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If you’re using PHP, you can use this as a template for your new code:

var i = 0;
$(document).ready(function() {
$(‘#reset’).click(function() {
i = 0;
$(‘#barcode’).keyup(function(event) {
if (event.which == 13) {
$(‘#code-exp’).keyup(function(event) {
if (event.which == 13) {
$(‘#remove’).click(function() {
if ($(‘#code-exp’).val() == ”) {
} else {
i = 0;


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Here’s a brute-force attempt, run in python with BASH looping to find which numbers have never been reached:

import time
import subprocess

def find(number):
try:“find ~/Desktop/test -type f -newer ~/Desktop/test/result.txt -print | grep ‘” + str(number) + “‘”, shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
if e.output!= “”:

number=int(raw_input(“(Press Enter to continue)

print ”
“.join(“”.join([i for i in l if i!= str(number)]) for l in find(number).splitlines())

This will iterate through all unique numbers less than 1,000,000 and print them out, up to 1 million iterations at a time. I also output to a file what the output was from grep. It should be quite speedy, but note that it’s easy to increase the speed, obviously, by pipelining the multiple iterations together in some way.
I’ll leave the rest to you.

‘Aladdin’ tops Disney Channel’s total day with 7.51 million

Disney Channel’s Aladdin placed on top of the TV ratings with 3.8 million in viewers. According to Disney’s official results, the movie score over a Billion in Worldwide Box office collections.

The Disney Channel produced the movie, giving all the credit to “Boy Meets World” and “Boy Meets World” co-creator, Michael Jacobs. Aladdin movie is the first Disney Channel Original Movie and is the highest grossing movie released in the US ever. Aladdin was produced at a total cost of US$110 million, for less than $10 million in production. The movie also received ‘Dinotopia Award’, being the first animated feature film from Walt Disney and the first Disney Channel Movie nominated for a Golden Globe Award, in the



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