Led Edit 2014 Software 75 🠶

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Led Edit 2014 Software 75 🠶


Led Edit 2014 Software 75

Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a communication apparatus provided with an access terminal unit.
2. Related Background Art
There is known a communication apparatus which communicates through an external network with an external device, e.g., an IC card, such as a two-way IC card, in order to implement various services. In such a conventional communication apparatus, when one of a plurality of external devices comes into a communication state, all of the external devices come into the communication state, so that there is a possibility that the external device cannot be quickly accessed. Particularly, when the external device is an IC card, the service can be quickly implemented only when the IC card is used. Therefore, the conventional communication apparatus includes a function of a so-called push-back terminal, so that when the service is executed, the terminal apparatus located in the vicinity of the external device pushes back the service through the communication line.
The terminal apparatus is provided with a communication unit and a push-back unit. The communication unit is connected to a communication line and the push-back unit, and executes an access to an external device through the communication line, so as to push back the service. The communication unit includes a plurality of transmit/receive circuits. For example, when one transmit/receive circuit receives a power supply voltage supplied through the communication line, it recognizes whether or not the terminal apparatus is in a service execution state, and when it is recognized that the terminal apparatus is in the service execution state, the terminal apparatus executes the service. The communication line is connected to a communication network or the like through a back connection network.
The communication line is provided with a plurality of line circuits. However, in recent years, there are known communication lines which have a structure provided with only one line circuit in order to reduce the cost of a communication line and to implement a communication line with a small current consumption. In this case, when the terminal apparatus uses a communication line provided with only one line circuit, the terminal apparatus does not use any of line circuits of the line circuit but uses the one line circuit. If the terminal apparatus is used, the terminal apparatus executes the service.
In the conventional communication apparatus, when the terminal apparatus which uses the communication line provided with only one line circuit is accessed, the terminal apparatus accesses the external device through the one line circuit, so that the service cannot be quickly implemented.
The present

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