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Endorse the piano and guitar when transforming your PC into a musical instrument with “Limouzik” software. Easily make up new melodies or accompany yourself while improvising, recording and exporting midi-files. The software automates your piano and guitar improvisations with dynamic interface and a standard 105-key keyboard for 76 musical keys, 23 calibration keys and GM Bite Box. You can use the “Limouzik” software to play very different combinations that you can’t manage with you keyboard – your CD collection, your photos, your favorite songs, your heart beating… “Limouzik” has no limits. It can be used with or without windows ; over 128 instruments.
Limouzik’s Functions:
– Automate your improvisations on the piano or guitar directly on your PC keyboard;
– Record, save or export midi-files;
– You have full control over the tempo and the instrument’s dynamics;
– Create your own soundtracks for your computer or the music software of your choice.
Limouzik main features:
– One or two instruments can be automated or controlled from a midi keyboard;
– On-screen buttons and a graphic keyboard take the place of a physical keyboard;
– Visualize the sounds of your improvisation or the midi file sound;
– Export midi files for music software;
– Use a GM Bite Box or a GP15 to play the one or two MIDI instruments (sound chip is optional);
– Mouse and trackpad (except for USB keyboard) are not required;
– Easy and fun to play with “Limouzik”;
– 128 instruments available!
Limouzik complete list of features:
– Play a MIDI instrument;
– Play polyphony instruments;
– Separate playback and control of two or more instruments;
– Midi-file export to music software;
– Preload your midi files for easy registration;
– Control of tempo and sound effects by midi keyboard;
– Control of sound effects with piano or guitar keys;
– Automation or manual control of one or two or even three instruments;
– Export midi files for music software;
– Symetrical screen display;
– Compatible with any size MIDI keyboard, even with GP15;
– Multi-channel play;
– The sound is continuous while you play your midi files;
– Use this software with or without windows ;
– PC midi keyboads can be used

Limouzik Crack +

Keyboard Simulation Professional Full fledge feature-rich, easy-to-use application that allows you to play almost all the instruments in your computer! Customizable, saveable MIDI files, real-time midi recording and a large number of interesting features makes Limouzik Free Download the one of the most powerful MIDI Playing softwares. Limouzik Crack For Windows also supports fully hardware based synthesizers, it can record and export midi file. For more details about the software, please go to
Limouzik 2022 Crack Features:
Simulate and play on real classic and midi synthesizers and drum machines. With this application, you can play 88 keys keyboard or the Emulator instrument.
Record and save your midi file as a standard MIDI file in order to play it with other synthesizers or drum machines. A fully customizable graphic interface is available.
Connect to any MIDI device using the MIDI IN port in order to play. Control and visualize parameters and instruments of the synthesizer connected.
MIDI sequence can be recorded and saved, exported as standard midi file and played back at a later time. Or just play the midi file.
Every MIDI device can be controlled through Midi keyboard, independently of the available PC MIDI ports.
You can record internal sounds of the PC without any modification of the synthesizer.
You can change the sound effects of the synthesizer and the PC. You have so many options.
You can change the colors of the graphic interface.
You can assign your own shortcuts to the most used commands of Limouzik Download With Full Crack.
Limouzik Activation Code Screenshot:

Hey guys I have got a question. Does it make a difference if the pitch of the malitone synth is changed with the keyboard? In my case I am working with the MIDI note number of the A-Gatsby and I have no time to find a new sound engine. And just changing the FM parameter in the sound properties window to “0” doesn’t work, even if I increase it to “-inf. If you can tell me what the frequency is for a particular sound this would be very helpful.


acecousteau wrote on Tuesday, April 05, 2010 2:25:10 AM

hi guys is there a way to change the volume of malitone? the malitone volume is very low and It would be cool if there was something you could set so that you could turn the volume up or down for the

Limouzik Crack+ Keygen Full Version Download

■ Standard 105-key keyboard gives you 76 musical keys and 23 adjustment keys.
■ 128 Instruments with GM Bite box and effects.
■ Full customizable user interface;
■ Close to the real appearance and functionality of a real MIDI
midi key controller.
■ You can record your playing and save and export the recording for home studio utilization
or scores publisher, etc.
■ Compatible with soft synthesizers, acoustic instruments, software (virtual instrument), etc.
■ Compatible with soft synthesizers like Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Casio, Roland,
Gibson, Fender, etc.
Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Limouzik is a musical instrument software with real emulation of real
midi instruments. You can have real midi instruments on your computer
in an easy to use manner.
Limouzik is a great instrument for your home studio, scoring for film,
video, video game or any other real world applications.
Limouzik has been developed by Syned developed company for musicians,
composers and sound engineers.
Limouzik is the best MIDI device software in the world. It emulates real
midi hardware in an easy to use manner in order to use midi instruments
with ease. Real midi instruments makes you feel like playing a real
For real results, use a real midi hardware like Roland, Yamaha or Fender
soft synth.
Limouzik can be used on Windows, Linux (as a virtual device).
Limouzik is freely available as a free download.
Limouzik is available for download on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Limouzik available on “My Page”:

Follow us:

What’s New in the Limouzik?

Limouzik is the first application of polyphonic realization of real instrument:
– 120 musical and adjustment keys,
– The best and the most realistic “Duo Piano” which appears on the screen.
– Memory of your fingering on each key
– Rhythm of tempo for accompaniment.
– MIDI input and output to join with other instruments or external sequencer.
– Manage different instruments by grade of difficulty.
– Various performance modes: piano with pedals, piano with string instrument, piano with wind instrument, piano with accordion.
Limouzik Technical Features:
– Polyphonic keyboard
– 120 musical and adjustment keys
– Midi input and output
– 16 different piano with pedal pedal sounds for FX
– 3 different piano with string instrument sounds for FX
– 2 different piano with wind instrument sounds for FX
– Accordion, bassoon, clarinet, flute and violin
– Tempo
– Create, manage and export up to 100 MIDI tracks.
– Randomize (click on the key, then press left and right shift to choose randomly)
Limouzik is easy to use (took a few hours to program). You can learn in a few minutes how to work it.
Limouzik Technical Requirements:
Windows 98/NT,Windows 2000 or later.
Limouzik Technical Features:
Limouzik is compatible with MS Windows.
Our demo version is designed for individuals. For business we offer 3 versions:
– Limouzik: Midi-Compatible version with 6 piano samples for the midi menu, also can save you your fingering when you perform a score, and can use the sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
– Muse: Midi-Compatible version with 6 piano samples plus a Piano FX with 11 piano effects. Also can save you your fingering when you perform a score and can use the Sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
– Musme: Midi-Compatible version with 6 Piano samples plus a Piano FX with 11 Piano effects plus the gmbite box Effects. Also can save you your fingering when you perform a score and can use the Sequencer to create a midi file to send to external softsynths.
Limouzik is designed to be an easy to use application.
Limouzik MIDI is compatible with GM Bitebox.
All these applications can

System Requirements For Limouzik:

Windows 10 / Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Intel Core i3 or later, AMD Athlon 64 or later
1 GB RAM (32-bit)
NVIDIA GeForce 400 or AMD Radeon HD 4000 or later (GeForce GTX 460 or AMD HD 4850 or later recommended for VR)
DirectX: 11
Windows 10: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
Mac OS X: macOS 10.9.2 or later
Linux: Ubuntu 13.04 or later
Official Support Policies:


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