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JLicense includes a simple GUI tool to create the license file and an easy to use LicenseManager (that should be embeded inside your Java software) to help validating the license.
You can also write your own class, such as a Servlet, to create the license file more dynamically based on user input data.
JLicense is feature based, and you can validate the license based on the features. For example, you can add features like IP address, MAC address, user number etc.
JLicense source code is for Java developers who do not want to spend many days to write their own license tool for their software. JLicense shall save you these many days.









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JLicense is a small but powerful Java license generator, which can create license file for Java applications and other types of software with GUI or command line.

Install and use the following distribution.

License: You may use, modify, and redistribute this software under the following conditions:

1. Redistribution – You must redistribute any modified or unmodified version of this software as it is distributed
(this means that you must make it freely available to others).

2. Modification – You may not
merge changes made by others into the modified versions you distribute.

3. You may modify my software for your own use, but the following conditions apply
(open and close quotes…):

a. You must provide prominent notice with the work that it is derived from, and this notice must be clearly and unequivocally
embedded in all copies.

b. You may not use the work for commercial purposes. This license does not grant any rights to use the work on a network, nor does it add any network restriction to any other part of this license.


5. The entire risk of a use of the software is borne by you, the user.

6. You may not remove or alter any copyright, patent or trademark notices contained in the software.

This license is based on the GPL. You can read the GPL license here:


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Create a license file out of text files.
Support for license and distribution author; you can add a “license” file
that grants the right to use, copy, and modify a piece of software in
one or more restricted ways.
It can write license contents in plain text, which can be verified using
the LicenseChecker class.
Supports editing license files.
It can generate license files in many languages.
You can edit license file contents using the GUI and LicenseManager
You can generate license file contents using the GUI and the LicenseEditor.
License information can be generated in various languages, such as
English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese, Arabic and



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JLicense is a Jakarta Servlet project by Q. Random…

JLicense is a Jakarta Servlet project by Q. Random Open Source Software. JLicense is a licensed software only.
JLicense contains two pieces of tools:
– JLicense server module:
– LicenseManager GUI front-end application.
JLicense supports the following Features:
– IP address, MAC address, UserID etc.
– Allow user to set license key manually. License key could be valid or invalid.
– Allow user to obtain license key from the server.

Developed by

License information

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What’s New In?

Jlicense is a.NET Licensed Management Software that helps
licensing any.NET-based application. JLicense can automatically
generate and validate licenses based on attributes and features of
the product. JLicense is a GUI tool.

To make it clear, Jlicense is a cross platform license management tool that helps you manage applications licenses via a simple GUI interface. Not only the license but also you can manage and update attributes and features of the application. JLicense is feature based, and you can validate the license based on the features.
For more information, please download and read the documentation from here


You could also check out Ilinx’s LicenseCheck software which is based on the idea in the answer by Sotirios Delimanolis. It is written in.NET and runs on Windows.


You can also use the Servlet API to write your own license verification servlet. I work for a company that develops a web-based license manager (JLMS), which is a bit more powerful than JLicense, but is only available to paying customers. In essence, it is a license manager with a lot of bells and whistles. We’ve published a document describing how to use servlets to implement the license data entry logic that will validate licenses.
It’s also important to be aware that there are ways to hide features and attributes from JLMS, so that’s something to consider. For example, if I was implementing a license manager, I’d be concerned that someone could create an empty license, and just set the feature count to 1. You might not consider that a valid license, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.


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System Requirements For JLicense:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP Service Pack 3
Processor: Dual Core or equivalent (2x 2.4 GHz or 2x 2.8 GHz)
Memory: 3 GB RAM or more
Graphics: Any graphics card that supports direct rendering and has a maximum resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
DirectX: 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
To start, the guide will require you to install the mod and its included key. To do this, download the



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