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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 9292 votes )
Update (9 days ago)




The game features vivid graphics with a unique 3D field. It lets you enter the three-dimensional world of the Lands Between as you enjoy the drama of a story that is continuously updated.


Enter a vast world

Witness the battle between the Patriots and the Braves. Struggle for the Lands Between.

You will be able to fight for a cause.

Attack your opponents in order to gain influence.

Fight against your opponents and be guided by grace.

Manipulate the Laws of Nature

By combining three Laws, you can use the Laws of Nature to achieve effects such as attracting weapons, summoning monsters, increasing the size of a map, etc.

You can gather three Laws to create the Sun, Moon, and Divine Laws and use the three Laws to manipulate the Laws of Nature.

Enjoy a realistic world

Witness the life of a knight.

Your life is completely affected by the Law of Nature.

Experience the drama of a hero.

The second volume contains 6 episodes.

Episode 1: Patience

Episode 2: Balance

Episode 3: Destiny

Episode 4: Black Dagger

Episode 5: Legend

Episode 6: Prelude

Episode 7: The Wraith

Episode 8: The Gauntlet

Episode 9: Mystery

Episode 10: The Dark Secret

Episode 11: Southland

Episode 12: Village

Episode 13: Knight

Episode 14: Amulets

Episode 15: Rulers

Episode 16: Global Chaos

Episode 17: A Fight for the Crown

Episode 18: Onslaught

Episode 19: The Battle of the Battlefield

Episode 20: Aftermath

Episode 21: The Birth of the Lost Scion

Episode 22: Awakening

Episode 23: The End of the Beginning

Episode 24: Origin

Episode 25: Ends of the Ring

Episode 26: The Lost Scion

Episode 27: Resting in Peace

Episode 28: The King’s Resolve

DIFFICULTY: The difficulty of the game is set to Normal, or Easy.

On Story Difficulty: Easy and Hard

On Character Relationship Difficulty: Normal

On Character Difficulty: Easy and Hard

On the Demon Difficulty: Easy and Hard

On the Law of Nature Difficulty: Easy and Hard

On the Bell Difficulty: Easy and Hard


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 9292 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Play the game in a disconnected mode
    While playing in offline, you can freely roam around the Lands Between while enjoying an entertaining game.
    • Ranked Online Play
      You and your friends can compete in a ranked mode under closed conditions. Earn rewards at the same points as in the ranked mode of Dark Savant to get your rank up.
    • Byword and Dialogue System
      When in an online game, you can read byword that other players send to you or comment on in a dialogue box. Byword and Dialogue System are a new addition to the online game provided by WB Games.
    • Cloud Save Supported!
      Thundering Run and its online mode is FULLY supported on the cloud server. Therefore, even if you quit your game during online play, when you start again the game can continue the saved game in the cloud.

    Praise for Thundering Run:

    “Thundering Run should be everyone’s new fantasy adventure game. It’s easy to get lost in, the characters are like real, relatable protagonists, and each area is enormous.”—Gamediscovery

    “Thundering Run takes on the fantasy genre in a big way. Truly memorable characters are a bold move that does not always lead to a coherent story…
    But the emphasis on action lends itself well to the title.”—AndroidWeekly


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    ● 2-4 players

    ● Single-player and 2-4 players

    ● Asynchronous online play

    ● Local and network play

    ● Real-time PvP

    ● Rounded [1.0-1.1]

    ● 3D real-time graphics

    ● Maps Players can go to each other’s villages in the multiplayer mode, and look for monsters, quests, or trade.

    ● Navigation-based dungeon

    ● A large number of dungeons

    ● Several kinds of quests

    ● In addition to being able to create a new character in the other party, each character can be equipped with whatever item they like or a weapon or armor that suits their play style

    ● Up to 3rd Rank Spell Book

    ● Even the lowest rank can be leveled up to the 5th Rank with a fast leveling speed.

    Play Style

    ● Have fun exploring the vast world around you

    ● You can select or create your own character, and you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic that you equip

    ● You can change the class of each character, but the class that’s equipped will determine your play style. If you have more experience, you can increase the magic power of your class more quickly.

    ● You can sell your equipment, including weapons, armor, and magic you have equipped and have a house where you can acquire new equipment.

    ● You can customize the appearance of your character.

    ● There are many monsters, and the monsters that attack frequently are the level that corresponds to your own level. As you level up, you can strengthen your attack power.

    ● For example, if you develop your attack power as a ‘warrior’, you can combine the warrior class with the magic power of your class to be a ‘warrior mage’.

    ● You can attack an enemy every time you hold the right key

    ● Enemies have special skills, such as:

    ○ Counterattack when you attack

    ○ Use of the Reflection Skill

    ○ Attack power increases as you defeat enemies

    ○ You can destroy items that have a low durability or a low capacity

    ○ Enemies can come with a group

    ○ Enemies have a special attack when attacked

    * You can see the attack power of the enemy using a bar at the bottom

    Adventure Mode Quests Dungeons There are 14 kinds of dungeons in all


    What’s new:

    >11A SiN Episodes Tags
    PC gamesahasjepsiHMMoshie – WOSOMU
    Sun, 03 Dec 2013 22:19:23 +0000spider-squid/wosomu167487SPIDER SQUID is the very first fully realized PSN Exclusive MOD for Destiny of an Angel Kingdom. The game is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action game with a curious mix of mini games. There’s room for all types from stealth to blaster aiming or even instant action zombie brawls.
    Highlights include;
    – Steam Achievements
    – An all new combat system with over 30 types of melee attacks and systems for how to move and control your character.
    – A unique combat system that replaces Pac-Man & Galaga’s clock system with ASI-SASI-SASSI-SASI-SAY
    – Action packed combat system that allows you to do basically anything to your enemies
    – Fast paced combat system with 7 player battles
    – Fully customizable character classes and ABILITIES, killing without slowing down, drawing a breath, never going on a suicide or charge attack, and lots of other fun stuff.
    – A battle style wherein both the town and the boss/boss fight are the weapons (beginner difficulty)
    – Light-hearted and humorous story with creepy and silly dialog and a lovely and mysterious atmosphere
    – PSN EXCLUSIVE MULTIPLAYER mode where there is no limit on the number of players. Any number can play, and all can attack together.
    – Full 20 hours of story content and 12 boss battles made exclusively for PSN by our very own, wosomu.
    – Mission menu with missions that take place in the world, both side stories and the main story missions
    – Special SSSS Titles that were made for this game by wosomu
    – Steam cloud save support: also save between the game changes
    – Compatible with any release of Destiny of an Angel Kingdom. Have fun maaaan!!!


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