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– 10 unique puzzles, which have been built on the same concept and are all based on the theme of dream-like worlds.
– We have added new characters, locations and mechanics to the game.
– You will be able to get inside the dream, experience it’s magic and free yourself from it’s maze.
– You can use the game’s interactive elements to help you with the puzzles and its plot.
– You can solve its puzzles in a purely logical way or get the hints and complete the puzzles by using optical illusions.
– You have access to 10 unique puzzles, each of them having different mechanics and plot.
– 20 wonderful locations with original music, some of which are fully interactive.
– You can meet old and new friends and solve the puzzle.
– You can choose between 2 types of controls: “Classic” – available for novices, “Advanced” – available for more experienced players. They both give you a similar experience, but one is meant for players who want to become puzzle master and enjoy solving puzzles the “Classic” way.
– There is also an option to “interact” with the game to create new puzzles and meet new characters.
– The game is based on the story of the mysterious characters “The Glass Masquerades”
– You can also see the same artists who created stained glass art, the character design for this game is also based on their drawings.
About The Developer
I’m a developer with an interest in art and music, experience in web development, and love for everything artistic.
I’ve designed a series of puzzle and art games, all of them are freely available for your enjoyment.
I’m working on a follow up to Glass Masquerade for the Mac and Windows (and eventually Linux). It’s design and development will take some time.
I would like to announce that everything will be ready at the end of the year. 🙂
Here’s a photo with my glass art mentor – Dmitry Kosyrin.
See Also
Glass Masquerade
Glass Masquerade Part 1
Glass Masquerade 1
Contact Me
If you want to ask anything, or just find out more about the game, feel free to contact me. If you’re interested in the soundtrack, you can buy it here: If you’re interested in the Art Gallery, you can find it here:


Duped Features Key:

  • HDR 420 Quality Settings, BDR
  • 16+ visual effects that streamline graphics, realistic lighting, fog, model from Vertigo, silky reflections
  • New BladeStump – easier dynamics in the game, built for movement HD, smoothly controls, best assets

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LOW-FI – Low FPS Game Key features:

  • HDR 1080 Quality Settings, BDR
  • 16+ visual effects that streamline graphics, realistic lighting, fog, model from Vertigo, silky reflections
  • New BladeStump – easier dynamics in the game, built for movement HD, smoothly controls, best assets


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The incredible stunt driving experience The Ball continues and the all-new cars, locations, characters and faces are on their way!
Welcome to New York, Rome, Miami and Lisbon, where the action doesn’t stop. Two new cars, a new sound track, and new places to drive: now with more locations than ever before.
Meet the new faces of The Ball. The new characters cover a wide variety of key locations and scenarios and together they make The Ball more memorable than ever before.
NEW CARS: the new F3 and F5 from The Ball game are joined by a new car from the American revival of the show – the Ford Mustang.

As a fan of racing games I purchased this game at a ridiculously low price on the release day. This is a quick game, nothing to get in the way. Its a great racer in the vein of Burnout or Need for Speed. It offers an authentic ‘driving experience’ just like a real race car. The cars and scenery are just breathtaking. The stunt-driving is nice, but you wont get hurt or thrown out of the car. You’ll want to slow down at times and drift. There’s more than enough action in the stadium-sized races. There are some small issues, but in the end, it’s an incredibly fun and smooth racing experience with great graphics. This was definitely the best purchase I made for this year, and definitely well worth it.

I just got this game yesterday. I’ve beaten this game 6 times now and I can honestly say it’s my favorite racing game ever. The tracks are beautiful, fast, and honestly, way better than any game I’ve played in the past. You can keep up with the other cars, drift through the turns, and it takes place in all sorts of crazy locations. I don’t have any complaints about this game, which is rare in my book.

Buy it. Now. This game has already been on my wishlist for a very long time. I think it may be the best racing game in the history of gaming. It not only looks the part but it’s also one hell of a fun game to play. Absolutely love how well it’s put together. One of the greatest games on PSN.

The Ball is the best racing game that has ever hit the Playstation Network. You can race in all four locations but you can choose a cars spec or from a selection or you can go for the bronze or silver. There are four cars to


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You must watch all the chapter files with these name:
01. Chapter1
02. Chapter2
03. Chapter3
04. Chapter4
05. Chapter5
06. Chapter6
07. Chapter7
08. Chapter8
09. Chapter9
10. Chapter10
11. Chapter11
12. Chapter12
13. Chapter13
14. Chapter14
15. Chapter15
16. Chapter16
17. Chapter17

This game is offline free, no payments, no log in required, just enjoy yourself!
The game is played in a one on one match, you control one character while the enemy tries to kill you.
You are the one of the “Lucky 7” characters, in the Full adventure version.
You can get the game running on PC, Xbox360, and Playstation3, without having to buy them.



Play with any controller: XBox360 pad, Dpad (sticks), or cross button.
Use the mouse as the Dpad, and press the cross button to scroll up and down.
Remember to use the shoulder buttons, not the face buttons, as your PS3 pad will not remember the correct button mappings.

Input modifier:

Keyboard only: Hold Ctrl to toggle between Dpad and Mouse,
Hold the mouse button to switch control to the mouse.

Input modifier:

On a mouse, there is an option in the mouse settings, its called “Disabled Mouse Key”.
You must set this to Switch Control to Mouse and Control to Dpad.
This way you can use the Left and Right Mouse buttons to control the controls of the character you are playing as.


You will be able to craft items, even if you cannot draw.

Well, you are not limited to only crafting, you can buy, and sell items.

The items you create will be shown on the “Crafted” list.

You can see the details about the items on the “Crafted” list by pressing Shift+F6.

The items you craft will be “off” and will not be visible on the “Crafted” list.

You can delete items you craft by pressing Shift+F6, or by pressing F3.

“Crafted” will update in real time, as long as you have ingredients with an inventory item.


What’s new in Duped:


I originally wrote this article for my own site. I thought I’d cross-post on and on the interwebs as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“Your whole body is a wad of melted butter. It’s good!” I remember my grandfather telling me that one morning when I was young, and I’d been in the bathroom for a long time after a night of drinking and partying. I just don’t look like a butterball. More like an orange in a yellow sweater. I’m not overweight, but I do walk around the house a bit “propped up” but I don’t drink much and don’t care to have much. I eat pretty healthy, but I do care a bit about that.

My grandfather was the biggest meat-eater my grandmother had ever met. So much so that he couldn’t eat at his own mother’s funeral. But I did notice one thing when I was a kid, he was a pretty skinny old chap. He could eat 3 or 4 hen’s eggs, 2 huge deep-fried hotdogs and a huge plate of fried chicken for dinner, and only throw up once, I’ve never seen him throw up. He’d break out in a sweat after, but nothing like throwing up.

He’d drink several Lattes a day and he could hardly walk anymore by the time he was in his 60’s.

Back when I was in my early 20’s he developed some intestinal problems. He had a hemorrhoidectomy. And he looked like he’d been strangled by some giant boa. My uncle decided he should see the doctor about his intestinal problem.

He didn’t even mention eating or drinking, he just mentioned he had pain in his lower left abdomen and some sort of “nightmare”.

The doctor decided it wasn’t a recurrence of the hemorrhoid problem, and there was nothing he could do. So he sent him home.

Well the same night as he was getting his belly drained, they brought him back at midnight so he could “be monitored.”

The doctor had no idea what had been done to his patient. He’d given him morphine, but he couldn’t give him any kind of sedative to make the patient sleep. He tried to keep the patient awake with something else like Tylenol. But he’d try to prop him up with anything he could find and give


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The world of the dead is one where the Vexush, a powerful being, reigns. It plagues the whole land. When suddenly this mighty one crumbles to dust, leaving only remains for a fierce war to be fought between the two great factions in the world of the dead: the Royal Blood and their allies in the Winged Blood and the Bluebloods, powerful warriors ready to fight until the very last fight to rise again as gods.

Stand in their place in this action-packed RPG, choose your classes, upgrade and combine your weapons, increase your skills and unleash epic boss fights with your allies. With a variety of quests and a huge open world, experience never feels the same.

The game takes place over four main areas:
The Fractal Hills, a flat expanse of land where the Royal Blood runs their empires and where the royal towers of the Bluebloods rise over the grasslands;
The Crags, a land of mountains and deep valleys, where two factions battle to control the factions.
The Deadfire Archipelago, a tropical paradise inhabited by pirates and dragons. A place where two factions also battle to occupy the isles.
The Bright Sea, where the Royal Blood hold the floating city of Abros and the Bluebloods lay claim to lands in the sky.
About Deadfire:

8/10 – GameZebo
“Deadfire is an amazing title by far, especially if you love action RPG. It’s quite straightforward, but you’ll be amazed by the story and the end-game.”
8/10 – Gamespot
Deadfire is an excellent clone to the classic series with fast paced action, lots of plot twists and action scenes. It has a good replay value and the game can be played solo or online as a team, as well as in coop mode.
8/10 – Eurogamer
“Deadfire is an action RPG that stands out. There’s a lot to be said for a game that is so committed to presenting an alternate narrative of good versus evil within the confines of a single game.”
8/10 – GameSpot

Embark on a campaign of adventure, finding and using the powerful magic of the world to vanquish the Vexush and save your world!
Unlock and upgrade 30 different skills as you build your character’s fighting capability.
Use a new special attack called Flash Lancing to cut enemies in


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    Trying to migrate backend code from Parse to Google Cloud App Engine

    i am working on a map application and want to start a new project but need help since im a beginner. I want to migrate my back-end code to Google cloud, i have done similar codes and hosted them online before but this time i need to make that code available not just like online.
    I also need to migrate my google app engine but i am a bit lost on which classes and packages i need to be able to use.
    The only thing i have read is the tutorial below but i know its not enough since i just gave up on my first attempt:


    A good place to start would be to look at the docs on app engine.

    From the site;

    You will need:
    A running development server on localhost. A running development server on your app’s addressable URL.

    You will also need to have Python installed.
    It’s best to start small. One of your first tasks should be to get an existing project running on google app engine in python.

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    System Requirements:

    Genre: Shoot ’em up
    Storyline: The year is 2134. On the planetoid Phoenix, in the year B.A. (Before Accident), an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet. After the asteroid takes a critical hit, the planet is about to be destroyed. Many years later, on an orbiting space station, the people involved in the process meet for the first time. But the story begins here and now. The soldiers of the “Phoenix Force” are all survivors of the 2134 B.A. Accident.


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