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You use a layer to separate an image into different groups or layers. Each layer affects different parts of the image. Layers provide a way to mask portions of an image, which enables you to change or edit only the portions that you want to change. You can use masks to create complex effects or even create innovative art! (I discuss masking and applying Photoshop layers in Chapter 14.)

The simplest way to create a new layer is to choose Layer⇒New Layer. You can name the layer and create the layer below the layer you created. To create a new layer with Photoshop, go to Layer⇒New Layer. Or you can click the Add Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel (see Figure 6-1).

FIGURE 6-1: Click the Add Layer icon to add a new layer.

Refer to Figure 6-2 and Chapter 5 for more details on working with layers.

FIGURE 6-2: As a basic level, you can view and manipulate all layers in

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To test your Photoshop skills, try these fun memory and association game Photo Hunt challenges. Find images of:

An unusual place.

A bright new gadget.

A child’s toy.

A quirky object.

Or, if you’re feeling really creative, pick an animal.

If you’re having trouble choosing any animal, try this category.

And remember to let us know what you find in the comments. We want to see your creative images. 🙂

Almost any animal category

Each one of these animals represents a Disney princess. Click to find the image.

A Peculiar Place

Adriana Loureiro, Susan Villegas, Brittany Boyer

A Bright New Gadget

Joseph Brew, L.P, Lynn Povich

A Child’s Toy

Ankur Patel, Nick Jalbert

A Quirky Object

Jackie Chen, Jose A.R. Gutierrez, James Jordan

An Accidental Pet

Arielle Retterath, Anurag Verma, Emily Sanderson

A Polar Bear

Kobie Kerr, Sarah Brandenburg, Kristin Blackley

A Quadruped

Scott Magwood, Rowan Van de Leest, Lillie Knight

A Rabbit

Colin Harvey, Justin Glavogin, Renee Kohout

A Vulture

Alison Groves, Jessica Redling, Julia Cheng

A Dragon

Rose Martin, Anastasia Shorrock, Natasha Reshotko

An Octopus

Alexis Guesdon, Gianfranco Fioretti, Becky Clarke

A Lizard

Kabir Barodekar, Catriona Kennedy, Tamara Tindall

A Litter of Puppies

George Ng, Christine Yang, Nikita Matveyenko

A Serval

Alejandro Guzman, Esteban Cordova, Mateo Mogollon

A Friendly Animal

Tae-won Kim, Catriona McCracken, Kerry Corbett

A Crab

Pernille Possek, Anna Osorio, Elena Guadalupi

An Osprey

Helen Craig

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an example of how this sort of ridiculousness can happen. My father is a fish biologist, and he specializes in analyzing the reproductive behavior of fish.

Fish are very social and for the most part, need to live in groups. This means that they’re prone to breeding at odd times, and, for some reason, these times tend to be either random or related to other in-group social activities.

For example, sperm whales are usually very aggressive to each other, but in captivity, males will often pair off, even in the presence of other non-sperm whales. However, if females start to approach, the males will usually attack them.

Fast forward to my father’s fascination with a particular fish. If you’re familiar with salmonids, you know that they can also be very territorial and keep to themselves, except when spawning.

After hatching, salmon become very active in the water, and aggregate in the same place as much as possible. What’s really fascinating about this activity is that other fish will not go near the specific place where the salmon congregate, in part because they’re so territorial, and in part because they don’t want to waste their energy foraging for food.

So, as salmon spawn, they will get in a tight group, each one about the size of a lunch bag.

These fish are like robot time bombs. They’re not actually sperm whales, but they’re programmed to act aggressively towards each other. This is a risk to them because as a large fish group moves towards the shore, it’s very obvious to predators. Predators (and the fish group knows this too) will approach them carefully. But the salmon are programmed to spray the water when they’re about to spawn, which gives the predator a false sense of security, and they won’t realize they’re about to become lunch until it’s too late.

The other weird thing about their nesting is that, up until about a month before they spawn, the fish don’t eat, because they need all their energy for this big activity.

My father’s job was to examine fish in the wild, and see if he could record when they were about to spawn, and when they were actually spawning.

His work was based on these fish being territorial, so he thought that they would gather at the same place,

What’s New in the?


How to disable “battery is critically low” alert?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.
I am using Xposed framework, and just installed Xiaomi-mod v1.2.4.2.
Now the problem is that it gives a “battery is critically low” alert after 50% of battery usage. It is annoying that it interrupts my phone usage. I don’t want this as my phone is perfect for me, and I would be happy if battery usage was enough for me to ignore this alert message. Is there any way to prevent this?
The screenshot attached is from a new battery installation. Earlier, there were no such alert message.


So what you want is to turn off critical battery low notification for Xiaomi devices?
The method is the same, but instead of adding a repository, you add a binary to another Xposed module.
You can follow instructions on how to switch off critical battery low notification in Xposed for Samsung, and devices from Xiaomi’s new generation, follow this guide:

Enable Mi Flashtool, by following xda post (subscribe for latest
Open Mi Flashtool. You will see an option “Overclock, MIUI 9
Settings-> System-> Charging-> Show Battery Low Alert”.

Open Settings and go to xposed module manager, and open up Critical Battery Low Notification Settings.
Go into the Modules option, click Add. Find Xiaomi and click Add.

Reboot the phone. If you don’t want to reboot, you can disable the notifications by pressing and holding Power and Volume Up at the same time.

If you want to do the same for all Xiaomi devices, you can use this script:

Where the file is located:
If you want to use a different script, feel free to use it.
Why it works:
The script is basically downloading the script that’s already been made by xda post, and adding to the module list of Xposed and thus, disabling the notification.


A new version of MIUI 9 called MIUI already released on September 12th a new option called Access critical battery low in the MIUI 9.

System Requirements:

* System: Windows 10 (32/64 Bit), Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
* Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2.8 GHz AMD A-6
* RAM: 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
* Hard Drive: 15 GB of free space (20 GB recommended)
* DirectX: Version 11
I’m planning to release some additional patches so let me know if you have any questions.Q:
php mysql not working
i’m using


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