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ImagXpress Photo is ideal for the development of photo management software, online photo services, kiosk applications, and more. It delivers vendor-specific Camera RAW and Pegasus Imaging’s JPEG file support.
As a .NET and COM toolkit, it delivers image viewing, editing, clean up, thumbnail image support, auto red eye removal, alpha channel support, auto color level, auto contrast, image filtering, EXIF tag editing, color matching, color space conversion, photo collage layout and printing, color image deskew, dust/scratch removal, file format conversion, compression, and more.
ImagXpress Photo also includes annotation capabilities, sophisticated TWAIN scanning support and advanced printing capabilities beyond Internet Explorer.
Here are some key features of “ImagXpress Photo”:
Technical Notes
· Programming environments: Win32 visual development environments including Visual Studio 2008
· Sample code is included for: VB.NET, C#, VB, Delphi, VC++, HTML, Access
· Deploys within .NET as a managed control and is fully compliant with .NET 1.0 and above
· Can be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX/COM controls
· Includes 5 controls: ImagXpress, NotateXpress, TwainPRO, ThumbnailXpress, PrintPRO
· Optimized for speed
· Client/server Web development capabilities
· Streaming image support from the Internet, allowing progressive image viewing online
· Increased image processing speed available via an easy to use multiple image buffering mechanism
· Can be used in a multi-threaded environment and perform synchronous thread-safe processing (more).
· BLOB database support
Photo Editing & Image Processing
Auto Red Eye Removal
· Automatically detect and correct red eyes in digital photos using the Pegasus Imaging algorithm
· Receive a list of red eye regions and the associated “confidence level” for each region, supporting automated removal based on set criteria
Auto Color Correction & Auto Lightness Correction
· Manually or automatically adjust color and contrast, while maintaining detail in shadow and highlight areas of the image
Auto Color Level
Auto Contrast
Alpha Channel Support
· Support the full color channel within images (e.g. alpha, integration, separation) including alpha channels
· Float images and entities (including with transparency) on top of the base image with smooth display
Photo Collage Layout and Printing
· Precisely place borders and other images by specifying pixels, twips, points, millimeters, centimeters, character or inches
Dust Removal
· Remove dust specks from color images
· User provided parameter settings include speck size, light or dark specks, and smoothing adjustments
Scratch Removal
· Remove scratches from a color image along a line
· User provided parameter settings include thickness, brightness, and light or dark scratches
· Color Deskew
· EXIF tag editing without affecting image data
· Sharpen, Unsharp, and Soften filters
· Autocrop, crop, rotate, scale, zoom, despeckle, and border removal
· Comprehensive set of over 80 image processing functions
· Color anti-aliasing and smoothing for zoomed images
· Advanced merging capabilities
· Retention of image transparency
· Adjust contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, gamma, and more
· Display adjustment of contrast, brightness, and gamma
· 24, 8, 4, and 1-bit color depth conversions with advanced palette control
· Area and region processing
Compression & File Formats
· Over thirty-five image formats are supported from files, memory and URLs
· Read and write PDF, TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, WBMP, MO:DCA, CALS, PNG, DCX, DIB, PIC, PBM, PCX, PGM, PPM, TGA, ICO, RLE, and more
· Vendor-specific Camera RAW – automatic detection and decompression of digital RAW photos from Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and more. (See list of makes and models)
· Read WSQ and WMF image files
· Multi-page PDF support (embedded image PDF only – containing bitonal, grayscale, and color image data) including adding new pages into existing PDF files, and viewing pages from PDF files
· JPEG 2000, lossless JPEG, JPEG-LS, JBIG2, and WSQ compression support available as add ons
· EXIF tag editing supported, without affecting the image data
· Support for 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32-bit images
· Support for 2 to 16-bit grayscale images, including window leveling
· Beyond 8-bit, grayscale lossy JPEG image compression and decompression
· Read and write multi-page TIFF, PDF, ICO, DCX, MO:DCA, and CALS
· TIFF format support includes Group 3 and Group 4, JPEG, JPEG Type 7, CCITT RLE, LZW, Pack Bits, and Deflate
· Multi-page TIFF support, including compacting of multiple page files, TIFF tag editing, and Wang TIFF annotation compatibility
· CALS format support includes Type 1, raster format, single and multi-page
· Password protect images using .pic, a Pegasus Imaging Corporation format that allows greater compression and password capability. These files require Pegasus Imaging products to view and manipulate them.
Thumbnail Image Support
· An easy, flexible, memory-friendly way to add thumbnail image display is provided by the included ThumbnailXpress control
· Support a wide range of file formats (all those supported by ImagXpress and PDFXpress)
Multi-Page Image Support
· Display thumbnails of directories and/or multi-page image files
· Filter the contents of directories based on attributes such as file name, extension, date and time or size
Rapid Display
· Generate thumbnails asynchronously to provide the fastest display of thumbnail images possible
· Cache thumbnail images for quick scrolling and redisplay
· Caching support provides options to control the amount of memory used
Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling
· Create thumbnails in either vertical or horizontal mode (only one scroll bar will be active)
· Set the size of the container for thumbnail images
Flexible Captions
· Set thumbnail display options, including spacing between thumbnails, border width, border color, background color and painting order
· Set labels displayed with each thumbnail, either by automatically deriving from filenames, or programmatically controlled.
· Take advantage of extensive font formatting options
Flexible Image File Selection
· Select one or multiple thumbnails using the mouse
· Create custom actions using mouse methods and events
· Retrieve information about the thumbnail image including its height, width, and current status
· Retrieve the name of the original image used to create the thumbnail
Color Management
Color Matching, with an easy to use interface:
· Reflected and emitted colors can be matched to achieve visual equality
· Supports monitor and printer profile selection, programmatically specifying rendering intent
Color Space Conversion using ICC Color Profile
· CMYK to RGB conversion for TIFF and JPEG images
· RGB to CMYK conversion for TIFF and JPEG images
Color Proof of printer output prior to printing
TWAIN Scanning
· Acquire images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras
· Data source enumeration and selection
· Enable/disable data source user interface
· Multiple image acquisition
· Read and Write basic G3/G4 TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PackBits
· FTP upload capability
· Specify image resolution, image scaling, units, and color depth
· Negotiate for all standard device features such as image dimensions, location and resolution
· Negotiate for optional device features such as: autofeeder enabling, brightness, contrast, image layout/frame, maximum image transfers, progress indicators, resolution, scaling, and units
· Scan images faster and use less memory by transferring images from the data source in either Native or Buffered Memory transfer mode
· Provides support for advanced TWAIN capabilities like barcode or patchcode detection and compressed data transfer directly from the scanner
· Reduce data transferred between the scanner and the PC by transferring images from high-end scanners using the scanner’s built-in compression
· Catch illegal operations from errant TWAIN Data Sources before they crash the application. TwainPRO will return an error back to the application letting the application safely exit or continue.
· Built in tools with the ability to reassign key sequences to different tools, including hand tool, magnifying glass, pan and zoom, rubber band, rectangle (area and region), elliptical and free hand selection
· Create customized interactive toolbar
· Right click pop up menu, including image information dialog, tool selection, zoom
· Automated support to maintain the Aspect Ratio for images with differing horizontal and vertical resolutions
· Multiple image scaling algorithms
· Advanced scrollbar and autosize features
· Capture the contents of any window or section of any window
· Built in timer with TimerTick event
· Image property interface
· Programmable image alignment within the control
· 1/1000 degree rotation increments
· Advanced printing support through PrintPRO
· Image Color Management supported, including user provided monitor and print
· Print collages, including precise placement of borders and other images by specifying pixels, twips, points, millimeters, centimeters, character or inches
· Add powerful printing features to applications with just a few lines of code
· Create a custom printing interface for Internet Explorer to bypass I.E.’s printing interface
· Print Preview is provided
· Print to File, including multi-page TIFF and multi-page PDF output (containing G4 compressed image data)
· Print text and graphic bitmaps
· Print binary data
· Print formatted and unformatted text, rotated text, graphics, margins, and any number of images on one or more pages
· Text Capabilities – Set properties including location, alignment, font, rotation, attributes, color, background transparency and more
· Set font objects in containers like Visual C++ using the Font Method
· Graphics Capabilities – Line, point, circle, ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle, curve, arc, polygon, pie shapes and more
· Provides complete control over how the graphics are drawn and filled including draw mode, draw style, width, fill color, and fill style
· Printer Property Capabilities – View and change printer properties including the bin, paper size, print quality, orientation, duplex mode, etc.
· Supports single and multi-page documents
· Cancel print jobs that have been previously sent to the printer
· Provides access to the printer’s device context (DC) for custom control
· Print single or multiple Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB) and Device Dependent Bitmaps (DDB) on any page
· Bitmaps can be resized inside a rectangular area with or without maintaining the aspect ratio
· Automatically maintain the bitmap’s aspect ratio to print large images at any size
· Set the system default printer
· Select and set up a printer from a dialog box or query system printers
· Print images transparently
· Fully-programmable annotation support through NotateXpress
· Add annotation and redaction capability to applications
· Standard annotation objects include ruler, freehand, text, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line, polyline, image and rubber-stamp
· Create, display, save, restore, and password-protect annotations in independent layers
· Brand annotations into images
· Print annotations with the image
· Add, delete, query, and manipulate annotation elements programmatically
· Read and write the Wang/Kodak TIFF annotation format, and store all annotations in either TIFF files or in external files
· Unicode (double-byte) characters are supported for languages with extended character sets
· Supports opaque, translucent, and fully transparent backgrounds for notations
· Supports opaque and translucent notations, useful for watermarking
· Multiple layer support
· .ANN annotation file format support (a proprietary format of TMSSequoia that was used in the ViewDirector SDK, providing a clear upgrade path to ImagXpress, and allowing for conversion from .ANN to the corresponding NotateXpress type)
· Lock and unlock annotation data to the control rather than the image, enabling navigation of medical images (and others) without moving the annotations, such as patient name and ID







ImagXpress Photo Crack

· Convert RAW images to JPEG, TIFF or various non-contiguous tiled formats
· Embed a GIF within the JPEG image to enable very small JPEG images
· Read, write, save, restore and modify the meta-information of JPEG images, including EXIF and IPTC
· Read, write and modify JFIF images using the JPEG image properties
· Generate and modify EXIF metadata for JPEG images
· Create and modify IPTC metadata for JPEG images
· Select and set image properties including: bit-depth, color and RGB, pixel depth, color correction, HSL/HSV, gamma correction, saturation, highlights, shadows, and sharpening
· Set exposure for JPEG images
· Ignore JPEG images in ICC color space with the Ignore Color Adjustment property
· Automatically convert single-page TIFF images to contiguous tiled formats
· Intelligent image format conversion
· Create 2D and 3D annotations
· Automatically assign various colors to annotations, including multiple colors for objects such as red, yellow, blue, etc.
· Reposition, resize and repaint annotations
· Fully-interactive annotation framework
· Define the coordinate system for both coordinate points and annotations
· Define coordinate points and annotations using screen coordinates or points and lines
· Set the location, size, style, color, and other properties for annotations
· Create and save programmatically
· Extend your application’s functionality with plug-ins for creating graphical and textual annotations
· Print an unlimited number of annotated JPEG files to the default printer
· Create and save Windows.ANN files
·.ANN file format
· Allows you to access all of your data in a variety of image formats, including but not limited to: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PIC, DIB and DDB, in addition to the Windows.ANN format
· Supports programmatically reading and writing.ANN files

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· Supports compound attributes such as title, keywords, directory, description, comment, and history
· Contribute to PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG object structures, allowing the control to be used as a graphics device
· Support smart dynamic controls such as dynamic image preview control (for previewing the image and making changes), and the ability to display a preview on the control. Previews will update dynamically as the user makes changes to the control.
· Control backend operations on images including rotation, resizing, cropping, resampling, flip and more
· View and create annotations in the image, and then apply annotations to the control
· Understand and apply the ICC color profiles of the selected image
· Set the default color space and rendering intent for the control
· Support negative and positive renditions of the control
· Use the application themes to set the control appearance
· Create ICC profiles by using the OnImage event handler. ICC profiles can be used to color match output devices, so that the application output correctly matches the image content
· Contribute user-defined annotations to the control
· Advanced notetaking capabilities for multi-page images
· High-quality jpeg saving with JPEG 2000 compression
· Enhance your I-PXL workflow by connecting to the application’s PhotoExperience workbench
· Improve the quality of your documents with the high quality JPEG 2000 compression that saves the data and you get a very good compressed image
Document Management
· Primary document support (single document printing, page range selection)
· Multi-page document support (page range selection)
· Document image selection
· Document color management support
· Document proofing support
· Set the default printer for a document (prints only one page)
· Supports inter-application copying and renaming of documents
· Documents can be merged or split using a simple GUI
· Documents can be imported and exported as PDF files
· Documents can be searched and sorted, using either the TIFF keyword or colorimetric metadata to sort documents. When used with the TIFF keyword sorting, the TIFF keyword is displayed in the document title bar.
· Can use preview information in a document (via the TIFF metadata) to determine whether to preview documents or not.
· When printing to a TIFF destination, the documents will be processed in order and black and white documents are separated so that only the black text and background are printed
· Handles complex PDF document structures
· Compresses documents using the same compression methods

ImagXpress Photo License Key Full

· Supports JPEG 2000
· Images and layers can have multiple JPEG 2000 photo descriptions
· Layer statistics are used to decide whether to overwrite or use a JPEG 2000 photo description
· Added a “layer statistics display” feature that lists information about the layers in a layer group
· Images and layers can have multiple JPEG 2000 photo descriptions
· Layer statistics are used to decide whether to overwrite or use a JPEG 2000 photo description
· Added a “layer statistics display” feature that lists information about the layers in a layer group
Text Drawing
· Draw text on a stencil background image, canvas, and control
· Supports font and fill color
· Supports a wide variety of text objects
· OpenType TrueType, PostScript and TrueType fonts are supported
· Create more than one text box on a single layer
· Create fills for text objects, including separate background and foreground colors
· Text object window regions can be resized, split and removed
· Reset text box properties on resize
· Improved text object objects including the ability to create numbered, ordered and unordered lists
· Supports text outlines, removing text objects from the underlying image
· Supports page breaks between text objects
· Images, layers and controls can be placed over text objects
· Text objects can be saved as an image or an OBJ file
· Restored text object fonts, or any text object resized fonts can be saved as an image or an OBJ file
· OpenType TrueType, PostScript and TrueType fonts are supported
· Create more than one text box on a single layer
· Text object window regions can be resized, split and removed
· Text object text objects can be saved as a JPEG image
· Text object text objects can be created from a font file
· Font can be resized
· Advanced text selection and control of the selection rectangle
· User definable text scaling
· User definable text alignment
· User definable text rotation
· User definable text rotation angle
· User definable text kerning and spacing
· User definable text line and paragraph spacing
· User definable background and foreground colors for text drawing
· User definable character spacing, kerning and bolding
· Support for international characters
· Supports Unicode (double-byte) and ANSI (single-byte) character sets
· User interface support to increase productivity
· Ability to mask pixels and text drawing using a variety of methods including image and layer mask, alpha channels, pixel and text

What’s New In?

· Include drawing, measurement, watermarking and annotation capabilities in your documents.
· Support image annotation through one of six categories: digital signature, identity, highlight, measurement, drawing, and marker.
· Include the ability to associate digital signatures with documents.
· Markup can be included in the body of the document, page, or reference number
· Keep information about the digital signature right on the signature, and display a digital signature in the window background
· Digital Signature can be used in conjunction with a print format to allow for tamper-proof printing
· In conjunction with a QR code can be used as a way to prove the digital signature and date on a document
· What a digital signature looks like
· Digital Signature information in the form of invisible image markers
· Digital signatures can be displayed on the page in a variety of ways
· Allows you to digitally sign, fingerprint, or watermark a document
· Immutable, irreversible, tamper-proof, unforgeable images
· Attach digital signature to e-mail, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and PDF
· Create and print digital signatures on PDF documents without additional software
· Eliminate the need for costly security software
· Copy and Paste images between TWAIN scanners
· Individual image transfer
· FTP upload capability
· Scan Images Faster and Use Less Memory
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported
· JPEG, GIF and TIFF and XPM images supported

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System Requirements For ImagXpress Photo:

Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), or Windows XP (32-bit).
8GB of RAM (16GB recommended).
GPU with 256 CUDA cores and 1 GB of dedicated video memory.
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