main applications: a source application and an Indexer. The sources are, for example, terminal emulators or text editors. The sources provide data to be indexed to the Indexer. The Indexer can be, for example, a cronjob that runs every minute. Collector Description: Breakout is a collection of utilities that are related to opening and launching applications. Each tool offers some extra functionality to the main app. Breakout Description: This app is my personal newbie. It was created for any IT professional to simply maintain the computer. The interface looks simple, and uses informative and friendly tooltips. There is a dropdown and a list of important icons on the left. A toolbar with common actions is visible above the icons. Settings help you customize the app: you can choose how often the app runs, how to sync your device with the cloud, how to view your activities, etc. Clicking on one of the helpful tooltips opens a new dialog. Depending on the operation that you perform, this app will save two kinds of things on the computer: – List of recently opened applications – the list of recently opened documents What is Special about this One-Time-Use app: After the download, this app automatically runs, and only you can access it. So, it is totally transparent, even to other people who are already using your computer. Pump is an application for managing the recycling and regular disposal of electronic and electrical waste. It facilitates waste disposal by separating electronic and electrical waste into different bins. The app categorizes all the waste based on its categories. The categories are based on the batteries used in the device. There are more than 200 different types of batteries used in different devices. The app uses different icons to 91bb86ccfa

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Please watch and rate this App. Daphne features ☉ can terminate a process with just the click of a button ☉ can trap an interrupted process ☉ can kill a process politely ☉ can monitor and manage the currently running processes ☉ can log started and ended processes ☉ can display the process status in the status bar ☉ has options to start a Daphne app at system startup ☉ has options to view the computer uptime and overall CPU and memory usage ☉ has options to create a trap or kill menu ☉ can view the browser history ☉ has an integrated web browser that does not require installation ☉ has an integrated internet search ☉ has a color picker ☉ can search for process location online ☉ has options to pause or stop a process and view details ☉ has options to change the column view ☉ has options to adjust the window transparency ☉ can set an application to always show on the desktop ☉ has options to set a computer to sleep mode ☉ has options to set a task bar icon ☉ has options to sort by a certain column ☉ auto-updates ☉ has a built-in web browser ☉ has an integrated web browser that does not require installation ☉ has an integrated internet search ☉ a chat feature ☉ has a log feature ☉ has a task manager ☉ has a process list ☉ has a start button ☉ has an option to disable its notifications ☉ has options to show window preferences ☉ has options to show items by column ☉ has a minimum and maximum memory settings ☉ has an option to set the wallpaper ☉ has options to skip opening a file dialog ☉ has options to lock the program ☉ has options to change the program’s icon ☉ has options to view the program’s computer uptime ☉ has options to minimize the program ☉ has an integrated file manager ☉ has a console ☉ has options to show the program’s notifications ☉ has options to hide notifications ☉ has options to turn off in-program help ☉ has options to display the program’s About dialog ☉ can search for installed applications ☉ has a file format converter ☉ has a built-in web browser ☉ has an integrated web browser that does

What’s New In Daphne?

Daphne is a task manager which runs on all major operating systems, including Win, Linux and Mac. The app is designed with the experienced user in mind. No matter if you are a newbie or professional user, Daphne is what you are looking for. Daphne Overview: Daphne is a useful program for monitoring and managing active processes. It is a new, quick and reliable way to terminate any process you want, no matter if it is a background process or is running on the computer itself. Daphne is a graphical application, so users with a less powerful computer (like most beginners) won’t have any difficulties working with it. Using Daphne is a simple process. You launch it, arrange the columns you want to see on the process list (CPU usage, ID, path, owner, priority, class and memory usage), then select the process you want to terminate. On the right side of the Daphne window, you can see the following buttons: Pause: the process can be paused, allowing you to work on other tasks. Stop: the process will be stopped immediately. Kill: the process will be terminated immediately. Detach: the process will be detached from your user account. When you return to your computer, the process won’t be open anymore. log start / log end: the process will be logged in a specified file. Monitor: the process will be monitored, allowing you to terminate it at a specific time or system reboot. Disk I/O: all I/O operations (all reads/writes) of the process will be logged (what matters). Task manager: the process will be monitored to avoid any problems with other running processes. Trap: create a trap for a running process. For example, let’s imagine we want to terminate the Notepad application. We click on the Processes tab and can see the following list: CPU Usage: CPU Usage is what we want to see on the screen. It shows the percentage of CPU usage of the active processes. To see CPU usage of an individual process, double-click on its line (in the Processes tab). ID: the Process ID is an identification number of a process. Path: the directory path of the process. Owner: the owner of the process is who launched it. Priority: the process priority tells the system what tasks should be performed first. Class: the process class relates to

System Requirements For Daphne:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) / Vista / 7 Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 2.8 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible graphics card DirectX®: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 1 GB available space Sound: Windows® Sound System Driver Connectivity: Full-speed Internet connection Additional Requirements: Recommended: OS: Windows


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