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Roblox is a game programming platform developed by David and Erik Baszucki which allows players to develop and play games with a user-created player avatar. The game engine is free and open-source, like Minecraft and Terraria, allowing users to download and modify the source code. The game platform was developed using the developer SDK. Roblox initially offered its own Robux virtual currency that can be exchanged for in-game items, but Robux was eventually replaced by the standard in-game currency. The player-contributed games hosted on the site may be downloaded and played offline on Android devices. At launch, Roblox had just 2 games, Roblox games are written using the Lua programming language, and are often known as LUA games. One of the early games on Roblox was a LUA and Java based game called “Whiplash” which is a speedboat racer, and features a single-player career mode and a multiplayer mode. Over time, the platform added tools and features such as an in-game map editor and user interface design system called the Roblox Studio. Development for the platform expanded into many new departments including building rendering and storytelling, as well as community promotion, Robux tracking, and many other tools.

Roblox Merchandise:
A Roblox Theme Park was announced in August 2015, followed by the official launch of the Roblox Theme Park in January 2016.[25] The Roblox Theme Park has 12 shops, each featuring props and themes from Roblox games and users can play in a series of rides, each themed to a Roblox games, such as a swimming pool, lava pit, and a roller coaster. The theme park also has a Roblox attraction which features a roller coaster and other rides including a drop tower and go karts. The roller coaster was designed to have all of the theme park’s shops as the ride’s stops and merchandise as in-app purchases. The Roblox Theme Park also features a fan park as part of the fan content that the developers create.

Free Robux
One of the core mechanics on Roblox is virtual currency called Robux that users can use to pay for in-game items that will improve their gameplay experience. In 2010, a limited-edition Robux collector’s capsule was released, along with premium Robux cards and the Roblox Visionary. Users are able to purchase Robux in different ways including, gift codes, event winnings


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