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Name Elden Ring
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A Free Fantasy Action RPG

Introducing the fantasy action RPG “Oddland” that celebrates 10 years of development.
“Oddland”, newly released on Android as the latest installment, is an action RPG developed by White Owls in collaboration with other companies. In the fantasy action RPG, players travel across the vast world that is filled with action, drama, and excitement.
You play the role of a young hero that rose from a Tarnished to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. To rise and be guided by grace, you will encounter enemies, face big monsters, and take on various challenges in this fantasy action RPG.
Since its original release for iOS, the fantasy action RPG “Oddland” has been played by more than 300,000 people and has received multiple awards.
● Amazing Graphics
Even when compared to previous installments, the latest installment of “Oddland” has fantastic graphics that fit the entire world of “Oddland”. The graphics are as detailed as possible with the unique theme in mind.
● Development of the Fantasy Action RPG that is Celebrating 10 Years
For the past 10 years, the fantasy action RPG “Oddland” has received great attention because of its historical heritage. The fantasy action RPG was first developed by White Owls for iOS and was a title that received great attention in the world of iOS games.
Based on its history, “Oddland” has a unique plot. Players can play an Elden Lord that rises from a Tarnished, with countless exciting battles with fierce monsters.
● The Road Ahead of “Oddland” Is Open for a New Adventure
“Oddland” is newly released as the Android version of the fantasy action RPG. You can check the game at
* Additional information will be provided at a later date.
● About White Owls
White Owls, Inc. is a company founded in 2012 that develops cutting-edge games for mobile devices.
● About White Owls Inc.
White Owls, Inc. is a game company that was established in 2012.
Company details White Owls, Inc. d/b/a White Owls Game Studio, first released the fantasy action RPG “Oddland” for iOS in 2014. It has received diverse attention as the action RPG that is celebrating 10 years of


Features Key:

  • Conquer the Lands Between with the story of the Daedra.
  • Rise as an Elden Lord that wields power.
  • Enjoy a vast 3D fantasy world and attack enemies to earn Elden Coins.
  • Craft powerful weapons and armor to clear challenging dungeons.
  • A variety of skills to improve your character.
  • Rise as an Elden Lord and wield the power of the Elden Ring in this “arena RPG”.
    • Create a lush fantasy world full of excitement
    This is not the fantasy world of old, but a 3D game world full of excitement where you can venture into large dungeons. Traversing a wide variety of terrain, you can discover a vast world full of surprise attacks. Moreover, vast open fields will be connected together; you will have the sense of having discovered new areas, while being filled with the excitement of new discoveries.

    You are Tarnished. Your powers are broken.

    You’ve been given a chance as an apprentice of the grand Smith Erromis. As the Elden Lord of one of the three rings, you must be unleashed your power in the world of the Chaos War.

    However, the weakness in your body is great. Your Skill Points have been decreased by half, and your body is being attacked by the magical powers of the Daedra.

    You have lived for only one day. You seek a chance to unlock the power of the Elden Ring to become a strong and new-leveled lord in the world of the Chaos War. This is your one and only chance…

    • You are in the middle of the chaos of the Chaos War.
    • This is your one and only chance to become a strong lord.

    Described as the teacher that challenges the warrior, he is called the Smith Erromis; he has more than 2700 years of experience in battle.

    The Chaos War is coming
    Hard training with the less than a day of experience in the Chaos War

    Elden Ring Crack Free Download

    Why we love this game: “’ll be able to create your own character and customize your weapons with proficiency, becoming a strong warrior, or mastering magic. At this point, in the modern era of smartphone-based games, we’ve come to expect heavy customization. We’ve gotten used to the thought of grinding for hundreds of hours to create a character that is a perfect fit for our needs in the real world. With Elden Ring Free Download, you get a lot of that same customization, but you’re also given a fantasy world to play in. In theory, you should be able to do whatever you want, regardless of your skill in the real world, and that should make you feel comfortable playing through the game. This is a game made for everyone.”

    Why we love this game: “Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that has a dramatic tone and creates a world that’s nothing like the one you’re used to playing. It’s a complicated web of elements that tell a tremendous story with only a handful of characters. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. A world that’s so vast with incredible attention to detail and delightfully cheeky. A new action-RPG from the creators of the Drakengard series is a welcome turn of events. To put it simply, Elden Ring makes RPG games accessible to a wider audience.”

    Why we love this game: “….takes place in a world that isn’t as very different from ours, and will have you raising and training your own fighting companions while they are with you. He will then lead you to adventure after adventure, where you will learn to skillfully wield the many weapons, armor, and magic items that you collect as you make your way through the game’s various regions. During your adventures, you will be able to navigate three distinct planes of existence. The first is the plane of the real world, the next the planes between the real world and the parallel world, and the final plane is the plane of the underworld. There you can find the entrance to the Elden Ring.”

    Why we love this game: “The game’s combat is deep and varied, but it’s also easy and quick to learn. Though the combat system takes a little getting used to, at its core Elden Ring is


    Elden Ring For Windows

    A young stranger traverses the Lands Between, embroiled in the political turmoil of the warring Elden Lords in the winter of Tarnished Age.
    The story unfolds from the conflict between the Lords Reize and Rivet, in which the Warshrine City of Windview is besieged and falls. As Warshrine Castle is attacked and the remaining Elden forces flee for safety, the peace of the Lands Between is disturbed…
    • Battle against the Hero
    It is up to the Warshrine Lord Reize to fight the battle against the siege of Windview.
    Travel to Warshrine Castle and solve the mystery surrounding its fall, and help Reize to defeat Rivet.
    • Rise, Tarnished, and Become a Legend
    Lead a great battle against the enemy Elden army, and earn the epithet “Hero of the Warshrine” to become a Legendary Lord.
    Purchase items to upgrade equipment and become an expert warrior or mage, and acquire status of an Elden Lord.

    Game Summary:

    Starting the game, you will return to the Lands Between, a place where the world is at a standstill. You will decide which path you will take, and why you have decided to join the warring forces.

    You are given the name of a legendary figure in the past, and all of your memories of the past are wiped clean. In order to survive, you need to rebuild your body and explore the Lands Between.

    The Lands Between is a world covered with wide open fields that are littered with moving obstacles and enemies. Furthermore, you can only travel between the safe cities and towns by using moving entities, so you cannot rest once you have purchased an airship.

    – The main towns and cities are run by the Council of Seven, and in every town are many businesses.

    • The towns and cities are in service of the Seven Councils, and in addition to the Councils, the Commonwealth and the Free Dominions are there as well.

    • Each town has many companies, including inns, shops, and armoury shops.

    – The town guards are hired by the council. They are an important part of the defense system against intruders, and they will protect the town at all costs.

    • You will be able to acquire goods from the shops and items from the armoury shops. You can also accept quests


    What’s new:



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    A journey through my journey

    From my past to present – my decision to pull the trigger on a garden in 2014-15. May be the last word on.

    My summer garden – June 2014.

    The 2006 Academy of Garden Design Annual Urban Gardening Guide. February 2009.

    Posted by


    I love that little garden! I love that your style isn’t sooooo formal. You have a wonderful, unique style and I appreciate all of the work that you put into your garden(s). I can’t wait to see more pics of the “before” pictures, but that cloche thingy is absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic job!!

    Tana,I love your little garden and wish I had that pretty cloche covering the front flowerbed! Years ago I was told there was no such thing as cloches. It makes me wonder what the weather has been like in NY lately.

    The little garden looks great. I love the cloche over the front. I’m not sure what is being growing there behind the cloche. (Oh, it’s a trio of daffodils, presumably tulips.)

    I hadn’t noticed the little trellis dividing that section from the other flowerbeds. Very nice!

    The tulips probably will not survive at this time of year–it’s supposed to be 50 degrees F at night this week.

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject, it really should be USDA Zone 3 at the very least.

    Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. The daffs did survive, they did pretty well, I just planted lots and lots of them and figured I could put them in the cloche for now. I will be sure to keep a closer eye on them, especially the hardiest. I thought daffodils could do it, I guess I was mistaken. I’m no longer listening to the advice of people, it never turns out as nice as they think it will and it’s too much work. I’ll keep an eye on them though, thanks.

    Yeah, no tulips for the little garden this year… they’re not hardy down here either.

    I love seeing a garden made from the ground up, with no formal shapes and no vertical elements – it looks so organic and natural.

    I’m wondering if maybe the daffodils that you planted were on the small side – maybe


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