HD Online Player (download Intervideo Dvd Copy Platinu) __EXCLUSIVE__ ➟

HD Online Player (download Intervideo Dvd Copy Platinu) __EXCLUSIVE__ ➟


HD Online Player (download Intervideo Dvd Copy Platinu)

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Brandon Bean (born January 18, 1984) is an American actor. He is most known for his roles in the films The Ruins, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde and Chasing Freedom.

Personal life
Bean was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is 6’6” tall, and played basketball in high school. He graduated from the University of Texas–Pan American with a degree in communications and a minor in theater. He has been working as an actor since 2005. In 2015, he became engaged to actress Courtney B. Vance.

Bean began performing in the summer theater program


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How to fix: “SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal” in html in QGIS 2.18

The problem is that in HTML I have a string text which contains backslash “”
I need to change that text and thus I need to replace backslash “” with “\”.
But I’ve got error when I click at button “Replace” in expression box:

Cannot interpret input expression
SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

What should I do to replace “”?


In case of QGIS 2.18 you have to edit the expression with triple backslash:
instead of double
And it will be interpreted

Address Correction) was announced as a part of Phase 1 of the NRMA Land Transport Fund in March 2015. The NRMA Land Transport Fund is a part of a $5 billion funding package which will deliver a number of planned infrastructure projects across the state over the next five years.

Specifically, the program will provide 50 per cent funding towards infrastructure projects of the NRMA Regions of Central Victoria, North West Victoria and Brisbane, with the remaining 50 per cent of the funding coming from the State Government.

The funding has been allocated to the following projects:

NRMA Grant for Land Transport Infrastructure Projects

Mildura Airport Development

Port of Mildura Upgrade

Port of North Geelong Upgrade

Port of Bairnsdale Upgrade

Dandenong Creek Upgrade

Boronia Park Upgrade

Hollywood Circuit Upgrade

Ivanhoe Development

Exmouth Development


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