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“PURESHKA SOUND” is a game music project made by Japanese electronic musician Reiji NIJO, featuring the music and lyrics of ALBERT LIN. The game features 13 songs, each of which is in the style of the techno era of the world CYBER EMOJI TALE, listening to which you can already remember unforgettable battles from the game, touching exciting stories that grab the soul and other mental adventures. The cybersoul-styled, ambient-esque atmosphere becomes more intense, and you start to get a feeling that your goals are within reach.
Enjoy this album and listen to it wherever you go in the game!
Another game track in the style of CYBER EMOJI TALE!
For more information about the game, please visit

“CYBER EMOJI TALE” is a cyber-fighter that has been shaking the kingdom, causing people all over the world to start hating those with artificial life forms. A story of King Chung Kyun, a young man born with a strange fate, and a young woman named Layla, who must put aside her foolish past to become a guildmaster and meet the mysterious stranger who has brought her back to life! Players can enjoy the story and the heroes by flying freely through the skies and fields, fighting the terrible monsters of CYBER EMOJI TALE!
“Play Together with Layla”
The “Play Together with Layla” story was put together by an original figure of H.A.R.M. (a prog-rock project by SEKI SOKUBUN). The special theme song has been composed by R-22.
The “Play Together with Layla” song is sung by R-22 (the rock star who was the former front-man for the band RIVER OF DEATH).
The “Play Together with Layla” album is made up of music and lyrics, and will be released in late June, 2018.
Black Wolf
Sound Designer:
Reiji Nijo
Reiji Nijo
Title song “Play Together with Layla” composer:
R-22 (rock star and singer)
Reiji Nijo:
Shinjitsu no


Features Key:

  • Widescreen support
  • 4:3 Support
  • Multiple subtitles (english, roumanian, polish, dutch)
  • Plot Summary
  • The game also has a very interesting plot (film noire) built around the player that
    degrandes the game world.
  • A beautiful game by the Czech developer “PremiumHard”.
    It has a 1920×1080 resolution for a great gaming experience.
    Its controls are really well integrated, as you can check at the first time of playing it.
    As it’s a silent title it can fit in any music you have in your computer. I tested it without music and its environment was great.
    Currently i’m playing it even in a beach full of waves and its soundtrack suprised me.
    A truly futuristic, emotional game which will make you want to re-install your computer!
    It has 3 language versions: English, French and German.
    All subtitles are included.
    Check the trailer bellow to get some impressions. Hope that it’s enough to convince you about my opinion.


    Story: A tough hero looking for justice while he finds himself entangled in the political machine of an inner city police department plagued by corruption.
    Soundtrack: Post-breakup affair: Neo plus one. Atari plus nothing. Tron plus a bit of lemonade. Battleship plus an octopus peeking out of a fridge.
    Mood/moods: Like a silent film, nikita in an anonymous public space. Take the trash back to the kitchen. Nigga, you just made a mess.
    We put havok official together with


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    Requiring both flight and weapons skills, Sonic Battle is a fast-paced, classic-style fighter where the player must face off against a team of enemy’s by exploiting and controlling Sonic, his Ultimate transformations, and his powerful Spin Dash.
    Tense 8- and 16-bit arcade action with modern appeal, Sonic Battle is the perfect length to have fun and want more!
    An easy to pick up and play arcade style fighter for new and experienced players.
    Classic-style gameplay still feels new with amazing graphics and a modern feel.
    Optimized for both 8-bit and 16-bit platforms, Sonic Battle offers a cool new game to both new and old players!
    Sonic Battle is licensed by SEGA.
    [Game Features]
    – The Director’s Choice Award-winning Sonic Battle
    – Classic 2D gameplay with modern feel
    – Adorable characters and animation
    – Many of the best-known locations from the Sonic Universe
    – Original music by Strung
    – Complete Story Mode including Ad-Hoc Mode and Free Play
    – A full single player campaign with many challenging bosses
    – Online leaderboards and trophies
    – Sonic Battle Trophy Case
    [About Strung]
    Strung, who has worked on many titles for YAGER, including the original Sonic Battle, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations, brings his passion for music to his latest title, Sonic Battle. His goal is to create a soundtrack that can be listened to as it plays, which is both an incredible showcase of his skill and an incredible demonstration of his ability to create detailed themes that can be heard in motion!
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    Hidden Dragon: Legend OST DLC Free Download For PC [2022]

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