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This article introduces key improvements found in the FIFA Ultimate Team and Live Loan options, the new cross-play feature, as well as new cards and pack cards.

In-Depth Look at New Player Movements and GK Controllers for FIFA 22

FIFA 22 introduces special Augmented Reality (AR) cards which will be shown to the player in the preparation room just before their debut. These cards provide additional bonuses for the new user during the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team

This year sees a new cards added to the FIFA Ultimate Team. These new cards are called AR cards. These cards are made with additional data that are added to create the cards.

AR cards can be added to your Ultimate Team in the preparation room before you begin using them in-game. You will be shown an AR card image on the loading screen as a reminder before using an AR card. AR cards can also be purchased in-game using real money from the in-game shop. AR cards can be used in every game mode you play in FIFA Ultimate Team.

You can find all new FIFA Ultimate Team cards in FIFA Ultimate Team right now.

Goalkeeper Augmented Reality Cards

Goalkeeper Augmented Reality cards replace a card in Ultimate Team’s goalkeeper lineup. Goalkeepers are a key component of Ultimate Team, so these AR cards will only be seen by goalkeepers. While a number of cards in Ultimate Team are limited to single players, these AR cards are available to all goalkeepers.

These cards will show the goalkeeper the exact position of the ball in the air and on the ground. The AR cards will also inform the goalkeeper of the distance they need to be placed to the ball to prevent an assist.

We have included two AR cards in FIFA 22.

AR 1

We have gone for a realistic, cinematic feel for this card. It shows the goalkeeper an image of the ball at the back post and a realistic representation of the crossbar to show where the goalkeeper should place his hands to block the ball.

The card also shows the exact area of the defender’s foot to make contact with the ball. With this image as a guide, the goalkeeper can begin placing his hands to block the ball.

AR 2

This card is an example of an end of the game AR card with a 3D visualisation of the ball being cleared from the box, and the goalkeeper scuttling forward to make a late clearance


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Brand-new FIFA franchise mode where you can build your dream team and take on your friends and challengers to become king of the pitch.
  • Live out your dream as a player, manager or agent in stunning game physics and world-class player intelligence.
  • Multiplayer, which includes the return of classic modes – Exhibition, Championship, Last Chance Qualifier
  • New game modes such as Big Time Rush and Knockout tournaments
  • New Commentary technology that allows you to dynamically change the commentator and singer on the fly so that you can have your ideal commentary all in one moment, with the ability to mute game play to listen to him.
  • Blu-ray sports photography and remastered audio and 5.1 surround sound
  • PES Master Agents return including the ability to build your own team from scratch
  • Brand-new skills system that focuses on developing what you do best on the pitch and will allow you to take your gameplay to new heights
  • Ability to create your own kits and balls, once you have made your line-up, and test them in-game
  • Suits and equipment evolve with seasons creating more variety and realistic gameplay.
  • Coverage of 2018 FIFA World Cup final, Qatar.
  • New localisation by worldwide gamers.
  • New in-game QuickMatch, Draft and Co-Op modes.
  • Brand new ‘Impress Me’ mini-games throughout the game.


Fifa 22

FIFA is the biggest football video game on Xbox One and PlayStation4. This game is a game of football and is set in the beautiful grounds of stadiums across the world. This is a very popular multiplayer game with over 150 million players around the world! The game is so much more than just the beautiful game. It is a game of strategy and skill and you will need both to excel in it!

What is Football?

Football is a popular type of sport that is played all over the world. it is a game between two teams of 11 players. The pitch is usually 25m x 22m and is made up of grass, and artificial pitch. The pitches will vary depending on the team.

What am I doing here?

We are the developers of this game. We create what you play and the story behind it. Your experiences and achievements in this game matter to us. Be a part of this amazing community.

How do I get started?

In the beginning of this game, you start out as a FIFA scout. You earn experience through playing matches. You can purchase items to help you progress through the game. You can win tournaments and climb the leaderboard!

When is there new stuff?

There is always new stuff! There are new teams, new players, new managers, new experiences. There is always something to do. Do you want to perform a cool trick shot? Then it is time to play a game. Or play a mini game like FIFA Ultimate Team? How about a keeper challenge? You can find it all in the game.

Do I always win?

No! This is the most realistic sports game out there. As a player, it is easy to be the best and the most successful on the pitch. However, when you play a single player match, it is not always a win for everyone. It is up to the player to win or lose the game.

What is my TEAM?

TEAM is the name of the teams you play in. Your team is the name of your club. Some clubs have multiple teams. Your personal FIFA player is your team. They perform actions for you and do things that you need to win games. Your team is like a virtual manager!

What does my TEAM do?

Your team performs actions to help you in your matches. They can either perform an action for you or perform a trick shot! You can pull off cool trick shots when they are


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FUT lets you take your favourite players from around the world and put them in your Ultimate Team. With more than 1.5 million cards available, your collection will never get bigger. Use FIFA Points™ earned from gameplay on FIFA Mobile to buy new cards or complete card sets and complete a card set to add extra attributes. On the pitch, through FUT Draft you can draft a team from a rotation of best-selling and exciting player cards, or create your own custom team from the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Gerrard.

FIFA Mobile –
FIFA Mobile is all about going behind the scenes to experience the real emotion and drama of the sport. Take part in new features such as Mentoring, where your actions will be followed by a FIFA legend, and Select Your Booth, where there is a dedicated space on the pitch for you to run your very own show. All the action unfolds through immersive gameplay, which allows you to experience the thrill and excitement of the pitch from any angle. Whether you’re running down a loose ball or doing a tackle, you can use Gameplay Motion to make every play look realistic.

FIFA Ultimate Team – FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team offers a more robust experience than FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. In FUT Mobile, there are always new cards to collect and exciting content to unlock. Collect new FIFA Champions and pro the world over, or use FIFA coins to buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs, which regularly contain brand new cards. FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team provides an amazing core experience with the chance to earn cards and unlock amazing content. Best of all, there’s no card cap. So buy a FIFA Champions pack, play the game and get ready for some card combos.

Global Team Threads – Interact with your own Global Team Thread on the global leaderboard, chatting with your global teammates, as well as looking through the best customisation trends of the day.
FIFA Story Moments – Narrative moments have been reworked, with customisable voiceovers and additional dialogue. Each time the spectator mode fires up, a new story will be available.

Quest and Arena editor, a tool for producing or playing customised games and kits. It brings an intuitive and user-friendly environment to create, manage and share your own custom scenarios, kits and player rosters.

See for yourself

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Player Precision and Precision Speed which enhances control of individual key players during matches.
  • Switch to Play will now manage your pace of play and stop draws.
  • Lionhearted system to create emotional pressure for players and coaches and support passionate behaviour
  • Enhanced ball physics and interaction between player and ball.
    • Electromagnetic balls, improved consistency, responsiveness, and much more.
    • Vast improvements in visual and audio perception of the game as a player.
    • Ball control systems, helping players take control of the game’s actions.
  • New coach avatar animation system
  • New playmaker animation system, allowing players to establish a domination on the pitch and organize attacks.
  • New backend updating system
  • New Player and Coach Traits mode offers a deeper development path for players.
  • New motion capture Technology allowing the game to read and react to players’ movements in real time at the flick of a switch.
    • Gameplays can be fully driven by movement data.


Free Download Fifa 22

It’s all about being the best on the pitch with FIFA, the world’s favourite soccer videogame. Get ready for an authentic football match with possession-based gameplay.

What is the FIFA Championship Series?

If you’re looking to join an EA Sports FIFA global competition, our FIFA Championship Series events are the place to be.

Who can participate in the FIFA Championship Series?

There are three types of competitors in the FIFA Championship Series.

Champions – These are the players that will fight for the ultimate prize in the FIFA Championship Series. After the season is over, the best individual and team performances will be measured, and the winners will be decided. The player who performs best during the entire season is awarded the prize. In both competitions, the best 20 performers of the last year’s events will qualify for the next year’s FIFA Championship Series.

FIFA Trophies – Everyone can play in the FIFA Trophy Series – World Champions, World Cup finalists, regional champions and many other national clubs. If you compete in the FIFA Trophy Series, you’ll be eligible to unlock FIFA trophies which can be shown off on social media.

FIFA Challenges – These are events open to the community where everyone can compete in a variety of challenges to earn prizes. The more challenges you complete, the more prizes you can win.

Pre-ordered EA SPORTS FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4 for EU PSN.

PlayStation 4


Starting Price: £63.33

Pre-order now and the first thing you’ll get is eight exclusive EA SPORTS Ultimate Team Gold Packs, each with two new Gold players and two Gold players from last year’s FIFA 21.

You also get your choice of gold or silver alternate game kit, and you can choose to have the FIFA Glory Kit or the All-New EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Home Kit.

Finally, you’ll also get “My Player” – a brand new football journey that will take you from the heights of the Premier League to PFA Scotland Player of the Year and more, and allows you to do the things you love all on your own terms.

Activate FIFA 22 by playing FIFA Ultimate Team to earn FIFA points and redeem them in the FIFA Ultimate Team store for extra items and emotes.

You can also access the FIFA Championship Series by playing FIFA Ultimate Team. To qualify


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