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yhWallpaper Changer (Mac OS) is a simple and reliable option to change your system’s wallpaper. You can also instantly add wallpapers to it, import pictures from different sources and view some essential information about each file.
Ease of use
When you launch yhWallpaper Changer, you will notice a simple and clean interface. A list is shown where you can select the wallpaper you want to use. The program gathers files from your hard drive and displays them in a convenient manner. It allows you to import pictures from a local folder, from a network drive, from an FTP server, and from a URL.
There is a help manual included in the package, which you can use for finding out how to set up the program’s features.
What’s more, you can easily search for images using different parameters and organize them into a specific order.
The application does not require you to work with advanced tools or manage your system resources. It runs smoothly and quickly, even on older PCs, so even if you are under a tight schedule, you can still perform the task on the go.
Browser support
The program’s features are portable. That means they work on both Windows and Mac systems.
Applications you can use this tool on include:
– Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, 8 and 10
– Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.10 and newer
Further tools
If you want to add wallpapers to the program, you can either drag-and-drop them or choose a folder from the file browser window.
You can also choose different wallpapers by selecting them from a list. Other than that, the program offers you two options: import and preview wallpapers.
The first one is used to convert the photos into a DMG file. You can then add the files to the program by importing them. A slideshow feature is also available, which enables you to view wallpapers in a simple way.
If you want to remove pictures from the list, you can use the clear button or select the items using the search filter. What’s more, you can also get rid of the entire list.
To pause the process, click the stop button located on the taskbar. If you would like to stop the operation altogether, right-click on the icon to manage the options.
Overall, yhWallpaper Changer is a simple yet reliable program that can help you automate a process that most people don

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In order to use the IP Camera Monitor app, you have to be connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi network. All the necessary information needed to set up the IP camera is configured. It is also possible to remote control IP cameras from your mobile device.
For a reasonably low fee, you get a lot of features including:
Set your desired channels
Once the account is setup, you can manage your IP cameras from one account. A separate account can also be configured to remote control several IP cameras.
At the beginning, you can configure up to 5 cameras on one account. In addition, the platform allows you to easily monitor up to 20 IP cameras.
The application has an online panel that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can also be accessed via email from any device. This is great since you can remotely check in on the camera from anywhere, anytime.
With your mobile device, you can:
Control the camera motion
Set the desired motion detection sensitivity
Configure other options related to the camera
IP Cam Monitor does not only enable you to control your cameras, it also enables you to remotely control them from anywhere. This is great since you don’t have to leave your own house to check in on your camera. You can also setup motion alerts and alerts based on specific settings.
The application is easy to install on your device since it comes with an installer that is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. It also supports all versions of iOS.
Download the IP Camera Monitor from the App Store and Google Play.
You can also check their website for more information:

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My IP PC/Windows

It is a minimalistic thing based on HTML pages and Javascript.
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After researching my topic for a long time I have decided to create this page.
I have created a social media page for all my visitors to show them where I get my info from. The page is called and the URL is
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This is a long time coming but finally I’m finishing up with the ip-help stuff,
The channel is called IP-help and you can find me on here.
And I have some news regarding the future
The Board of Directors is coming up with a consensus in the next week, this is the big news and this is the reason why I am not active on here anymore.
Last week the Board of Directors did not come up with a consensus and that is the reason why I have not been active since then.
I have a few fans from Norway.
So I’m including some things from Norway in the ip-help.
You will need to make a new browser window for it.
Hans Olajos
So my

What’s New In My IP?

My IP Description is an app that can help you determine the OS that is being used on a computer.
The program is based on the fact that various OSes use different methods in order to identify a computer’s specifications. For example, Linux can only see if a machine is 64-bit or 32-bit, while Windows and macOS are able to tell whether the processor is Intel or AMD.
In order to be able to identify which OS a computer is running, My IP Description uses a combination of sensors in the computer to figure out what operating system it is. This feature makes the program capable of detecting many different versions and operating systems out there.
For instance, it works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8.x, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 SP1. It also works on Android, Apple iOS (iOS 11, iOS 12), and Linux. It also works on jailbroken Android devices.

My IP Description is a user-friendly and useful app that can accurately identify the operating system a device is running on. This is thanks to the apps sensitivity in spotting different versions of Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.
The app works best on systems that are using 64-bit CPUs or OSes, because of this fact. It also has some limitations as it works best on systems running the latest update of a certain operating system. For example, if you’re running a system running iOS 14, it will have difficulty detecting the operating system.

Other Features

The app comes with powerful features that will help you determine the operating system a system is running on. It’s able to detect the specifications of each version of Windows. The app also lets you determine your system’s processor and RAM.
The app comes with a virtual sensor that helps you analyze system health. This lets you know if the system is working fine or if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
It’s also possible to setup a virtual sensor to collect data from your smartphone. This is great because it gives you the chance to catch a problem before it becomes a problem.
You can also set up alarms to alert you when certain problems happen. For instance, you can change system’s parameters and toggle that the screen should lock.
The app can help you determine your system’s

System Requirements For My IP:

* x86
* Windows 7 SP1 (or higher)
* OSR (and required patches)
* Mac version is tested on OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion.
* Android version is tested on Samsung Galaxy S1 and HTC Sensation.
* iPhone and iPad version is tested on iOS 4.2.
The game is playable on low end PCs (such as


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