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■ Features

● A Fantasy Action RPG with a Unique Online Component

It is a fantasy action RPG with a character-driven story that takes place in the Land Between, a land full of exciting and unique battles, where you wield the power of a legendary hero. The Darnassus is the heart of the world, a massive city where imposing Elden lords live. Players will challenge fearsome Dungeons, forge powerful equipment, and develop their characters into heroes.

● Multiple Ways to Play

As you play, your character will face a living, evolving world with deep relationships with characters you’ll meet. You can follow the story or fend off challenging battles.

● Dynamic World and Lightweight Battles

The Lands Between, a world full of exciting and unique situations and massive dungeons, unfolds in real time. It is filled with intense battles where players can combine various attacks to duke it out with the enemy.

● Character Costume and Armor Crafting

Depending on your character’s level, you will be able to craft powerful equipment and even learn new skills to enhance your fighting skills.

● A Rich and Attractive Graphics with a Fantasy Setting

The world of the Lands Between is rich in theme and deeply detailed, and each dungeon has three-dimensional graphics.

● A Unique Story with Amazing Characters

From the merchants and dungeon delvers who visit Darnassus to the Elden lords and legendary heroes of the world, each of the characters you meet will have their own personality, and the story will keep unfolding as you play.

● Add-On Content with Various Playability

In a variety of play modes, you can fight against monsters, learn new skills, strengthen equipment, and more. At your discretion, you can also enter dungeons and battle opponents in exchange for valuable items.

● Dynamic Multiplayer Online Mode

Online mode will allow you to interact with up to 16 players. Your various actions and experiences can be shared via the various components of the online mode.


■ Detailed Information

1. Features

■ Characters

– The hunter Tarnished, another hunter, the red-clothed blue-haired woman, the skilled warrior, and the fearless lady of the house. Tarnished’s new equipments have been forged, and she has three new learnable skills.

■ Dungeons

– A Graveyard, where


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Surgery Completely Changed
    You are reborn into a new body. Your original body is discarded and a new body is created for you.
    The Elden Ring determines the god of the new body that has been created for you. The god of the body to which you currently belong will be removed and attached to the god of the new body. The god before the surgery is determined as…the god of the new body that has been selected, and a different god will be selected.

    • Originally, the original body has a god different from the one of the new body. It is possible that you have a god that will be removed and customized, and that the god of your current body is removed. As a result, you will have no god. This has not been set in stone but might have several interpretations.
      If your current god is removed, you can change it to a new god with a mission.

    • If the god of the original body is removed by surgery, you can choose a
      different god of the new body.
  • Elden Ring and Party System
    There is a variety of quests with characteristic situations to overcome. You can always level up, use leveled up rewards as treasure, and discover more about the Lands Between by coordinating with other characters. A greater number of companions makes the story more exciting and vivid.

  • Easy to Learn
    There are a variety of quests and situations that require abilities higher than those of a beginners. A detailed tutorial section will explain the fundamentals to you.

  • Compatible with mobile devices
    The game can be played on mobile devices through Gystion Titre. Also, character data and items data can be shared within a network, and thus it is possible to see how a character that is not present is dealing with situations without running the risk of being in a dead end.

    Expert Play

    • Superceding Your Opposition
      Unlike traditional RPGs where your score is the sum of your own quantity of points, the order of battle, quests, and victory points of the


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      Elden Ring is a trademark or registered trademark of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.Q:

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      − a Versus Multiplayer RPG

      The player can freely choose the party leader from among three characters that are assembled. You can freely select, during the battle, the character that you want to use. In addition to gathering a party, you can also select the party leader, so the game lets you enjoy game play from different angles.

      − A New Experience

      The seven characters of the battles in the game are beautifully drawn with a tonal expression and are highly detailed. For example, you will not find an image like these in other fantasy games.

      * You can also switch between characters seamlessly by tapping on the screen. By pairing them, your gameplay will become more dynamic.

      There are many situations in this fantasy game, and they are brought to life in ways that cannot be seen in other games. What will you do?

      * Highly Designed Scenery

      The countryside will have a variety of colors, and the details inside will have a sense of depth. You will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty of this world.

      * When you enter a dungeon, a detailed map will appear.

      In a place that lacks a sense of direction, the direction of the quest is made clear.

      THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      Who is Tarnished

      (After the Battle)

      Tarnished is an archeologist that lost her memory. Only by gathering her past memories through her interaction with the world, she can increase her ability.

      HISAND, the deity of the golden light. He is the core of this light, and the one that wields magic. By approaching and acting upon HIM through light magic, you can pass through both the physical and the spiritual world.

      The Six Spiritual Elements

      By fully utilizing the spiritual power that is obtained when you pass through the Spiritual World, the souls of the dead will be reborn by joining the Six Spiritual Elements. It is possible to bear different levels of protection for yourself and others by differentiating the Spiritual Element to which your soul belongs. The Six Spiritual Elements are, from left to right, the Purple Element, the Green Element, the Red Element, the Yellow Element, the Blue Element, and the White Element. If you select a particular element as your spiritual element, it will protect you from a specific


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      ● Premium Content and Clearer Experience
      We’ll provide premium content and a clearer gameplay experience than the traditional Korean formula.
      ● Clear limitation of the game
      Only a limited number of the land will be available for you to explore, in addition, there are a variety of skills and treasure that you can gather.
      ● Easy to get into and play over time
      You can get a feel for the all-new action RPG with easy leveling up and never ending attractions.
      ● Powerful gameplay
      Despite being only a browser game, action RPG requires a strong grasp of physics, including light and shadow, and many other elements.
      ● Evocative story
      You will encounter powerful beings alongside the story of a new fantasy act.


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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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      • Open the folder and then open the cracked folder
    • If you get “Wrong” Usage rights,you need to re-install the game.Try unistall the game > install the game again
    • Change Configurations.
      • in the Taskbar,type config in the search bar and find Configure
      • Select Console and then enter “FullProfile” without the quotations.
        Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + F4 to enter the game with ‘Configure.’ and run the profile in the taskbar.
    • Enjoy the game! Enjoy the game.

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    Elden Ring (2010) Chat | A fun MMORPG that has became classics within the



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

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