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Mozilla's Firefox is a very popular app among computer users worldwide, regardless if they run Windows, MAC or Linux. It is known as a fast web browser which allows users to customize its looks by installing themes and its functions via add-ons. Another type of supported tweaking is for its overall performance and FireTune can help achieve it.
The upper hand of a portable app
The setup process can be bypassed altogether, as this utility is portable. Consequently, you should know that the Windows registry is not going to be affected.
Furthermore, it is possible to take FireTune anywhere with you, by simply copying the program files to a USB thumb drive or other similar storage device.
Novice-oriented app and automatic detection of multiple profiles
Basically, this software can help optimize the performance of the browser without needing to manually configure the corresponding settings within the Options window. It is addressed mainly to beginners, yet experts can also benefit from its functions.
If there are several user profiles detected, FireTune allows you to choose the one you want to optimize. Also, it is recommended to create a backup of the profile before making any modifications, just to be sure you can revert to the original settings, in case something does not work out as planned.
Preparing the browser, choosing a PC description and applying new parameters
Before actually applying the tweaks, users need to clear the Firefox cache and erase all stored cookies and history, then monitor the time it takes until a specific website fully loads (there are several dedicated online tools for this purpose).
After closing Firefox, the optimization provided by FireTune can be applied. To ensure the chosen tweaks are compatible with the host PC, it is best to pick a description that best suits the computer: fast computer and fast connection, slow computer and slow connection or a combination of these.
Configurations you can perform
FireTune can be used to enable caching of objects served over a secure connection (SSL) or to display an error page rather than an error message box. Additionally, auto-complete for URLs can be activated or one can optimize the browser's memory usage.
Once the functions have been set up, one can start the performance boost. In order to check if FireTune worked, users can re-clear the Firefox cache, then access an online tool for timing how long it takes until a website starts (the same one launched before using FireTune).
A last assessment
Although it might be hard to track the optimization level it brings to Firefox, this software can come in handy if speed is essential to users. Nevertheless, you should know this product has been discontinued, and thus, it only works with older versions of Firefox (up to 3.x).







FireTune Crack+ Torrent Free [Latest] 2022

FireTune is a free software that provides you with an easy way to get all kinds of tweaks done to your Mozilla Firefox 3+ browser – or any other browser for that matter. All changes you make to any browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) are permanent and will be kept even after you delete the application and re-install it.
FireTune is NOT a hijacker/ad-manger of any sort, just a simple GUI to modify browser options. Also you do NOT have to install anything or change anything in your browser, everything done by FireTune is permanent and is applied to all web-browsers.
You cannot install anything else while FireTune is open.
FireTune Features:
– Automatically detects and logs to a database all the changes you make to the current web-browser
– Creates shortcuts for user configured time-outs
– Automatically creates profiles for each user on the current web-browser
– Changes many of the browser options available in the window
– Assigns optimal settings to your computer system
– Can be configured to launch on startup – Keeps track of all the changes made and updates the registry to bring your settings back
– Loads and saves custom background images
– Assign default shortcuts
– Supports all versions of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer
– Performs flawlessly even on Windows Vista/Windows 7
– Works perfectly with the new Firefox 4 without problems
– Has no Adware/Malware, only to do what you want.
– Can create an icon as small as 5KB
– Can run on removable USB drives
– Clears the web-browser Caches, Cookies and history and also removes all temporary files

Size: 9.72 MB

You can find the FireTune installer in the archive (zip file).
Licensing Information:

FireTune requires a paid subscription. A license for FireTune can be purchased from the developer on his website
License for FireTune
FireTune installer contains a license file for FireTune. This file allows you to install the software on one computer, regardless of its previous conditions.
It is important to note that the serial license cannot be transferred to a different computer.

To use the serial license, you must buy additional licenses (one per computer).

To purchase a license, you

FireTune Crack + Activation Free [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

FireTune Crack For Windows is a tool that helps Firefox users to enhance their browsing experience with very simple tasks.

Each of the functions has a specific screen to guide the user in what to set and the results that can be expected.

FireTune Crack Free Download can be installed either as a Windows Add-on or as a portable app (on both Windows and Mac OS X).

FireTune Crack Mac can be used either in default installation, or with multiple profile support.

FireTune is optimized for Firefox 3.x, 3.x.x, 4.x and 5.x versions

Advantages of using FireTune

FireTune’s advantages include:


Based on very simple steps, FireTune is an easy-to-use application to optimize Firefox’s browser performance and usage.

Save time

FireTune is able to optimize user’s web browsing experience in very little time. Firefox optimization using FireTune only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. This means less time on your hands.

Easy to use

FireTune comes with small application with very easy-to-use interface with clear instructions of how to perform the optimization process.

Easy to use

FireTune is a simple application with very easy-to-use interface. Even though it is very easy to use, users should understand well what they are doing and keep the instructions in mind.


The application is completely free of charge.

Disadvantages of using FireTune

FireTune’s disadvantages include:

No advanced features

There are no advanced features included in this application. Thus, more features could have been included in the Firefox optimization process.

Firefox does not perform well after the extension is installed

As FireTune is a utility that provides Firefox optimization, it cannot be installed with other FireFox extensions. This means that Firefox extensions cannot be disabled after FireTune has been installed.

Does not work with Windows 10

With the previous version of FireTune, this application only runs on Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, FireTune cannot be used with Windows 10, as there are no updates for this application.

Does not work with all Firefox versions

With the previous version of FireTune, this application only runs on Firefox 3.x, 3.x.x, 4.x and 5.x versions

FireTune Crack + Activation

Provides great speed-ups with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Works on ALL Microsoft Windows versions.
Works with Firefox (of version 1.5.x to 3.x.x).
Provides great speed-ups with just a few clicks of the mouse. Work with any kind of multimedia in the browser (Audio, Video, Flash, PDF, etc.)
Works on ALL Microsoft Windows versions. Works with Firefox (of version 1.5.x to 3.x.x).
How it works
FireTune is a very simple program to setup.
1. Launch Firefox
2. Run FireTune.
3. Click “Start”.
4. Check “Show settings” and customize them:
(a) Network connection/Proxy settings:
(b) Caching:
(c) Clear Cache and history:
(d) Options (optional):
5. Click “Save”.
6. Go back and access the website you want to monitor, and Click “Start”.
7. You can close Firefox or continue monitoring how long it takes to open the website.
• Works with Firefox 1.5.x to 3.x.x
• You can start on any Windows, Mac or Linux pc.
• Works in all versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) to increase performance in web pages
• Clears browser cache, history, cookies and tags
• Adds and removes plugins and update the browser
• Displays errors instead of an error message box
• Displays website information as HTML
• Configures built-in extensions and addons
• Caching, flash, speed, customize…
• Powerfull shows for every system
• Used by many players on all kinds of gaming, web surfing…

Major features:-
1) Speed Boost;
2) Remove Metacafe ads;
3) Clear History, Cookies, Cache (User and Session);
4) Keeps settings between sessions;
5) Auto completation;
6) Speed up Firefox;
7) Customize your Profiles;
8) Rename and move.mms and.wmv files;
9) Addons manager;
10) Removes extensions, plugins and reset privacy settings;
11) Customize settings and history (font, location, browsing history…);
12) Hidpi support.
13) Display error pages instead of message boxes.

What’s New in the FireTune?

A highly configurable tool to optimize Firefox and any other modern browsers for your use.

A free tool that makes your PC perform at its best. A multi-threaded tool that makes Firefox perform better. A tool that makes your PC perform faster.

How to find the best match for your PC

Find a specification which is closest to yours. For example:

a faster motherboard, processor and RAM – more cores, more cache and better throughput;

a better screen (1920×1080 is great, but if your display is 1366×768, it doesn’t matter);

more graphics cards, or a higher performance CPU with video multiplexers;

better hard drives with larger cache;

a better sound card with more cores and more playback options

Alternatively, if you want to buy a new PC, you can choose one of these:

a better processor – from 1.0GHz to 3GHz, Core 2 Duo, Phenom II, Athlon II

more memory – either 4GB or 8GB, DDR3, DDR2, DDR, DDR1

a better hard drive – SSD, HDD, 5400rpm HDD, 7200rpm HDD, 10K RPM HDD

more RAM – between 2GB and 64GB, DDR3, DDR2

a better motherboard – Gigabyte, ASRock, ASMedia

a better graphics card – HD 4850 to HD 5770, GF 6200GT to GF 6100

a more expensive CPU and better memory to justify the price increase

a better motherboard

More information

Speed Up Your Computer is a free software. It allows you to monitor processor utilization, RAM consumption and system I/O activity, and to adjust the settings in the Windows Task Manager to avoid too much load on your system resources.

Speed Up Your Computer is free software. It allows you to monitor processor utilization, RAM consumption and system I/O activity, and to adjust the settings in the Windows Task Manager to avoid too much load on your system resources.

Speed Up Your Computer runs under the Windows operating system. It’s designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can be used to monitor and adjust the task allocation on your computer, which may allow you to free up as much RAM as possible.

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System Requirements For FireTune:

Two separate computers with a real-time operating system or a LabWindows/CVI version 10.0 or above
system software
CVI knowledge
CVI CCD cameras
Power supplies
Two vidéo editing stations
A computer running Windows 7 (for E1.2)
The following video editors are required:
Avid Clip & Edit Plus version 5.0.1
Final Cut Express version 4.3
Zoom video editor version 3.5.4
After Effects version CS4


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