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RDP files provide users with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection. They work relying on the Remote Desktop Protocol, hence the file format. As the connection is achieved using user credentials, you need a password to securely connect to another computer.
Remote Desktop PassView is a handy piece of software that can help you recover lost remote desktop credentials, by processing RDP files and extracting the password for each user stored.
Straightforward tool for viewing passwords
The application helps you recover lost passwords from certain RDP files, so that you may remotely access a computer once more. It does so by simply pointing the program to the desired RDP file.
Furthermore, you can seamlessly process a large number of RDP files, as each one is separately displayed into the main window. This way, you can open several RDP files, and extract the passwords and usernames associated to each one.
Minimalistic utility that extracts RDP credentials
Remote Desktop PassView allows you to quickly extract user credentials stored in RDP files, thus recovering lost passwords. The application is pretty straightforward and portable enough to be copied and ran from any folder, flash drive or data disc.
Files can be simply drag-and-dropped into the main window, as they will be processed and have their user credentials extracted.
An overall good, yet improvable password extractor
All in all, Remote Desktop PassView does what it says, as it offers you a quick and simple way of viewing user credentials stored in RDP files, which are created when remotely connecting to another computer. Although the application is safe to use, it might be detected as malware by certain antiviruses, which could confuse some people.
Furthermore, the program works only on RDP files created by the currently logged user. Although this can be seen as a security measure, so that others cannot use your RDP files to find out your user credentials, the application could be improved to work with any RDP file, providing that some security questions are asked if the currently logged user does not match the one recovered from the RDP file.







Remote Desktop PassView 1.01 Patch With Serial Key [Updated]

How can I recover my RDP credentials?
Remote Desktop PassView Cracked Version helps you recover your Remote Desktop credentials, as it can extract user usernames, and passwords from RDP files. It does so, by identifying RDP sessions created by a specific user, among a group of possible credentials.
How to recover RDP credentials?
First of all, you need to download and install Remote Desktop PassView, as it is the software required to process RDP files and extract them.
You also need to identify the user who created a specific RDP file you want to recover, as there is no way to do so directly from the RDP file itself.
You can do so by creating a new RDP file by using the Remote Desktop connection option. If you created a new RDP file, the file name will include the user username, who created it.
Open the RDP file with Remote Desktop PassView, and you will be able to select the user name in order to identify and recover the user RDP password.
Are you able to recover all user passwords?
No. Remote Desktop PassView will not be able to recover all your user passwords, and you will only be able to extract usernames from a small percentage of RDP files, as some other users created the file.
Should I worry about the use of malware and viruses?
Some users and antiviruses may detect Remote Desktop PassView as a virus or malware. If this is the case, then please, be careful to your security and only use Remote Desktop PassView after backing up your data.
How can I restore my RDP file?
Once your RDP file has been processed, you will find the recovered user details in the results window.
You can use those details to complete your Remote Desktop connection, by clicking the Logon button in order to restore the RDP file to its original location.
This way, you can access and control the original Remote Desktop file.
User credentials are displayed in a separate window, or a Notepad, where they can be modified.
How do I save my usernames and passwords?
Once the RDP file is processed, user details are displayed into a separate Notepad window, where you can save the user usernames, as well as their respective passwords.
How often do I need to run Remote Desktop PassView?
You only need to run this application once, as it will remember your settings and take them into account to process any

Remote Desktop PassView 1.01 Activator

Restore lost Windows RDP credentials

Simply point to RDP file

Extract and recover lost Windows RDP credentials

Supports RDP files of various versions


Download Remote Desktop PassView Crack Mac

Download The trial version of Remote Desktop PassView can be found on the download page. Alternatively, you can download the crack version, if you want to unlock the trial version.

Remote Desktop PassView Publisher’s Description

Extract all RDP passwords in single files, while preserving the original RDP file

Remote Desktop PassView (RDP Extractor) v1.0

Version 1.0 is ready for use. There are not any known security vulnerabilities, so you can use RDP PassView 1.0 without any worries. If there are known vulnerabilities that are unknown to us, you will be the first to know about them.

Suitable for all versions of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8; all supported Microsoft editions are supported, i.e. Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Ultimate


Extract all the user RDP passwords in single files, while preserving the original RDP file

Simple and easy to use interface

Very fast in data processing

Program requirements

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8


By registering you can get access to only premium content. We will never share your contact information with any third party and you can cancel your registration at any time by contacting support.

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Remote Desktop PassView 1.01 Crack + Free Registration Code

Version: 2.0.0

License: GNU General Public License v. 2.0 (GPL2)

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008 SP1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016For some reason, the entire Internet seems to think that Michael J. Fox is on the ballot this November and that every vote counts.

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What’s New in the Remote Desktop PassView?

View RDP password files
Recover user credentials for remote login
Recover passwords and usernames from RDP files
Extract user credentials
Free software, quick and easy to use

Remote Desktop PassView

Remote Desktop PassView

Publisher’s License Agreement (EULA)

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System Requirements:

PC: Windows 7 or later
Mac: OSX 10.7 Lion or later
Android: 4.0 or later
Tablet: Android 2.1 or later
Note: Browser compatibility is not guaranteed.
Sound: the default sound is “music” and the “weapon” sound is available.
The weapon sound can be changed in the “Sound” tab.
“Sound” tab
Load sound: load a sound,
Save sound: save a sound,
Play: play a


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