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The Internet is full of pictures taken of almost anything. These are used in various projects, with a high chance of being enhanced before made into a design elements or funny meme. One simple editing task is cutting specific parts, and is exactly the task applications like PictureCutter are built for.
Can be used on the go
You don’t even need to go through an installation process to make the application run, which also means you can store it on a USB flash drive to use on other computers as well. However, you do need to make sure .NET Framework is installed on the target PC, although modern Windows iterations come with the feature as a default one. Another consequence is that system registries remain intact, and so does the computer’s health status.
When launched, a simple window comes up, with a classic frame housing all features. In the background, there are various details related to the whole process so you don’t get stuck along the way. In the meantime, you need to pick a folder as source, so you need to make sure all pictures you want to cut are in the same directory, because only one can be used at a time.
Cut custom areas with a selection box
Most of the space represents the canvas, and also the place where the selected image shows up. Two additional panels are there, one that shows all pictures in the source directory, while the other is for output. Cutting is simply done by placing a custom box around the area of interest, and double-clicking it to send it to the output list.
PictureCutter lets you manage several properties, accessed from the context menu. These refer to source folder for pictures and project file, border options with size specifications for area and thickness, destination, but with no option for quality or format, as well as a few general details.
Although you can only have one selection box active at a time, it’s enough to get the job done. However, you can’t zoom in on the picture, except if you adjust the main window borders. No other functions are implemented except for flip and rotation, not even simple color sliders.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that PictureCutter is a straightforward application that can be used to cut custom parts of pictures with little effort. Although it’s pretty light on the set of features, it lives up to expectations by making the process easy to understand, and fast.







PictureCutter Crack + Latest

We’ve all seen those pictures we like a lot and want to use as layout material for our web pages, but we don’t have a picture editor on our computer that we can use. Sometimes we have a favorite editor that’s installed on our computer, but not all computers have it, plus most of them are full of viruses and other annoying pieces of junk which are actually slowing things down.
Our all-in-one picture editor solution is PictureCutter. It’s a small and lightweight application that you can use to edit pictures on the fly to extract specific areas which you want to keep for editing.
You can manipulate pictures with just a few mouse clicks, and if you need to extract specific areas from the picture, you can select a box with a start and an end point using the mouse.
You don’t even need to install anything, as PictureCutter does the whole job for you, and provides a number of detail configuration options.
It even provides you with a small preview window so you can see what you’re doing in action, and it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the process!
Key Features of PictureCutter:
Custom areas and border specifications for easy selection with the mouse
You can specify the width and thickness of the borders to be cut out, and which one should go to the output folder.
High quality picture conversion for the output results with lossless format and resolution settings
Quality settings such as bitmap, palette, grayscale and RGB formats can be set to speed things up or save space in the output folder.
You can even tweak the source pictures for the conversion settings.
High speed conversion for better results
Many small pictures or parts of big pictures can be put into the picture editor for conversion, with settings such as filter, crop, flip or rotate applied after conversion.
Save time and resources with PictureCutter free trials
You can download and try all PictureCutter free trial versions for any operating system and computer. All trial versions include a 30-day money back guarantee, which gives you the time and resources you need to make your picture editing experience worthwhile.

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You don’t need to register to download this software.
Using this software just need to ensure that you have dot net framework installed in your system or else it will show error of.NET framework is not installed.
Display images of different sizes.
Cut custom areas with selection box.
You can crop images to cut only selected areas.
You can export picture to different files.
Download now and save time as well as money.

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PictureCutter With Serial Key

PictureCutter is one of our new apps at softwares.com. The app is designed to help you extract and crop your photos or other images from selected section. With the app you can cut your image from main preview window by selecting the part you want to keep and then pressing “Cut” button.

PictureCutter is quite useful to cut images from larger photo, magazine, banner, sign, etc. without losing quality.

PictureCutter is an image processing tool that let you cut out any parts from the image you want to keep, which allow you to create title slide, headers, images, signs, collages etc. With this tool, it’s much easy to cut out your desired section from the image. And from this section you can save it as a format like PNG, JPG, TIFF or BMP.

How to cut image with PictureCutter:
Step 1: Select the image you want to cut from the image list that stored in the application.

Step 2: After that, click the “Cut” button and the selected part will be saved to the output folder.

This software is very easy to use, you can do the cutting easily with the software. It’s very easy to cut image from the application.

Easy to make the output image in the application.

You can save your image in the common format like PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF etc.

Download PictureCutter

Author : Softwares.com
PictureCutter is an app that allows you to cut out custom parts from selected images. The whole process of cutting image is very simple with this application. Using PictureCutter, you can save the image with different resolution. It is designed to offer the best solution to let you save your image in the format you want.

It supports different types of images like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP. PictureCutter is very easy to use and you can do the cutting easily with the software.

It allows you to select the image you want to cut out from the image list that stored in the application. And from this list, you can cut the part of image that you want to keep. The selected part will be saved to the output folder as the image format you want.

PictureCutter is a little software that lets you take the parts of any image

What’s New In?

With PictureCutter you can cut out all kinds of images. Cut pictures from one source image to another. Easily cut pictures from folder of images. Cutting images from a folder to a folder. You can also cut images from a specific area in the photo, even a specific area from a photo. With PictureCutter you can make images from any picture, any image and any image size.
The output format options are PNG, JPG and BMP. PictureCutter also allows you to rotate and flip your pictures. You can define a resizing quality for the cutout, based on the imported pictures width and height.
You can cut pictures from one folder to another, it is very easy and you can use it in a simple way. PictureCutter can also copy selected area of a photo or a picture to another folder. In addition, PictureCutter can cut images from a specific area of the photo and you can define and define the target of the image, from the center of the photo to the right.
Key Features:
You can select the complete photo to cut, the part from which to cut and also the output folder, and also the output format (JPG, PNG, BMP).
PictureCutter has very light size.
It’s simple to use with an easy interface.
It is suitable for designing your own screens for mobile phones.
Main Applications
Programs that Work with:
1. It also can work with the following applications:
– It is the best image editor on the market.
– Cut out an image from the photo.
– Cut out and save an image to the iPhone.
– Cut out and save an image to the iPod.
– And much more..
2. Easily cut out an image from any image.
– A low price price.
– A very useful application.
– And much more..
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System Requirements:

Please be aware that 3rd party applications cannot be supported.
Core specifications
Operating System: Windows® 2000 or later
Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 1024 MB RAM recommended
Display: 32-bit system, with 16-bit colour support
DirectX: Version 8.0
Hard Drive: 500 MB free disk space
Network: Broadband internet connection
Optional Specifications
Graphics: NVIDIA® DirectX® 9.0 compatible graphics card with a display resolution of 1024×768



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