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Considering the huge development that occurred in a short time since Internet revolutionized the way we communicate to each other and solve the main tasks, we surely noticed that platforms such as SharePoint come out with advanced features that enable us to get a better work management.
However, because of the flexible and mobile applications we are used to and the short time we are requested to solve financial problems, clients’ issues etc., we have surely felt that the possibility of working while we’re doing other things was mandatory.
As a SharePoint user you know when you are on to go, your working environment becomes your mobile device. When you are on the road, business conditions, collaboration activities and time limitations are different and here is where Mobile Extensions comes in handy.
Instead of exporting and shrinking all your SharePoint content into your mobile device, using Mobile Extensions you have the possibility to choose only the main domains you are interested in. Therefore, your mobile device displays only the selected directories so you won’t get stuck in a huge amount of information.
The SharePoint component provides you with a simple and intuitive wizard that enables you to quickly extract the fields that you want and build custom mobile pages that include the exact fields and menus.
Being designed mostly for sales agents and Help-Desk employees, Mobile Extensions enables users to create custom mobile pages with no development required and because it comes with support for various mobile phones, you can use it on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows 8 based smartphone or tablet.
To wrap it up, by using Mobile Extensions you can get a simple and focused mobile page that contains only the important information, actions, tasks and calendars.







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With the help of an intuitive wizard, Mobile Extensions enables users to create custom mobile pages with no development required. They come with support for mobile devices running on Android, iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone and BlackBerry®.
All you have to do to access the mobile page is to open it in your mobile device. The wizard is easy to use, in addition to that, it contains the option to activate or deactivate the product and also the possibility to update it.
In addition, the wizard enables you to choose the kind of functionality you are looking for, from simple fields to complex task trees. With Mobile Extensions you can choose to get a simple popup, you can make the page display as a dialog or you can combine both features.
Mobile Extensions Tools:
In order to add the Mobile Extensions to your SharePoint Sites:
– Connect your mobile device to your Windows desktop computer.
– Download and install the SharePoint Package from this link:
– Open the Packages you downloaded in your desktop.
– Double click on the.inf file and follow the instructions given.
– Go to SharePoint – Click the gear icon – Click on Options – Click on Mobile
– Enable Mobile Extensions
– Click Ok
– Log out and log in back in to see the Mobile Extensions
– Open a SharePoint site that you want to add Mobile Extensions, click on the gear icon.
– Click on Mobile Extensions – Click on the link – Click on Choose Extension and click Ok.

You may have heard about stand-alone Microsoft SQL Server and may be aware that you can use an SQL Server instance to host applications, such as client and server side applications. If you are coming from the Microsoft SharePoint on-premises world and you need to start your new business with a non-Microsoft technology stack, you need to think about another option for data storage. Because no matter if it is a single client device or a large number of clients, you can’t always rely on Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases.

What if you need a clean separation between the front and the back-end, for example, if you need to connect front-end and back-end applications? Or is your company using the Microsoft Dynamics GP that you can’t change the data format?

There are some compelling reasons to choose a cross-platform and cross-device database. But what are the alternatives? In this blog I want to share with you

Mobile Extensions 2.2.80 Crack+ Download [32|64bit]

Mobile Extensions Serial Key comes with a simple and intuitive wizard that enables you to quickly extract the fields that you want and build custom mobile pages with no development required and because it comes with support for various mobile phones, you can use it on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows 8 based smartphone or tablet.
Because of SharePoint’s flexible and mobile applications, people are used to work on their mobile devices which makes it the right choice to share the information on the go. Since SharePoint contains advanced features such as records and contents management, security features, content collaboration, a full range of communication tools that enable users to access their information from anywhere, we are sure that it is the right choice to manage business tasks in real time.
Therefore, by using Mobile Extensions Full Crack you are not only providing users with a highly-responsive mobile app, you’re also providing them with a mobile environment that enables them to work easily and more effectively while on the go.
Voters can also receive voting notifications and communicate with each other. The related option to the left of the Green Up arrow will also notify you when you are eligible to vote in the activity and you can share your ballot with colleagues or members of your community.
Social media icons available at the bottom of the activity banner enable you to quickly engage with voters, and your team members.
This activity uses the HubSpot or Hubot combination.

Tend to a social network link and click on Copy (This will create a copy of the link in your clipboard)

In the sheet, add your website link

Make sure you remove spaces from the link (as seen in the image above)

Click on the icon that looks like a letter Z

This will close the sheet

That’s it, your link is ready! (It may take a few seconds for the link to appear in your clipboard)


You can only copy links from a sheet that is not set as Read Only (this would mean you cannot edit the link)

Link Preview
If there is an image preview in the sheet, it is also copied in the clipboard when you copy the link.

Removing social media icons from the activity banner

We have created a file that contains several instructions for removing the icons of your various social networks when you are deploying your file.

Click on the image to the left of the Green icon

This will add the file and direct you to the contents

This file could be

Mobile Extensions 2.2.80 With Key [Updated-2022]

Featuring the web portal of SharePoint 2010 and 2013 with the intuitiveness and social collaboration model, allowing you to get a crystal clear dashboard view in order to get in touch with your customers, clients, and colleagues while roaming.
The component is the first web portal for “offline”. Whether you are on the road or not; the thing you count on is to stay in contact with your stuff. Mobile Extensions (ME) component is the one that enables you to:
* Communicate with customers, clients, and colleagues from anywhere anytime, in one simple dashboard.
* Share information and document efficiently and with ease, to be a better service provider.
* Stay connected with the most important aspects of your business, regardless of location.
* Get a clear view of your business, regardless of your location.
* Enjoy the flexibility to manage all your tasks and activities while on the road.
* Anytime, anyplace. Data and insights anytime, anywhere.
With mobile extensions, get your business back on track by providing better service to your clients and employees.
Enhance collaboration through the use of video conferencing and IP cameras, while managing transactions and keeping track of project progress
Develop a simpler, more engaging user experience
Personalize the look and feel of your site
Mobile extensions version history:
* 14:07, July 2, 2012 – Beta Update Available (updated platform for SharePoint 2010)
* 13:48, July 1, 2012 – Updated Platform for SharePoint 2013
* 11:33, June 26, 2012 – Beta Update
* 10:34, June 17, 2012 – Release
Mobile Extensions is to be downloaded in the
SharePoint Store if you don’t have it
Feature Pack
SharePoint 2010 (Full component)
SharePoint 2010 or 2013 (Full component)
Additional information:

Today’s the start of the second year of Microsoft SharePoint 2014 and we were happy to have the opportunity to talk with the Microsoft Technical Evangelist Team (TMEN) about some of the main changes in the SharePoint Framework, mainly some of the improvements that appeared in the June 2013 platform update, starting with the availability of the April 2013 update to CSOM. The CSOM platform is now at version 2.2, and also the JavaScript object model (JSOM) is a part of the SharePoint Framework

What’s New In Mobile Extensions?

Explore details about what mobile extensions can be used for.

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System Requirements For Mobile Extensions:

OS: Windows 7 64bit (and newer)
Windows 7 64bit (and newer) CPU: Core 2 Duo (1.4GHz)
Core 2 Duo (1.4GHz) Memory: 1GB
1GB Graphics: GeForce 7800GTX or Radeon X1900 (256MB VRAM)
GeForce 7800GTX or Radeon X1900 (256MB VRAM) HDD: ~300MB free space
~300MB free space DirectX: DirectX 9
DX9 Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse (


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