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Microsoft Office Outlook users might encounter difficulties when dealing with increasingly large PST files that constantly grow as time passes. PST Splitter is an application that was developed in order to provide people with the means to avoid such issues, by quickly splitting large PST files into smaller archives. It will allow them to set up a splitting schedule and this way avoid handling large PST files and increase their workflow efficiency.
Minimalist interface that offers users a straightforward handling and easy-to-use features
The application presents people with a clean interface that offers only one primary option, for setting up the parameters of the PST file splitting process. Users will be able to easily load the preferred PST files by using the provided controls and then they will need to define the splitting process details.
People will be able to indicate the directory where the PST file is located and select several options for the splitting process. Items that are older than a specified time duration can be eliminated, new PST files can be created for each processing cycle, users can select to make backup copies of the original files (although, the location of the backup isn’t specified) and a specific schedule can be defined.
Split your Outlook PST files and avoid dealing with large amounts of data, by using this basic utility
The advantages of archiving PST files on a scheduled basis are numerous and users will be able to structure their PST content more efficiently. Managing smaller files will be more efficient than browsing the contents of large PST files, especially if people hold numerous contacts, emails or agenda entries.
Nevertheless, despite its ease-of-use and basic interface, the utility could have provided more options for splitting the preferred files. One of these options could be to perform batch processing and add multiple PST files simultaneously, especially for those who hold numerous Outlook accounts.
Good software solution for those who wish to organize their PST files better, by splitting them on a scheduled basis
This application addresses users who require a way of archiving their PST files in order to achieve a better management of such Outlook content. It will allow them to split PST files with ease, either manually or automatically, on a scheduled basis. Several parameters can be defined for the scheduling process, such as file backup, but unfortunately, the utility doesn’t support batch processing.







PST Splitter Download [Updated]

Outlook PST file splitter is a solution that was developed by a team of professionals who handle various forms of software applications. Their objective was to offer users a reliable tool that will allow them to split large Outlook PST files in a more convenient way. The program was tested and approved by many users, and it is now available for testing. The program is packed with a useful interface and a dedicated team of developers. The interface is quite simple and, for the most part, there is only one task that people need to accomplish, which is to indicate the PST file that they wish to split.

People will be able to locate several options, such as file handling, settings, selection schedule, and more. With this software, people will be able to split their PST files in a more convenient manner. People can start the program manually or they can use a scheduled process, and they will be able to select the actual processing parameter, such as file age, and more. People will be able to handle multiple files at the same time, thanks to the batch processing mode, and they will be able to set up regular or irregular execution schedule, according to their needs.

PST Splitter Torrent Download is a standalone application, and this means that people will not need to download additional programs. They will be able to use the program without additional drivers or installations. People will be able to download their preferred files in their specified path, and they will be able to choose between several file management options. People will be able to copy their data to their disk drive, and they will be able to save a backup copy of their data. People will also have the option of setting up some other process options, such as selecting specific items to handle or even adding some specific settings. It is important to mention that users will be required to set up a few options in order to provide the best and most convenient split experience.

Basic features offered by the software:

Outlook files split using a schedule: A simple and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to indicate the file that they want to split and specify the schedule.

Select items by using filters: Users will be able to use filters to select the items that they want to process.

Create a backup copy of the original files: In case there are some files that will be deleted in the next processing cycle, then people will be able to create backup copies of these files and store them in a safe and secure location.

Help and support section: Users

PST Splitter Crack + Keygen Full Version [32|64bit]

PST Splitter Serial Key is an useful software that presents users with a simple user interface, which contains only one button and one menu for setting up the various parameters for the archiving process. The utility doesn’t provide much of an advantage with regards to other similar programs. However, this program has several features that can be very helpful in the process of organizing large PST files and the application will allow users to prepare an appropriate schedule for the archiving process.
The interface offers users various modes of file importing, such as simply loading a single PST file and adding multiple files at once, by simply using the specified directory. Another great feature that is available is the ability to archive files based on specific attributes, such as creation date, size, date last modified or filter duplicates. The last one will allow users to purge duplicates and keep only the first created file for each item.
Basic interface to quickly deal with large PST files, by extracting only the desired content
PST Splitter doesn’t offer users many options, but it will be a simple solution for those who require a way of dealing with large PST files on a scheduled basis. People can choose to set up the splitting process manually or automatically and the utility will allow them to combine either multiple PST files or just a single one at a time.
It will also allow them to define various options for the archiving process, such as file backup, but people won’t be able to perform multiple file imports at once, which is a disadvantage of this program.
PST Splitter doesn’t support batch processing, which makes it less useful than similar tools
People will be able to choose between 3 different options for defining the splitting schedule and the interval for each archive cycle, such as a daily, weekly or monthly mode. This way, people will be able to specify how frequently they wish to split a single PST file.
PST Splitter also includes a scheduler that will allow users to schedule the process of splitting files. Users will be able to add multiple files at once and organize the splitting process based on the selected attributes. The status of the specified files will be shown in the scheduler and people will be able to view the archiving process details. The application will allow them to preview only duplicates in order to easily identify and purge unwanted files.
PST Splitter doesn’t support batch processing but it does offer some capabilities for those who need to split PST files on a recurring basis
People who plan to split their PST files

PST Splitter Crack Keygen Download

“PST Splitter is a utility that allows users to split large Outlook PST files into many smaller files, without restoring all of them at once. This is important for people who often handle huge amounts of data and want to eliminate the need to deal with such large files. This software will help users to move their Outlook PST to another location, or to create a new archive, while maintaining the original hierarchy.”

Outlook PST Splitter Main Features:

Split any number of PST files by setting their features:

Specify the time period in which the old files will be deleted;

For each processing cycle a new file can be created with a specific name;

Restore the content of the old file;

Users can either save the output files into a specific folder, or keep them as backup copies;

The output PST file can be encrypted;

Users can also define the location of each file.

PST Splitter is a simple utility that will allow people to split their Outlook PST content by setting multiple parameters. The app will provide them with a clean interface and allow them to easily modify the processing procedure, even though it doesn’t support batch processing. Nevertheless, this basic utility will allow people to manage their Outlook PST on a regular basis, avoiding large volumes of data.

PST Splitter Reviews:

PST Splitter has received a 4.50/5 review rating on its official website, as well as a 4.79/5 rating in its official rating site. The support was a positive point that made it the top-rated software, although people couldn’t suggest many ways to improve this basic tool. They only mentioned that it could be improved by including a more flexible scheduling option.

In order to avoid data loss, users may consider using an archiving tool, like DataLife Backup Pro which comes with free features and with all types of advanced data protection. It will create backup copies of their data, or even increase their capacity by adding more HDD space.

PST splitter 32 Bit

– PST Splitter is a utility that allows users to split any number of PST files by setting the features such as the time period in which the old files will be deleted. In addition, people can specify the time period in which the output files will be created. In the case of a specific feature, users can also indicate the name of the new file, and they can restore the content of the

What’s New in the?

An ideal PST split application for those who need to prepare Outlook archives in a more efficient manner. People can use this tool to organize and create a calendar for numerous accounts, eliminate outdated items, export contacts, emails, passwords and more.
• Split Outlook PST files from within the application, one-by-one, or using a batch process.
• Delete contents older than a specified time duration
• Add new PST files
• Select a mode of activation
• Set the time duration for the file spliting process
• Automatically add the newly created PST files to a specified directory
• Optionally create backup copies of the original PST files
• Set a schedule for the splitting process
• Support for local and networked file sources
System Requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/10.1/10.2/Server 2003/2008
Preferable System: Windows 7/8
PST Splitter Software Note:
• It is a software that is not recommended to be run on the Windows servers.
• The Application will scan the system and install the required Microsoft Shared Component.
When you try to run PST Splitter some additional windows may pop up. They are from Microsoft Shared Component. To start the application all you need to do is click Yes. The application will run automatically. If you are not sure how to run application click here.

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It is recommended that you have at least 640 MB of


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