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———– A new game book is needed, so we would like to hear your advice. The current one on qqgroup is supported by players that are still playing the game. But it is a waste of time for all of us to play an outdated version of the game. That is why we decided to set up a forum to seek advise from players that have played and played longer with the game. In this latest Beta Patch Notes, we would like to announce that a new report function has been added into the game. Reports can be found after clicking the report button at the bottom of the chat window (in the same location as the report button for CJ). To report player(s) in your division, click the report button, then type in the name of the division you wish to report. Click the OK button. Reporting System: ————– 1) In the chat window, there should be a report button at the bottom of the chat window. 2) Type in the name of the division you wish to report. 3) Click on the OK button. 4) A message should appear stating that the report has been placed. NOTE: Each division’s report will appear as a single message in the chat window. C.A. and C.A.1 version of the report system has been added to. 2. Back to Home Screen (BTS) – Will be added to all main screens, especially when returning after making purchases on merchant. 3. BTS Restriction – BTS may be further restricted in certain spaces. Division commanders are notified immediately when BTS is restricted. 4. BTS Control Fee – BTS may be restricted for a period of time to add a very small fee to the cost to operate it (both to fund its maintenance and make it more difficult to obtain than T.N.E.S.U). 5. BTS is Now Available for all Player Groups – Players from all teams can now use the BTS service. The BTS is a special mode that is available only to team divisions. In this mode, players can place T.N.E.S.U. on BTS maps, reserve those maps for a period of time, or even turn off access to the BTS mode. BTS can only be used when it is enabled in your team’s settings. 6. BTS Whitelist – Players can now whitelist or blacklist


Features Key:

  • Racing, fight and survival game
  • Smooth 3D graphics
  • Remarkably rich gameplay
  • Play mode with many game choices


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What’s new:

This is short version of twig twig. More touchy on the twig twig! More not so touchy on the twig 2. Between a new synth, a new game, a bunch of stuff doing on my head, and so on. Great! Code The bow stuff: 3.0.1 – all textured and animated The mask stuff: same version CaveSystem: 1.1 – a dungeon system inspired on the gym keeper 2 NPCSystem: 1.1.1 – an NPC system with a vector based aesthetics and animations A* Pathfinding: 1.2.1 – A* pathfinding implemented is based on path-finding library called R3D Dummy table – a simple table implementation – not easy to change (if I change it, I must change it in every file that has code for the DummyTable) Unterrot – a round table implementation – it can be easily change to other table type (more widely, more customizable) DoubleAdjectiveTable: 1.1 – table that adds two tables in a single database NPCGenerator: 2.0.0 – easy way to generate NPC class What’s up? Here, we have virtually a textured 2D sprite. Each sprite can be placed in given position. It’s stored in one inventory item. If it’s somehow destroyed, another sprite will replace it. You can create new sprites, paste them, and place them. If the sprite is somewhat similar (same material, same texture, same idea) to one already there, then it will erase the previous one and put it in its place (the sprite is not destroyed, but moved) How it works The simplest method consists in use an inventory object (Array/Nemo/Table). We keep only a few shape id (one shape has a ID, and others refer to that one) and an array of the sprites of that shape on the scene. For instance: You can’t store for example an array of 50 sprites of a specific shape. The maximum is always limited. So we create a mask in a shape (simple line with a fill in the shape) and we keep a table of the different sprites in said mask. When we have to add a new item, we compute a new mask. We create a


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