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gbXML application was designed to help you build XML-formatted language definition files.
gbXML provides a graphical interface as an alternative – simplifying and speeding up the entry of language definition elements and their attributes. Language definition information for multiple languages is kept in a common database from which XML-formatted language files (*.lng) may be exported for use in CodeMax projects.
Here are some key features of “gbXML”:
■ Fast, graphical interface for building language files
■ Immediate XML language code viewing
■ Immediate view of language file effects on sample code
■ Export of language definitions as XML-formatted text files
■ Import of existing language files
■ Common database for multiple languages
■ Option to manually edit/save language files
■ Language files viewed using full XML syntax (CodeMax, of course!)
■ Formatting options to simplify viewing of XML code
■ Debug mode for viewing invalid inputs/references
■ Built-in external language file viewer/editor
■ Default tokenset structures for new languages
■ Ability to include/exclude tokensets from language definition
■ Token-level attribute support
■ Online updates







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gbXML offers a graphical interface to the design and development of language definition files – part of a common database where many language files are stored in a common format.
gbXML uses XSLT to convert a user-supplied description into a language definition file (in the XSLT transformation XML format) stored in a common database.
gbXML’s graphical user interface is designed to guide users through the selection of language elements (e.g. name, description, etc.) and associated attributes (e.g. uppercase, “”, etc.).
After entering and storing selected language attributes, the user may format them using gbXML’s graphical layout editor. gbXML offers a variety of formatting features including automatic indenting of each language code/element, control of the width of elements, the use of carriage returns between elements, the ability to wrap lines, and more.
gbXML’s integrated XML-formatting engine supports the full XML syntax. gbXML offers syntax highlighting to assist the user in editing.
After reformatting, gbXML may export the user’s language definition in a language-independent file format. The user may choose to store an updated version of the language definition in the database so that subsequent users will have access to the latest format without affecting the common database.
gbXML supports the import of user-defined language definition files for use in CodeMax projects. A language definition editor allows users to select one of several predefined language files – and possibly add or change language elements. After importing, gbXML displays the code view and XML views of the imported language files. gbXML also allows the user to edit definitions of imported languages through the graphical layout editor.
If the user decides to add a new language, a default language definition and tokenset is automatically entered into the database. The language definition editor offers controls to allow the user to select from the default tokenset, add/remove tokensets, and change the token properties. After providing a description and tokenset for the new language, the user may save the new language definition.
When viewing a language definition file, gbXML offers the user the ability to view the file in full XML syntax (with syntax highlighting) or in the code view.
gbXML offers a debug mode through which the user may view language definition validity or examine source code associated with the various elements and attributes.
gbXML’s setup wizard guides the user through its

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gbXML Crack is an alternative to entering language definition information by hand – or to exporting existing language definition files. gbXML Torrent Download lets you graphically assemble language definition text in various elements and attributes in a common database table.
The XML-formatted language definition file produced by gbXML Cracked Version can then be imported into a CodeMax project to be referenced in your code.
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gbXML is a small, but powerful tool for creating XML language definition files. It was designed specifically to create files for use in CodeMax projects.
It works as an alternative to using Notepad to create the XML language definition files.
gbXML does not re-implement the Java language but it’s mainly a Java/JavaScript-like code editor.
gbXML creates language files in.lng format and can read existing language files in.lng format.
It’s not intended as a tool for creating a binary.lng file. It is a language definition editing tool.
gbXML uses the concept of a “TokenSet.” A token is a piece of text (word) that may occur within your source code. A language supports one or more token sets. A token set is a combination of tokens that can be referenced in your source code.
gbXML supports the use of named tokens and token attributes. You may name any token and then add an attribute to a token.
gbXML also supports multiple languages in a single project.
gbXML is a part of KxStudio. In that case, some features are not available.
Advanced Features of gbXML:
■ Access to source files and project files
■ Batch creation and update of language files
■ XML syntax highlighting
■ Error highlighting
■ IntelliSense for Java and JavaScript
■ Selecting and inspecting tokens from source files
■ Syntax checking
■ Language tag support
■ Support for nested languages
■ Export Language Tags
■ Attribute support for tokens
■ Attribute selection support
■ Customizable settings for the list of supported languages
■ Automatic installation
■ Scripting support
■ Installation by external tools
■ Ability to specify mime type
Limitations of gbXML:
■ No support for legacy grammar rules
■ No support for backward compatibility
Licensing Information:
gbXML is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.0. There are two versions – gbXML v1.0 and v2.0.
You may download gbXML v1.0 for free. You can download gbXML v2.0 with an official registration.
Your registration is not

What’s New In?

gbXML is a Windows software for storing, editing and exporting language
definition files (*.lng). Language definition files are easy-to-modify XML-
formatted text files designed for storing language settings used by CodeMax
IDE to format the code for a specific language. gbXML allows for easy
development and storage of language files for multiple languages within
common databases, with convenient editing and output capabilities. The
idea behind gbXML is to provide the same benefits of a visual programming
environment in a familiar development environment.
Use gbXML to create new language definitions, edit existing ones, or
export XML-formatted language definition files to places such as Microsoft
PowerPoint for presentations. gbXML also supports the import of existing
language definition files and supports the viewing of gbXML files as
standard XML syntax.
In addition to the IDE’s parsing and code formatting utilities, gbXML
provides the ability to perform language lookups. gbXML allows for
customization of the tokensets and token-level attributes used in language
definitions and supports manual completion of token lists for multiple
The gbXML utility displays a status dialog as a progress bar as files are
written. A warning dialog displays when incorrect syntax is encountered.
gbXML Features and Benefits:
■ Integrated with CodeMax IDE
■ Easy to use for creating new language definitions
■ Easy to use for modifying and exporting language definitions
■ Language files viewed using full XML syntax (CodeMax, of course!)
■ Formatting options to simplify viewing of XML code
■ Support for token set structure customization
■ Debug mode for viewing invalid inputs/references
■ Built-in external language file viewer/editor
■ Default tokenset structures for new languages
■ Ability to include/exclude tokensets from language definition
■ Online updates
■ Ability to save existing XML definitions as new language definitions
■ Intuitive and graphically-based interface
■ Optional support for token set validation and reporting of errors
That’s a quick overview of what we have to offer, and we’ll be covering the installation and setup process as well as the creation of your very own first language in Part 2.
If you have any questions as you explore gbXML, please

System Requirements:

Video Card:
Sound Card:
Hard Drive:
Game Overview:
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