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Any computer that has been used for a considerable amount of time is likely to have a significant number of duplicate files taking up storage space. Given the increasing popularity of SSDs, this problem is more important than ever, but it is difficult to find a novice-friendly duplicate cleaner that can help you out.
PhotoDeduper is one such application, an intuitive tool that enables you to find and remove duplicate items in a few simple steps. It features a modern, sleek UI, and can be used even by complete novices.
Easy-to-use duplicate finder that can mark items for deletion automatically
Once you have specified which folders should be searched, the application scans them for duplicate items and sorts these into groups. You can switch between one of the three viewing modes, and then specify which of the identical items should be deleted.
To make things easier, PhotoDeduper offers a helpful Auto Mark tool, which is designed to select items automatically based on a user-defined parameter. For instance, images can be marked for deletion based on their file size, creation date, dimensions and folder.
Suitable for managing large photo collections
This application is a great choice for photographers who need to get rid of identical files that are being stored in several locations, as well pictures saved in multiple resolutions.
It is even possible to exclude files that are too small, as well as expand the search parameters to also include hidden files.
The application supports a wide range of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD and GIF, as well as numerous RAW formats.
Novice-friendly duplicate cleaner
To sum things up, this is an intuitive, minimalistic application specially designed to help you find and remove duplicate photos. It is very easy to use, and it can mark removable items automatically, while featuring a modern, streamlined UI.







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– Finds and marks duplicate images automatically
– Supports a wide range of formats
– Supports RAW photosWydawnictwo Literackie

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PhotoDeduper 7.41 Activation [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

This software is developed to remove image duplicates from your archive, it’s not only a simple tool to remove duplicate files but also can save you a lot of time and energy. This program can find each and every duplicate of your images.

Powerful, user-friendly tool that can remove duplicate files from your archive
Designed for Windows
Powerful, user-friendly tool that can remove duplicate files from your archive
File types supported
Can remove.JPG.png and many RAW formats
Rich feature set
Save file names
Support for Windows 64bit, even Steam games
Hundreds of unique features
Detailed-info on each file
Save file names
Support for Windows 64bit, even Steam games
PhotoDeduper is one of the few tools on the market capable of removing duplicate images with tremendous efficiency. It is one of the more versatile, user-friendly tools out there, with hundreds of features that will make it easy for novice users to identify, manage and remove duplicate files from their archive.
The application features a modern and sleek UI, and it can be used even by complete novices. The tool also supports a wide range of file types, and it is capable of removing duplicate images regardless of their size, dimensions, file names or even file paths.
It can save file names, and you can even set up settings that will prevent duplicates of certain images from being marked for deletion, or that will mark smaller files with a specific file extension for deletion.
This application is best described as a photo duplicates remover, but it can be used to eliminate duplicates of almost any file type.
Novice-friendly duplicate cleaner
The program is designed for those who have never used image duplicates removers before, and it provides a very intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any special training.
The application also features a modern and sleek UI, which is especially helpful when it comes to novice users, and it even has a handy Auto-Mark feature, so you can specify that certain files should be automatically marked for deletion.
It is also possible to use some of the tool’s many other options as filters for unselecting unwanted images. For instance, you can set up the program to target duplicate files that are more than a specific time ago, use a specific file size, or keep the same date.
The program is also capable of remembering the parameters that have been set, meaning that they can be applied to other duplicate detection or

What’s New In?

Supports the following file types:
*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jfif; *.jfif-rle; *.jfif-alt; *.jfif-lossless; *.jfif-predict; *.jfif-raw; *.jfif-sr; *.jfif-v; *.jfif-vt; *.jfif-vtrle; *.jfif-vtir; *.jfif-vtrle-rle; *.jfif-vtrle-alt; *.jfif-vtrle-lossless; *.jfif-vtrle-predict; *.jfif-vtrle-raw; *.jfif-vtrle-sr; *.jfif-vtrle-v; *.jfif-vtrle-vrle; *.jfif-vtrle-tir; *.jfif-vtrle-vtrle; *.jfif-vtrle-alt; *.jfif-vtrle-lossless; *.jfif-vtrle-predict; *.jfif-vtrle-raw; *.jfif-vtrle-sr; *.jfif-vtrle-v; *.jfif-vtrle-vrle; *.jfif-vtrle-tir; *.jfif-vtrle-vtrle; *.jfif-vtrle-alt; *.jfif-vtrle-lossless; *.jfif-vtrle-predict; *.jfif-vtrle-raw; *.jfif-vtrle-sr; *.jfif-vtrle-v; *.jfif-vtrle-vrle; *.jfif-vtrle-tir; *.jfif-vtrle-vtrle; *.jfif-vtrle-alt; *.jfif-vtrle-lossless; *.jfif-vtrle-predict; *.jfif-vtrle-raw; *.jfif-vtrle-sr; *.jfif-vtrle-v; *.jfif-vtrle-vrle; *.jfif-vtrle-tir; *.jfif-vtrle-vtrle; *.jfif-vtrle-alt; *.jfif-vtrle-lossless; *.jfif-vtrle-predict;

System Requirements For PhotoDeduper:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3
Connection: Broadband Internet (or Wi-Fi)
Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
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