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is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Fujiko F. Murai.
The series revolves around a group of Yamaha mechanics who have to confront a player named Hikaru Futaba, who is a ruthless and game-obsessed player. In the world of the game, Futaba is haunted by two names: Futaba-chan (Futaba Tenno) and Futaba-zushi (Futaba Futabe), who help him gain a new body in the game.
In 2016, an anime was filmed, created by director Kazuo Ikuhashi.According to the director, “Yamakashi” is one of his favorite projects.
It is generally accepted that the series is a typical representative of an anime series, where acting is a secondary task.
However, despite this, there are at least eight dozen actors in the series, and not all of them play minor roles.
In the second season, Rei Irie, Kazueshi Matani and Motoko Asahina joined the cast and did their job. Haruka Horie also appears in the series.
Separately, it is worth highlighting the main character – Hikaro Futabayami, under whose name we will be able to observe how human feelings with renewed vigor affect his behavior.
The characters are not young, and after watching the series, you will understand why. Movement, voice, facial expressions – all this can be felt by seeing Hikari Futabari in the series.
How is it possible to capture so many nasty characters like Futabara on screen? And what do you think? This is possible due to the dynamic plot and the very serious actions of the protagonist.
And also, his friend Minase Futabi is involved in the plot. And is he a good guy? 🙂
By the way, sometimes in the series you can see shots with blindfolds. Also, in addition to acting, in the picture you can find an art-house plot and a completely non-linear plot.
Some storylines, for example, with Futaba, are a kind of parody of famous manga in the world.
Table of contents:
Namida no Yami (Yamakushi Miami)
– the main character of the series, a schoolboy who lives with his mother, father and brother.
He is 30 years old.
The Son of Rich Parents Who




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