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100% Orange Juice is a strategy card game where you play as a cute little “trading helper” (or in the original Japanese “human broker”) that helps collect juice from stubbornly protesting orange groves. The game was a hit in Japan where it hit the ranks of top 100 titles, and is now also getting love from English fans on Steam! More playable characters, more stages, more insanity! Fully voiced, unique Hyper Cards The goal of the game is to collect fruit juice as you move across seven orange groves. Along the way, you will encounter the charmingly nutty, mischievous, and obstinate oranges that live there. Key Features 7 legendary orange groves to find and grow Work your way up and take over the groves! Special chapters offer various bonuses, like expanded story, new voices, and more! Friendly introductions to your new characters, Ellie and Lulu! Full 3-4 player co-op campaign featuring Ellie and Lulu In-game online co-op with up to 4 players Ellie & Lulu -the new playable characters System Requirements WINDOWS Mac OSX SteamOS + Linux Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i3-2310 (2GHz), or AMD Phenom X2/3 RAM: 4GB Graphics: ATI/AMD HD4000 series GPU or Nvidia G80 or higher HDD: 3.8GB Additional: Internet connection required Network Adapters: DVD (4x Max Recording Speed) Technology: DirectX 11, API: Xbox 360, Wii, GameCube, PSP, PS2 Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Controller Additional Notes: 100% Orange Juice is an 8-bit game. It includes an easy difficulty option in the form of a Hard difficulty. Please choose to play with Hard difficulty, if you would like to play more difficult. 100% Orange Juice will be released on Steam in Japan on August 31, 2014. 100% Orange Juice will be available as freeware for Windows and Mac OSX. Please visit the Steam store page to download for the English release. The final Easy difficulty comes with a new stage in the original Japanese version. Lulu is a monster. She floats and


Features Key:

  • Having light character is the best way to achieve your goal.
  • Original scenes make you experience the real punk war.
  • 30 characters on the battlefield, with 15 characters for light.
  • Extra species in the game, you can play alone.
  • Specials weapons at your service.
  • Different buildings for upgrading.
  • Unique city type all players have never seen before.
  • Easy progress training mode.
  • To fight the army of world domination with your friends.
  • Dozens of challenging and fun maps to have fun.


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Broken is an Adventure Puzzle game for the PS4. Find out what the island really is. …and who you are. A: The story is made up of a number of separate episodes. Each takes place in a different area of the island, and the areas will be reset after each episode. The main character is apparently a member of a military unit who has been sent to investigate a strange transmission. Broken runs on all platforms, and there are a number of different episodes. Right now there are a number of “free” episodes available, but some pay to play ones are also in the works. The Black Friday Gear Deals on Amazon begins October 26th! While supplies last. Follow the route to the online MEGA store here and use the code “HERO8”, for a 20% discount on your purchases. Check out all the gear items listed below for the lowest price. 1. Powermat PowerPack and PowerBank Powermat’s PowerPack and PowerBank feature 2700mAh and 9000mAh, respectively, and are compatible with both Apple and Android phones. There is a USB port in the PowerPack for charging, while the PowerBank features multiple ports for charging or connecting devices. 2. Bluetooth Sports Receiver with Charger Pack The Bluetooth Sports Receiver is a great sports device to receive notifications, track your stats, and potentially track goals. The Bluetooth Sports Receiver is controlled by an app, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The receiver has a built-in 6000mAh battery, so if your phone dies, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery either. There is a charging port, and this version of the receiver also has a charging clip. 3. The Insignia PDX2600 The Insignia PDX2600 is a Bluetooth headset compatible with both Apple and Android. There are 18 hours of battery life, and the headset is waterproof. This headset is excellent to use during bike rides or runs, since you don’t need to worry about an incoming call or text breaking through the water. 4. BeagleBone Black C2011 The BeagleBone is a small, low-cost single-board computer. It offers multiple c9d1549cdd


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The entire gameplay is played in a sandbox environment: there is no defined storyline, and the game progresses naturally according to the choices you make. The most important aspect of the game is the customization and the personalization of your restaurant. Each time you start the game, you are given a random set of ingredients and a random set of appliances in a random set of furniture, and you can customize it however you like by choosing a number of recipes, growing plants, and placing advertisements on the menus that tell the story of the restaurant. After you have successfully created and managed to operate your restaurant, you will face real players, and only the most awesome choices will be posted to the leaderboards. Game Price: $ 3.49 Change Log Developer : Cypress Cove Productions Category : Games Date Added : 2014-12-20 Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game (2014) was developed by Cypress Cove Productions and published by Kritiker. It was released on December 20th, 2014 and you can now get it directly from the developer for 3.49€ after a free trial period. Please see this description for more details. Disclaimer: All Games and Videos are from third party sellers. We do not host them or sell any games in our shop. Please contact the publisher directly for this game. Gameplay: The game was developed with Unity 3D engine for desktop computers. The game runs on mobile phone. The game is played with a mouse and keyboard. It uses Turn-based game system and real-time strategy. There is no ping pong or any tennis game like gameplay. Players get scores based on how well they play. There are some goals which a player has to accomplish in order to win the game. These goals are included in each scenario. There are some maps which are a bit short in terms of length. Hence there are only a few campaign modes available. The maps and scenarios are short and not very interesting. The maps are tiny and cannot be zoomed. Maps are not interconnected. There are no enemies and robots in the game. The campaign mode is not very attractive. The game looks prettier than it is. It is a graphical game and there is no sound in this game. Hence, graphics are not important. On the other hand the game has a nice portrait (drawn in a cartoon style) and a nice controller (hand designed). What’s New: Added the ability to choose


What’s new:

” If you are in an emergency situation, however, you could actually make it work by “bending the rules.” Consider these scenarios: TRICKS YOU CAN USE TO BEND THE RULES OF PUBLIC TOILET USE 1. First, use one hand and cover the screens with your shirt. 2. Next, use the cover of the truck cab of a moving truck to protect the screens. 3. Next, think backwards: use your spoon to eat a product called anti freeze and hide it on the screen (this trick will not work if the anti freeze turns into icicles on the screen, nor if the foam or spray sticks to the spoon). 4. Next, use a placemat to cover the restroom screens (but don’t wriggle around; get a flat crumpled placemat to stand on and drape it over the screens). 5. Next, use an umbrella to cover the screens (but only if you have one because it will fall apart in the rain). 6. If you are somewhere on an airplane in an emergency and you have to defecate, don’t fear, use the cord of a portable toilet because the whole thing should still be connected to the plane. 7. Last but not least, use a Scotch tape and a wad of Kleenex to protect the screens. So you have a bunch of Scotch tape and a bunch of Kleenex on the screen and no one will notice it. And, it doesn’t even have to be an emergency. In fact, most adults will probably still let you go if you have to use the toilet in public. So just make sure you are cautious with your Scotch tape and Kleenex. Sources: Mom on Proactiv (a great grocery store and small local pharmacy) and Consumer Reports. a lot of teams passed up on him. There was also a list of players whose future the front office expected to impact the locker room the most over the long haul: “As we look at the volume of veterans we have at various positions, we look across the league at these kinds of veteran leaders that impact the locker room, leaders that have won. We took [Lee] as a perfect example of that. Some of these other guys, I’m sure they come into consideration, but we just think there are things that we think you can�


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Nancy Fenner is a physics student who has a very peculiar interest in potions. One day she unlocks a portal to a parallel dimension that contains all the magical potion ingredients. She begins a journey of discovery that will involve the mysterious journey across the dimension and make her more humble and stronger. Features: – A truly unique Shadow Puppeteer game experience – Highly dynamic levels with special effects and boss battles – Globally unique VFX and lightening – Explore, investigate, fight and solve a curious story filled with puzzles and unexpected twists – Beautifully crafted levels with beautiful lighting effects, and other cool effects – Highly stylized animation with hand drawn levels – A relaxing soundtrack and soothing audio – Unlimited continues, no paid upgrades – FREE to play with no limitations – Supports Google Play Games What’s New: · Re-uploaded the game to Google Play Games. This gives more storage space for new updates and improvements.Q: How to use multiple CSS files with Polymer and Closure Compiler? I have the following in my index.html: components/edit.html has the following in it: #edit-form{ height: 200px; } And shared-styles has this: #edit-form{ height: 100px; } It compiles and runs fine (though the 100px height is really 200px). But it doesn’t compile using the Closure Compiler. How should I be structuring the components for the Closure Compiler? I’ve experimented with using shared-styles but this results in the 100px height being applied, but throws an error: Uncaught Error: Cannot mix incompatible properties: height and layout. I’ve also tried putting #edit-form in generic.html (and deleting the ID from the template for #edit-form in shared-styles). A: If you are using polymer, you can use the shared styles


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