Entwined: Strings Of Deception Trainer 🧨

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This game was made for my own entertainment. That is why it is not perfect and has bugs. If you want to find fixes and bug fixes go to the issues page. We will update the game regularly if there is a demand for it.
Thanks for playing and reading!
Segway GAMES is a small, team-based indie game studio located in Lithuania.
For work, we create fun, innovative, unique and beautiful games. Our motto is “If it’s cool, then it’s SEGWAY GAMES!The present invention relates to a flame-retardant composition. More particularly, the invention relates to a flame-retardant composition which effectively prevents the occurrence of fire or smokes as caused by abnormal combustion and which provides flame-retardant materials of excellent mechanical strength. The present invention also relates to flame-retardant materials which are obtained from the compositions.
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In the case of polypropylene, the risk of fire may be remarkably reduced by limiting the use thereof to a


Entwined: Strings Of Deception Features Key:

  • CubeSpace:3-dimension spacescape game for Kermode customers.
    • CubeSpace Linux
    • Play CubeSpace
  • iSpace Web Studio:
  • CaseJelly: easy game programming with 3D interface to build
    spacescape game, tutorial available in:
  • iSpace Game Development Kit: to create game Kermode
    customers can use CubeSpace, and iSpace customers can use CaseJelly.

  • iSpace Game Programming Guide: this tutorial introduce how to write Cubespace code, you can find more in:
  • iSpace Game Programming Store: Free and Paid Game templates:
  • Only download package. Download whole computer,
    all the dependencies can be found!