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LeaderTask is a comprehensive software application that you can use to keep track of your schedule by managing tasks. It comes equipped with a calendar and address book, among other useful features.
Create tasks for all your activities
The interface of the program is neatly organized. LeaderTask may seem a bit confusing at first sight, but it's actually rather intuitive.
The main window is divided into three panes. These lets you select a date from the calendar, add tasks and notes, as well as select tasks by their time of schedule.
It is possible to manage multiple projects and organize tasks by category, whether they are personal, related to work, or otherwise. Furthermore, you can create as many tasks, subtasks, notes and subnotes as you want, postpone them, edit their status, assign tags, as well as copy a record as text or URL.
Keep your data safe through backups
An in-depth view on the task's properties gives you the possibility of personalizing all these aforementioned features in a user-friendly environment, along with the assigned contacts and file attachments.
Other options of LeaderTask let you backup your data to file or to the developer's website (provided that you create an account) or synchronize it with Microsoft Outlook, optimize database content (clean lost links, temporary files and completed tasks, compress the database) and protect the database with a password.
But you may also use a search function, customize the calendar and UI appearance, manage the libraries (filters, categories, tags, contacts, projects, markers), print data, set automatic reminders, and use a built-in viewer for images, among others.
To end with
LeaderTask includes a help file and requires a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory. It performed well throughout our evaluation, without hanging, crashing or popping up error dialogs; we haven't come across any issues. To sum it up, LeaderTask integrates intuitive options and plenty of customizable settings for managing tasks in a virtual workspace, and it is suitable to first-time and advanced users alike.


Download ————— https://urlin.us/2n4lby

Download ————— https://urlin.us/2n4lby






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You can use this excellent scheduling software to track your tasks with ease.
LeaderTask Cracked Version includes powerful features such as scheduling.
LeaderTask For Windows 10 Crack is a full-featured task manager that includes scheduling capabilities.
With the LeaderTask Download With Full Crack Scheduler you can set up quick and easy to-do’s for your daily and long term activities.
A nice calendar has been added to the program, which you can use to pin down your appointments and view them any time you wish.
With the LeaderTask Calendar and Address Book, you can easily organize and identify your contact list, plus take note of your most frequent callers and other activity information.
You can create notes and make task entries in the field.
Free CD includes installation, help, live updates, a trial (30 days) and multiple language support.
LeaderTask License:
Freeware, free for personal and commercial use.
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New alternatives to complicated, sometimes buggy and resource-eating tasks managers are emerging, and some of them feature even more functions than we’ve seen in the Tasks app.

New LeaderTask is an app for organizing personal tasks, capable of managing multiple projects, and offers users a way to track tasks in a more convenient way. More features included in this app include a calendar, address book, and notes.


Organize Tasks

Organize tasks by category, how important they are, a priority and how they relate to each other. Tasks are added to a list and edited/modified as needed.

Search Tasks

Include broad or narrow search criteria, like keywords and dates.

Gantt Chart

Drag and drop tasks with dates to place them on a specified date.


Use a calendar for maintaining tasks and events.

Address Book

Choose contacts or favorite contacts.


Drop tasks onto notes or add a note for each task.


Consistency and ease of use

LeaderTask is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to stay organized. The design is minimalist and clear, which makes it a perfect tool to maintain your to-do list.


The app is optimized to use space more effectively and fit within the screen on your device. The interface is minimal and space-saving.

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LeaderTask With Keygen

Create tasks for all your activities
Organize and plan your tasks as well as to-do lists
Manage contacts and notes
Create and share tasks with family and friends
Organize projects and easily monitor your progress
Create to-do lists as well as personal notes
Manage tasks with your friends, family, and colleagues
Manage your tasks and reach your goals
LeaderTask is a powerful, yet easy to use application for helping you plan, manage, and control your tasks. When you install LeaderTask, you can easily create, edit, organize, filter, group, color, and tag your tasks.
With LeaderTask you can quickly create tasks for yourself or to-do lists. You can assign tasks to contacts, calendars and projects. You can also create labels, notes, lists, reminders, custom wallpapers and more. LeaderTask automatically tracks your tasks. You can color code your tasks with rich color options. LeaderTask includes built-in integration with Facebook, Evernote, and Twitter. Your tasks are automatically saved in the cloud. LeaderTask also supports different email accounts and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, so you can access your tasks from any device.
LeaderTask includes:
* Create tasks
* Import tasks from files
* Create to-do lists
* Import contacts from your address book
* Create and edit notes
* Import tasks from other software
* Create and manage tasks in the cloud
* Share tasks with others
* View/Download task information
* Import Google Calendar data
* Task coloring
* User Profiles
* Modify task view options
* Project management
* Email notification
* Backups
* Cloud synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
* Create a new calendar event with a task
* Filter tasks by category, color, label, or project
* Project wallpapers and background support
* Mark tasks as priority
* Import tasks from HTML and text files
* Import tasks from your web browser
* Tasks for other computer/OS platforms
* Support for custom task sources, such as Google Calendar, Evernote, and Facebook
* Tags and color-coding
* Plugin framework
* Support for several XML files
* Task synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
* Attach files to your tasks
* Create tasks from URLs
* Find/Remove duplicate tasks
* Import tasks from Maven Repo (private GitHub-based repository)
* Import tasks from your cloud service of choice
* Select task source for imported tasks
* Task

What’s New In?

Organize your tasks and handle them at a glance: juggle, keep track of, and prioritize everything in a single place.

Fast and Easy Tasks

Maintain your sanity by managing your task with deadlines, due dates, project goals, and everything else you need for a productive schedule.

Bring the Timeline Back to Life

See the status of everything all at once, with priorities, due dates, tags, and summary statuses.

Complete Tasks in Minutes

Get all the information you need to complete tasks right in the interface.

Focus on What Matters Most

Organize projects by tags, categories, the project deadline, and more. Set reminders, prioritize them, and engage your team with messages and updates.

Teamwork Made Simple

Put your team in the loop with real-time feeds that keep everyone in the loop without the hassle.

Helpful Features

After using it in a week, I found I really like the way it keeps track of my family. Also there is a really great “rest” mode that helps you relax.

Supported Platforms

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

Standard Platforms

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

What’s New

LeaderTask.com is now offering cloud versions of the software. The on-premise version is $25 per user per month or $399 per year.

What’s New in LeaderTask 4.8:


Quickly add contacts in the Contacts view, and from them you can add them to a specific project in the Projects view.

Improved Markers view: you can now group markers with the respective task, project, or project item.

Backup: set a schedule for the backup and it will be executed regularly.

Improved Calendar: fixed day view for displaying months.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Bug fixes and performance improvements

WHAT’S NEW in LeaderTask 4.8:

Contacts for projects

It is now possible to define contacts that are linked to a project and group them in one view.

The Quick Add screen

There is a new quick access screen with items that are relevant to the tasks in this view and, on top of it, there is a drop-down menu that lets you choose whether to add

System Requirements:

RAM: 2 GB or greater
HDD: 200 MB or greater
Processor: Any Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or AMD Athlon 64/Opteron Processor (2.8 GHz or higher)
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit versions only)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
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