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Even though you empty the Recycle Bin after deleting a bunch of files, it doesn’t make them completely gone from your computer. There are various applications which can recover deleted files by reading different sectors, but you can also rely on specialized tools like MariusSoft Disk Scrubber to make sure this doesn’t happen.
Lightweight and easy to use
Surely enough the setup process takes very little time, but there’s one thing to consider before putting the application to good use, and that’s whether or not the computer you use it on is fitted with .NET Framework. On the other hand, modern Windows iterations come with it in the default set of features, so chances are it’s already on your PC.
The application might make you feel like it doesn’t mean business, but it gets you directly to the subject, with parameters configured by default so you can start the scrub process without wasting any time. The interface is pretty intuitive, with a simple drop-down menu for drive selection, as well as a button to initiate the operation.
Wipe fixed or removable drives
It’s recommended to cease all other activities during the wipe process in order to avoid any accidental loss of data, and this is because all free space sectors are targeted, which might just be suddenly occupied by temporary data you don’t get to save in the process.
The application makes it possible to target both fixed and removable drives. There’s no refresh function, so it’s a good idea to first plug in the target device before you attempt to start a wipe operation. Pay attention though, because you’re only able to target NTFS file systems.
A few last words
All things considered, we can state that MariusSoft Disk Scrubber is a reliable application if you want to ensure that no files can be brought back from beyond the Recycle Bin. This process is especially handy when you’re giving your old disk drive away, or simply to stay on the safe side of things.







MariusSoft Disk Scrubber 2022

MariusSoft Disk Scrubber is a free application that safely recovers deleted items from the Recycle Bin by moving them to a file on your hard disk. It also makes files appear on the hard disk after they have been removed.Determination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane in simulated drinking water using a novel adsorbent-ion exchanger-solid-phase microextraction combined with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
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MariusSoft Disk Scrubber Crack With Serial Key Download [Win/Mac]

MariusSoft Disk Scrubber is a powerful disk tool which works with most versions of Windows, NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 drives. It can clean all file system, but it can only clean Free Space Segments. The disk content will be recovered without degrading or corrupting the files. This is one the most powerful and effective freeware available on the web. Apart from this, you can also recover Deleted files using MariusSoft Disk Scrubber.
The features of MariusSoft Disk Scrubber are as follows:
> Unrecoverable file deletion
> Deleted file file recovery
> Deleted file folder recovery
> Deleted file drive recovery
> Powerful disk free space check
> Deleted file drive search
> File loss recovery
> Document recovery
> File extension recovery
> Unrecoverable folder loss
> Data recovery
> Recovers non-recoverable file
> Recover deleted files automatically
> Recovery from all file systems
> Free space scan
> Undelete files
> Data recovery software
> Scanner free space
> Raw scan
> Free disk space recovery
> Free disk space check
> The worst case data recovery
> Special operations like unsaved documents
> Scan and recover all partitions
> Automatic data recovery
> Win32 and Win64

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MariusSoft Disk Scrubber With Registration Code

The MSD Scrubber tool can fix a number of problems that may happen with the loss of important data. The software is able to recover all kinds of data types, including photos and system data. The program can be installed to any Windows machine and can scan any drive, including external drives.
Key features:
Recovers all deleted files of different types and types of data from NTFS/ FAT and even some other file systems
Recovers files on hard disk, flash disks and memory cards, removable memory cards, hard disk drives, flash drives, etc.
Recovers files from various types of errors caused by using the Recycle Bin or pressing the Delete button
Recovers files during disk cleanup
Can scan file systems of the hard drive
Recovers data from dynamic disks (ReFS)
Recovers data from drives formatted in NTFS and FAT32
Recovers data from all versions of Windows from Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7
The program is available in many versions for all Windows platforms and can be downloaded for free. It’s easy to start the analysis by clicking on the “Analyze” button. A two-step wizard will guide the user through the steps of the scan: the user clicks on the checkbox next to the checkbox “Scan” button and presses the button “Start the scan”. The main menu of the program includes “Analyze” and “Preview”.
When the scan is complete, the results are shown on the main window. Clicking on the “Finish” button will display the main menu, which includes the “Exit” and “Preview” options.
A complete description of the program’s options can be found on the program’s download page. User’s manual is also available in the program’s “Help” menu, which is accessible from the main window.

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What’s New in the MariusSoft Disk Scrubber?

• Supports all versions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10,
• It scans for both Free and Reserved sectors,
• It can be used to remove all viruses, spyware, and registry errors,
• Powerful and unique algorithm for ECC and SPECKEC cleaning systems,
• Scans for rootkits that other cleaning programs don’t detect.
You will get your disk back and you will get all the files back on the disk, you won’t lose anything.
This is one of the best software for recovering deleted files. It is easy to use and you don’t need any special skills to use it.
MariusSoft Disk Scrubber Features:
• All versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
• No software required
• Both free and reserved sectors (NTFS file systems)
• Supports ECC and SPECKEC cleaning systems
• Powerful and unique algorithm for ECC and SPECKEC cleaning systems
• Scans for rootkits that other cleaning programs don’t detect.
• No manual scanning is needed
• Full support of.NET Framework
How to use:
1. Select a Target Drive
2. Select a Scan Mode
3. Press Reset button to Start Scan
4. Press Start to Start Scan
5. Scan Finished. Go to Files
6. You will see the Deleted Files (File List)
7. Select all Deleted Files and press [Yes]

MS Office Recovery

This is a fully compatible software. And you can use it to recover documents deleted or lost from Microsoft Office Programs.
You can also repair corrupt Microsoft Office files and easily recover corrupt Microsoft Excel files (MS office 2007/2010/2013/2016), Outlook files (MS office 2007/2010/2013/2016/2003), Ms. word files, Ms. excel files, Powerpoint files and Ms. Publisher files.

Microsoft Recovery Toolbox 3.0.1

Microsoft Recovery Toolbox is a windows based data recovery software developed for the users who accidentally deleted, lost or damaged the files. Apart from those recovery operations, its capable to recover the files that have been accidentally deleted from the Recycle Bin or from the off Windows Hard Disk.

On the top of that, it is one of the most advanced data recovery software. It will read all the possible troubles of the files and recover them

System Requirements For MariusSoft Disk Scrubber:

Mac OS X: 10.5 or later.
Intel Pentium II CPU or AMD Athlon X2 or higher CPU.
Mac OS X 10.5.2 or higher
1024 MB RAM.
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher with OpenCL support
CPU with SSE or SSE2 support
Windows: XP SP2 or later.
Intel Pentium II or AMD Athlon XP 2200 or higher CPU.
CPU with SSE or SSE2 support.


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