PATCHED PTGui Pro 8.3.3

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PATCHED PTGui Pro 8.3.3

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MYSQL fulltext index 0/1 results

I’m trying to understand how fulltext indexing works.
My situation:

column with about 1000 rows
I need to search for a substring in the same string, that I’m searching for, but without using LIKE, only using fulltext index

My question: Is this indexing / search functionality slow for queries?
Will queries using a fulltext index return 0/1 records?


The index will slow down some queries and limit the range of values which can be queried by it.
For example you can find text like ‘test’ for uppercase text where you would expect it to fail, because the fulltext index only indexes the lowercase version of the text, so it does not support uppercase queries.
In your case fulltext search is not likely to be the best choice.

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