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-Batch conversion mode – Convert images in sequences -Edit modes – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Edit modes: – Change color, transform metadata, select file name, change size, crop and rotate image -Read supported formats – JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, Targa, WebP, PCD, EMF, PDF, PS, PS2, CBR, CBZ, CR2, CXR, CXF, DRX, Exif, NEF, NFF, ORF, R10, R11, RMF, RAW, RAS, RAS2, RW2, TIF, TIFFX, UWV, VXD, VRW, VIF, X3F, X3D, X3F2, X3D3, XBM, XDP, XPM, XPM, XWD, XWD2, XWF, XVF, XVG, DXF, DDS, DICOM, KDC, KIP, ODP, OIC, OLE, OIT, OPJ, ONH, PCT, PCZ, PGM, PIC, PIC, PICT, PIX, PIXMAP, PJL, PNM, PTK, RGM, RPG, RM, RAW, RAS, RAS2, RW2, SGI, SEG, SEQ, SFF, SFF, SHT, SIB, SR2, SRF, TAR, TGA, TLT, SWA, UDR, UIM, VRW, XVG, VID, VOX, PDF, PSE, PFM, PEP, PEPX, PES, PES2, PFA, PFB, PFM, PGM, PGM, PGN

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ImageMagick/GnuWin32 is a collection of lightweight command line utilities that use the various Windows imaging libraries to process images, manipulate bitmaps, textual documents, sound, and even PDF documents. If you are looking for a simple yet very powerful image processing tool, ImageMagick may be a good choice. ImageMagick/GnuWin32 Utilities The ImageMagick/GnuWin32 utilities are wrappers that are designed to use the underlying Windows image libraries to perform a variety of tasks. This includes converting images in a variety of formats, resizing images, and applying image filters, among others. In addition to that, the utility also supports the use of batch conversion tools to quickly convert a whole collection of images into a single format. Advanced image processing ImageMagick/GnuWin32 also features a simple command line syntax to process images, an easy to use GUI frontend and a simple configuration utility. As much as it might seem like a simple tool, the robustness and usability of the ImageMagick suite makes it one of the most advanced image processing tools for Windows. As an example, for basic image manipulation tasks, the program includes tools that can be used to resize images, add text to images and formats, perform image filters, and even apply a wide range of image effects. Batch processing One of the most fascinating aspects of ImageMagick is the ability to process multiple images in a single operation without the need to use external programs or libraries. For this, ImageMagick has tools for batch conversion, resizing, and various editing and enhancement tasks. In addition to that, the program allows you to convert images in different formats, including those that are unsupported by the program. Bottom line To sum up, ImageMagick/GnuWin32 is a complete image processing library that supports most of the popular formats. It also includes a powerful batch conversion option to let you convert the whole collection of images at once. This is only available in the command line version, but it is a simple feature to configure. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best application in photo editing and digital media editing. This software gives more options and features than any others. An experienced Photoshop user will find it easier to create beautiful images and amazing digital artworks in Photoshops enhanced features. Some of the best features of Photoshop Free and easy to use The Easy way to Create New Artwork Images Adobe Photoshop is 91bb86ccfa

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NConvert converts images to more than 500 different formats. It can also read Photoshop files, GIFs, JPGs, TIFFs,.WMV,.AVI, and much more. Its intuitive interface makes even the most complicated conversions a breeze to perform. Key features: • Fast batch conversion; • Support for RAW image conversion; • Support for over 400 export formats; • Read/write support for all image formats: TIFF, TGA, WBMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF, PSD, AVI, MOV, WMV, RAW, RAR, ZIP, JPG, JPEG 2000, MP4, 3GP, etc. FotoKast Studio [Mac] Key Features: 1. Batch Conversion: You can select multiple images or video files and process them at the same time. You can also batch convert images without a file format limitation. 2. Intuitive Operation: With its simple and easy-to-use interface, the user can quickly and easily convert various file formats. 3. Filters Support: You can easily apply different filters to your images. 4. Effects Support: These apply filters to your images using predefined effects. Among the effects we can use are Color Effects, Corners Removal, Dots Removal, Highlights Enhancement, Shadows Deemphasis, High Contrast, and many others. 5. Batch conversion modes: You can choose to convert photos, videos, or audio files to MP3, FLAC, MP4, OGG, WAV, etc. 6. The app keeps all the original data and does not modify it when converting your files. To ensure that the original data remains intact, you can even convert photos back to their original file format. 7. The app will check all the information in the images. If you find the information missing, you will be notified by the app and you can manually fill it out. 8. You can preview how your images will look before finishing the conversion. Also, the photo can be saved as a preview before finishing. 9. Drag and Drop: You can also drag and drop your images directly to the app. And the images will automatically be processed for you. 10. Select multiple items from the Finder/Nautilus, or drag and drop multiple images (PNG, TGA, BMP, etc) directly to the app. 11. The app supports macOS 10.13 High Sierra and above. 12. iTunes Import: You can

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Nconvert is a lightweight command-line image processing utility that can be used for converting, editing and enhancing multiple pictures at the same time. The application provides support for more than 500 graphic file formats and comes with over 80 image manipulation commands. Support for various features to play with Nconvert features an extensive and variate set of tools, designed to help you convert images from one format to another, rotate, crop and resize them, perform fine adjustments or apply filters and effects in order to improve their quality. Batch conversion mode One of the advantages of this application is that it is capable of processing image sequences and multiple types of images simultaneously, enabling you to batch convert a collection of pictures to a user-defined format, no matter the extension of each file. In addition to this, the program can transform images while converting, allowing you to convert, change size and make fine adjustments with a single operation. It provides options for importing images from the clipboard, editing the metadata information and specify the source file name within the output name. Work with several editing utilities When it comes to graphic editing tools, Nconvert is not a disappointment. It features commands for changing the color channel type and profile, adjusting the quality, adding alpha channels, adjusting the brightness, the contrast and the saturation levels, noise reduction and applying effects and filters (masking, deinterlacing, vignetting, detail enhancement, emboss, focus enhancement, equalize, blur, normalize are just some examples). Also, there are commands for applying watermarks or adding texts onto your pictures, compression and setting a maximum file size. While high-resolution images are supported, converting huge images require a large amount of resources and may not always work. Bottom line The wide range of supported input formats, together with the variate set of processing tools makes Nconvert a powerful batch image conversion application. Although it only works using the command prompt, its syntax is simple and the usage is pretty straightforward for those who are accustomed to the console. PROS CONS Very easy to use Powerful batch conversion mode Supports almost all graphic formats CONS Command Prompt Command-line coding with no menus, dialog boxes or wizards No real-time previewing or other graphical features COMPATIBILITIES Windows 10 8.1 8 7 Vista Windows XP PRICE $24.99 FREE Add to compare No Not

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Windows 7/8/10 Intel Pentium 4 CPU (2 GHz) or AMD Athlon (2 GHz) or higher 1 GB RAM 200 MB available disk space DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with hardware video acceleration Minimum resolutions: 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200 Maximum resolution: 2048×1536 DirectX 10.0 compatible video card The launcher will run on any video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or above Input


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