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• New and exciting, the Tarnished Elden Ring game is the evolution of an action RPG, and a welcome return to the classic fantasy genre.
• As an online game, it can be played seamlessly with others anywhere, at any time, without the worry of delays due to hardware limitations.
• It has a variety of strong points, such as the ability to freely develop a character based on his or her own play style, and dynamic battles in which players can seamlessly switch between a defensive and offensive stance.
• Its strategic MMORPG elements keep a high-speed pace throughout the various systems, resulting in a breathtaking experience.
• You can enjoy an online drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
• An easy-to-learn controller enables simple gameplay even in the beginning of the game.
• An exciting story of fantasy. Based on The Elder Scrolls Online, it offers a rich and complex story that gives a real sense of belonging in a vast fantasy world.
• A character-rich online game in which you can combine a variety of weapons and magic.
• The Elden Ring website is a comprehensive site for the game, including helpful guides and an FAQ. (Included in game data.)
• An FAQ, “What is Elden Ring?”, guides you through basic game information, explains the game system in detail, and describes the various settings. (Included in game data.)
• If you have any questions regarding the game, you can visit the official site and receive detailed instructions.
* If you have any questions about the game, contact the Elden Ring website at [email protected]Various prior art devices have been developed for operation by either left or right handed users. For example, with respect to such devices as cameras, it is desirable to be able to change the orientation of the camera by operation of the usual A-B wind-up switch to facilitate manipulation of the apparatus or photograph. The user must remember to rewind the switch after the camera is reoriented to obtain the desired orientation, or use a visual indication to alert the user of the desired orientation. This is often difficult, since the visual indication of orientation (which may be the means for orienting) is generally behind the handle of the apparatus itself. It is also difficult to determine the orientation of such device when the device is being stored.


Features Key:

  • An epic story that combines the elements of medieval fantasy and film noir
  • Awkward conversations that delver into developing your character
  • A sword wielded by a character with his dead mother’s soul
  • A holy weapon capable of releasing the apparitions of your dead friends
  • Delve a deep network of online connected players who will travel with you
  • A high sense of challenge that requires a strategic mind to win
  • A wide variety of exciting skills that will never leave you envious of your fellow players
  • An epic narration that fills you with unbelievable emotions, bringing on “that feeling” in line with the deepening of the story
  • An ordinary game, yet an exciting, intense, and dramatic story that allows you to feel something about yourself
  • More, more than 5000 voice lines
  • More, more than 2000 background music pieces
  • Graphical images with a unique atmosphere, and a striking picture to help you develop your own character
  • A soundtrack that allows you to imagine yourself surrounded by all the unique emotions that fill the world of the game
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    18th News: Tomb of the Serpent


    As the production schedule progresses, Tarnished, Rise of the Elden King, and the Elden Ring Torrent Download is also progressing, please check out the progress of Tomb of the Serpent as well. The details will be disclosed at a later date.

    Re: Tomb of the Serpent


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    Elden Ring Shop


    The best place to shop for Elden Ring, Tarnished, Rise of the Elden King and The Elden Ring have been updated.

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    The League of the Elden Ring


    Elden Ring offers promotion details regarding the Oath of the Elden.

    Please visit the following page to confirm the details.

    Oath of the Elden — Promotion Details

    Seasons Bring Hope and Peace


    This is the latest update on the upcoming second season of The Elden Ring.

    Please check out the details for this update below.

    1) The newest development on The Elden Ring — Season Two.

    The new season is currently in development. In the near future, we will start recruiting new voices for the game, and we will be releasing a long introduction video.

    2) Updates to the existing information.

    Regarding comments from players, we received lots of feedback from players regarding the continued development of The Elden Ring. In this update, we will be providing the details.


    Elden Ring [32|64bit] [March-2022]

    The Hero and other player’s characters take turns with each other in an alternating order.

    What is the game about?
    It is the action RPG that will immerse you in exciting battles with open field battles, powerful monsters, and thrilling battles.
    A young apprentice’s journey. You are an apprentice who has brought to life the world of the Elden Ring, where magic flows like water.
    You grow up and become an apprentice of the Elden Ring. Your goals in life are simple; you desire to become a valiant and dauntless adventurer.
    In this era where magic has been spread throughout the entire world, the Elden Ring is dedicated to the dream of unifying the world. But one young man, a young apprentice who was raised by the Elden Ring, seeks to use the flow of magic to betray them. This young man has a deep, dark, and tragic past.
    However, through the power of the Elden Ring, the young man changes. This is an action RPG where you try to find the meaning to life, and to fulfill your destiny.
    You can play the game by yourself, or fight with up to two players in multiplayer. You can even fight cooperatively, and enjoy the deep bond between you and your allies.

    [A primal dragon that was woken up by a shard of the Orichalcum.]

    Tarnished, the dragon, is an evil dragon that destroys the lands. When you meet him, he shows no signs of kindness or kindness, but instead fights with a frightening hostility. He takes great pleasure in battling the humans. However, in the heat of the battle, in which he aims to defeat your party, he can be defeated with a battle chant or an arrow from a bow.
    In the world of the Elden Ring, you can grow and obtain new techniques and equipment. This game uses multiple skills to change and gradually enhance the functionality of equipment over the course of time. By regularly upgrading equipment that has leveled up, you can increase the number of times you use an equipment.
    [You can use 3 types of spells: Shield, Shock and Heal, etc. Each spell has 2 levels.
    [Each weapon has 4 weapon types.]
    [You can increase the attributes of your character with a spell scroll.]
    [You can upgrade weapons and armor, and use additional equipment.]
    1 of 3


    What’s new:



    From the lands beyond, the order designated hero comes forth to accompany the Earth in the war against the Demon Lord that has spread over the land. In addition to battling, the player is reborn as a death god, a black carriage holder, and a ruler that plays as the stage and battlefield, and leads the opposing armies to glory, glory, glory!


    A fighter that battles in the battlefield, arrives alone in the game, and rolls out in the beginning and ends single combat. More than twenty skills allowed, equipped skill after equipping will be automatically cast upon a finishing move.


    The quest to navigate the galaxy will be full of unexpected events and new challenges. In addition to the mass battles, you will seek quests, receive an item, speak with people, and go through a series of stories and scenes. Then carry out the order and travel through the Lands Between with the other mercenary lords.



    Strength is your melee attack. With enough strength, you can break through enemies that is hindering your attack. Other than the strength you possess and used, you can use spells and weapons. Each type of attack has both strength and range. The more levels you


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    Please read the End User Licence Agreement before you use the game.

    • Key is based on region.No region restriction.

    • The game can be bought and owned by anyone under any major country legislation and local legislation

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    ***The Land Between Chapters 1 – 3 are out!!



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Before you proceed with installation of this app. It is always good to make sure whether your device meets the minimum system requirements or not.
    Every smartphone today is equipped with powerful processors that can ensure that most applications installed in their devices are easily compatible with the device. Before you download or install any app, make sure that the device you are using meets the required processor in that.
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